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Welcome to the League of Legends Patch Preview. In this video, well go over some of the major gameplay changes coming into the next patch for League of Legends.

Were making a change to Katarina that should be really interesting to her dedicated playerbase.

Were letting you appear behind or in front of your Shunpo target based on whether or not you use Killer Instincts first. Why are we making this change?

The change to Shunpo is really about enhancing player choice with its use with Killer Instincts.

Katarinas position now changing with if you use Killer Instincts or not is another thing for Katarina players to plan out and think about each time they use the skill.

For example, in the lane case you may really not want to get behind the target because theres minion aggro or the run back to your tower after the harass may be too long.

In these cases you would choose to not use Killer Instincts and get in and out quicker.

The team fight case, however, you might choose to do something like use Killer Instincts, get in behind those fighters where youre in the middle of the team and then use a really big Death Lotus to hit everybody.

We want Katarina players to be thinking about this choice and give them a new option to differentiate good Katarina players from great Katarina players.

Were making some tweaks to a lot of our ranged carries.

Caitlyn, Graves, and KogMaw are getting a little bit nerfed while Corki, Miss Fortune, and Tristana are getting buffed a little bit. Why are we hitting these champions?

What weve seen is we have a couple of these guys who are outclassing other ranged carries in harassment and range departments especially.

We wanted to even that out by bringing them down ever so slightly and then bring up a couple of the more underplayed carries in the same way.

These changes are very conservative for a couple reasons. One, the lane is a very sensitive balance.

We dont want to go too crazy in either direction, we still want to see all of these carries we see now.

We just want to see more options for players to use. The other thing is this is a tournament patch.

We tend to be more conservative with the changes on a tournament patch because we dont want to blind-side our competitive players.

We dont expect to see these old ranged carries that people are using now fall out of favor, but maybe youll throw in another weird option.

We think that choice is really important to creating exciting team comps and your identity as a character and who you like to play. 0:02:10.000,0:02:16.000 Were nerfing the ability power ratio on Sions Cryptic Gaze and Deaths Caress by .1. Why are we doing this?

Sion is kinda a brick in the lane to start with, getting really good farm, really good harass, really good bully on the enemy solo in that process.

What this ends up translating to is not only does he bully you in lane, but because of his high AP ratios, that carries into high late game burst.

You cant stop him from farming, so he will eventually hit the point of being able to come in and start bursting your team down.

We wanted to lower that AP ratio so the reward for that strength he has in lane is a little lower and a little less guaranteed obvious strength in the late game.

Sonas Aria of Perseverance is now getting a scaling mana cost with level and the armor/magic resist aura is going down a little bit. Why are we nerfing her?

Sona still stands out as the very best support because she has great harass and she also has really good free defenses on her heal.

This is compounding into a position where you cant attack and pressure a lane with Sona, but its also hard to actually get any damage that stays and is meaningful or burst people down because of that extra defense.

We want to bring those down a little. Sona will always harass and heal, these things arent going to change and we want to support that play, but shes doing it so well, other options are being elbowed out by her.

Were changing up our summoner spells a little bit. Almost all of them are getting buffed or nerfed in some way and were gonna see some new ones. Why are we doing this?

I wanted to specifically talk specifically about Clairvoyance and the new summoner spells because that change is the one that bares a little explanation:

Clairvoyance right now has an 8 second duration and a short cooldown with masteries.

What this means is people are using Clairvoyance extremely often and what thats starting to create is a situation where youre seeing portions of the enemy team a little too often.

What this is creating is lack of availability on jungle ganks or lack of missing lane ganks and other things that can create that early to mid game action in lane thats really exciting to play and really exciting to watch.

By doing this to Clairvoyance we still think its going to be great at these numbers.

Our prediction is that support will still be taking Clairvoyance in a lot of cases.

In addition, weve made a couple other attractive options for support characters, namely summoner promote and summoner heal.

Weve buffed heal substantially so you can use that in your lane and specifically on a non-sustainer like a bottom lane tank or Janna who can help use this in clutch situations to save their teammates.

The other thing is promote can really help your team push down a turret, especially after a big kill or big moment.

We think these are going to be really attractive support options as well, while Clairvoyance continues to be viable.

In addition to summoner spells, we have three fully revamped mastery trees as well. What are our goals behind these new masteries?

The thing we really wanted to promote here was more player choice within your mastery builds.

So for example, casters now get more benefit out of going full Offense or there might be a reason for a support to go full Defense.

The mastery balance was really important to us.

We kept a close eye on where the power level of the masteries were to make sure we didnt create any crazy new situations that were overpowered or things that are going to mess up the game completely.

But what youre gonna see is that greater range of player choice, greater range of character customization for how you like to play your favorite characters.

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