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(quirky music)

- Hi guys, welcome back to

- [All] That Youtub3 Family!

- And today we're here with family,

we've got our grandparents and our cousins.

And we're going to play sardines.

So we went on vacation and we all met up at this house

and this is a really cool house with a lot of hiding places.

And we're all going to play sardines.

I'm the first one hiding,

so they're going to try to find me.

- [Man] Okay so we're going to give you two minutes to hide.

We're all gonna go out and hide in the garage

so let's head to the garage, give mom two minutes to hide.

And then we'll go get her, let's go.

- Okay, so it's my turn to hide, I have one minute.

I mean two minutes, so I've gotta find a quick place.

Oh my goodness, I think I'll go downstairs.


- [Man] Okay, we're all here in the garage waiting.

Mom's in there hiding.

She's got about a minute and 50 seconds left.

- And it's so cold!

- [Man] Where do you think she's gonna hide?

- Downstairs.

- Yeah, downstairs,

because she tried to trick us by going upstairs.

- In the book closet.

- [Man] Yeah?

- I don't know, somewhere downstairs.

- [Man] Where do you think?

- It's downstairs!

- [Man] Downstairs?

- Everyone's like downstairs!

- I know where she's hiding.

- I'll go upstairs.

- So we don't have Logan with us to cheat this time.

- What?

Logan's our dog, if you don't know.

- [Man] Yeah, last time we played with the grandparents,

Logan cheated and found everybody.

This time, we have to do it on our own.

- It's gonna be harder.

- Ty, where do you think mom's hiding?

- Downstairs in that little place.

- [Man] Do you really think mom's

gonna hide downstairs in the safe room?

I don't think she's gonna hide there.

- Okay, so I am going to go in this toy closet here

and hide, see if they find me.

So I am in the toy closet,

and I've built this little wall around me.

So they won't be able to see me.

Guys, here they come.

I gotta be quiet.

It's gonna go dark because I don't want them to see.


(man laughing)

- Go find her!


- [Man] Alright, everybody's looking.

There's Jordan trying to find her.

- I'm not Jordan.

- Oh, that's Audrey.


Jake's looking in the closets, cupboards.

Is she hiding behind the Christmas tree?



It's quiet down there.

Oh, they're coming.

(kids yelling)

Everybody's trying to find her.

Can't find her?

She's not in the closet?

Did you check this closet?

- Where is she?!

- [Man] Nobody can find her, are you kidding me?

Ty, is she not downstairs?

- She's not downstairs or upstairs.

- Go, go, go.

- [Man] Seriously, nobody can find her?

- No, was she not downstairs?

- [Kid] Mommy?

- [Man] Okay, I haven't seen Nana for awhile.

So did Nana find her?

- They're coming.

I just don't want them to see me.

They all think I'm hiding under the stairs.

Okay, so Jake just found me.

Jake's here.

- Okay, I need to get in.

- Yeah, Jake found me, now he has to hide.

Nana's here.

Okay, so we've got Nana and Jake in the closet.

- They're all right upstairs.

They could be down here.

- They're all upstairs?

- [Jake] I looked in the closet.

- Jake, what you doing?

Okay, I'm hiding the light.

- [Man] Everybody's running downstairs now.

- [Ty] I checked downstairs already.

- [Man] Where's Nana, I haven't seen Nana.

- Yeah, where's Nana?

- She was downstairs last.

She's downstairs still.

- It's Jaden.

- I heard you guys whispering.

- Alright, so one of the cousins found us.

Uh oh.

This is getting squishy now.

- [Jake] Hi, are we supposed to be quiet?

- Shh, Jake, quiet.


- Oh, I thought you were Jordan.

(all whispering)


- [Man] What the heck?

- The closet!

- [Man] Come back here, come back here.

Get down there.

- There's a toy that's making noise.

- Hi, thing.

- Shh.

- Just hide in the room so we're close.


- The five-year-old lost, of course.

Jake won, he was the first, can I hide next?

- [Jake] No, me.

- I wanna hide.

Alright, it's my turn to hide

and I'm gonna hide upstairs in the attic.

Okay guys, I'm in the attic and they're directly below me.

Everyone is right below me, you can probably hear them.

Let me show you.

One more minute.

- Okay, we're starting the timer.

Two minute countdown.

Any strategies, guys?

- I think we're going upstairs because it's warm up there

and she's gonna be somewhere warm.

- I don't think so,

because she's been hot this entire time in this house.

- I think I know where she's gonna hide,

but I'm not gonna say because it's my strategy,

I'm not gonna tell.

- We're gonna follow you, then.

- She's gonna hide in the exact same spot Ginger goes.

- True, just watch.

- Brilliant idea.

- Where do you think she's gonna hide, Riley?

- I don't know.

- I know where.

In the closet.

- I don't know, maybe under the stairs.

- I'm gonna follow Jo.

- She could be under the stairs.

- Nana, where do you think she's gonna hide?

- In a closet somewhere, maybe.

- I think she's gonna hide in the house.

- Oh that's probably a good idea.

- Yeah.

- She's waiting, oh my gosh.

(all talking)


- I'll hide in this box.

I'm gonna be in this box in the attic.

- I hear them coming.

- Let's go guys!

- Okay, go, go, go!

- There's dad.

- He's headed downstairs, mom's headed downstairs.

Grandpa's headed downstairs.

- Thing is, she's small, she could hide in little drawers.

- I'm small!

- Oh, I can't see.

Where's the light to this?

Why isn't it turning on?

- It's on!

- It's unplugged.

Somebody unplugged it.

- Nope, go, go, go.

- Someone just came in and left, they didn't see me.

(shrieks excitedly)


Have you guys ever been in your attic?

Comment down below if you have.

You know, I think I have been like once

just like to see but I haven't actually hidden in the attic.

- We're trying to find Audrey and she's hiding very well.

- You guys aren't finding her?

Oh, I'm so tired.


- Just yell out, Marco!

- Marco! - Marco!

- Did you look in the dryer?

- Who would hide there in a dryer?

- Okay, I haven't seen Nana again, where's she at?

- I'm tired.

- How can she have hid so well?

- She's found a good place.

- Beep, beep, beep.

- Did you check under the beds?

- [Ty] She's gone!

- [Audrey] Oh, I think someone else is coming.

- Hello?

Is anybody in here?

I can't tell.


She is, she's in there.


- You're the first ones!

Everyone else has come in here.

- Back here!

- I know where she's at, follow me.

- I already checked in there.

- No, you already checked in here?

- Where is she?

- She's right here!

- Hey, I found Audrey, there she is, hiding.

- Turn off your lights!

- Jordan came in here, she's like hello, hello?

Anyone in here?

And then she left.


- It's kind of hard to see 'cause this is cold.

- I know, and I feel like there's a spider in this box.

You guys, wait, who's in here?

- We've got grandpa, dad, Jake, your cousin, and me.

- Okay, turn off the light.

That's why it makes it so they can't see us.



- You were in here?

You didn't make a sound!

- Okay, everybody's here now.

- No, Jaden's not.

- Jaden isn't?

- I told you, I was like,

Audrey make a sound if you're in here.

- Hey Jaden!

(all laughing)

- There's probably a spider in this box.

- It's me and dad's turn to hide.

- Okay we're gonna go upstairs.

I found an awesome place when I was looking for Audrey

that I think nobody will find us

as long as Jake is quiet, he can't make noise.

Go in your room, okay.

Nope, in here, right here.

I found a cool place under the bed.

Can you slide in there?

And I'm gonna get on the other side, okay.

Here, get in and scoot over and I'm gonna come in.

Here, take the camera.

- People already know where this is.

Dad, we can go up in the attic.

- It's not big enough for me, I can't get in.

- Get out, then.

- Huh?

- Get out then!

- Okay.

- Wait dad, we still could fit in together.

- I can't get in there, I can't get between the things.

Get down, you're okay, I'll hide in the closet.

Okay so there's Jacob.

Look Jake, say hi.

- Hi.

- Alright, good job.

I thought I could get in but I can't get in there.

So, wonder if I can get in this other one.

The gap is just a little too small.

I can't get in there.

- Okay, we're waiting now.

We're gonna wait for Jake and dad to hide,

so they're gonna hide together.

Where do you think they're gonna hide?

- I'm not telling you.

- Oh I know, I think I know.

- Downstairs in the basement.

- No.

- Yeah they are, in the furnace room.

- They're gonna find a sneaky way.

Mom's like, the furnace room, I know where it is!

- That or else in the cupboards downstairs in the kitchen

'cause dad was opening them all.

- Oh, true.

- Find spots on the last one.

- True.

- I'm gonna lay up against the wall here under the covers.

I think they're coming.

Oh no, they're coming.

- I'm vlogging.

Oh I'm supposed to show my face.

Did they hide in here?


You scared me.

Are they in here?


(door opens)


Not in there, not anywhere.

- Where are they?

You guys didn't find them?

We're tricking you.

We're tricking you guys.

- Oh my gosh, okay.

- Hi Sam!

- Hi!

- Where are they?

- Okay, so they tricked us.

They made us think they were upstairs

but I guess they aren't.

Or maybe they are.

- Yes we are, get down, yes.

Go, go.

We were tricking.

- What?

- We're just tricking you guys.

We're trying to throw you off.

Get out, get out, go, go, go.

- Are you sure?

I don't think it is a trick.

- Hi!

- Are you kidding me?

We're just tricking.

I see you!

- You guys didn't find Jake.

- You gotta find Jacob.

- Where's Jake?

- First person to find him, actually see him, wins.

- I did, I saw him.

- You did?

- I saw him too.

I found him first, Nana and I were both together.

Did we throw you off track?

- You were the last one.

- We told them that you guys were gonna be downstairs

so we made everybody go downstairs

and Nana and I booked it upstairs.


- Nice.

- That was a fun round, let's go onto round four.

It's the last round, Nana's gonna hide.

So here you go.

- Okay.

I need to come downstairs with you, huh?

No, I'm not telling nobody where I'm hiding.

Because I don't even know where I'm hiding.

(kids talking)

I don't know.

I gotta find a place.

No, they already went into the shower.

- Alright, so Nana's hiding.

- Yup, and they're all crowded by the door

because they wanna be the first ones in.

So they're sardined by the door.

- Yeah, sardines by the door here.

- If we all freeze to death.

- Jordan, where do you think Nana's gonna hide?

- I think she's gonna hide on the main floor.

- The main floor?

- No one's hid on the main floor.

- Nobody has hid on the main floor.

- What about you, Jaden?


- I have no idea.

- You have no idea where she's gonna hide?

- Maybe in the basement.

- She might hide in the attic again.

- She might hide under the stairs.

- Under the stairs.

- Wait, who's hiding?

- Nana.

- Who's hiding again?

- Is Tyler in there somewhere?

- Somewhere in the mix.

There's a lot of people.

- There he is.

- He's just little.

- How much more time we got?

- A minute and a half.

- What?

- We're giving Nana three minutes.

- Three minutes?

- Yeah, because two minutes goes by so fast.

- We gotta run.

- I've gotta find someplace big

so that we don't all get squished.

Maybe I'll hide behind the door here.

Okay, I'm gonna hide behind the door

and hope that they don't find me for awhile.

This is so much fun.

I enjoy doing this with my grandkids

and with mom and dad and grandpa.

- Time's up, let's go!

- Wait, who's hiding?

Oh it's Nana.

- What?

- We're gonna search!

- Check behind the couch.

- Here we come to save the day!

- Nope.

- I got really confused for a second.

- Nana, what are you doing?

- Not in there.

She might be in the bathroom.


(kids yelling)

- There she is, down here!

- Downstairs!

- Oh, here they come.

Here they come.

We'll see who's gonna be the first one.

- I wonder where she could be.

I wonder if she's hidden in a spot we've already been.

She's not here.

(door opening)

(people screaming)


- I found you!

- Don't give me away.

- So far, Jordan, myself, and dad has found Nana.

(kids yelling)

- Hi.

- Audrey found us.

There's Sam.

They just keep coming.

- Come back here.

Ty, come here, right here.

- I don't see her anywhere.

Aww jeez.

I haven't looked in this room, she might be in here.

Not in the bathroom.



- Grandpa found us.

- Grandpa's last.

- Where's grandma?

- I'm squished behind the door.

(all laughing)

- Alright, so now it's time to open up package and a letter.

I'll go ahead and open up the letter.

That Youtub3 Family, I love your videos.

They are so funny, FYI, my favorite kid is Audrey.

- Yay!

That never happens!

There are only a select few of you guys who say this, so.

- This is from Sarafina,

so shoutout to Sarafina in New Jersey,

which is awesome because I lived in New Jersey

for a little while so that was, that's cool.


- Sparkly heart.

- Oh yeah, and there's a cute, sparkly heart.

So thank you, Sarafina.

- The next package comes all the way from North Carolina.

Let's see what it is.

Oo, oo, this is, oh!

It's us!

No one's ever done this before.

- I thought it was gonna be their family.

I'm like, I wanna see, and then like wait, that's me.

- This is to Jordan, should I just open it?

- Well, we'll save it for Jordan.

- Oh, this is a picture.

- There is a picture of their family.

- At Jackson Hole!

Oh wait.

This summer we went to Jackson Hole

and ate at the same burger place as you guys did.

- We missed you guys,

we didn't run into you at the same time.

- Yeah so they have pictures of us actually

at the burger place and then them.

- That is awesome, I wish we'd gone at the same time.

- They come from North Carolina.

- Yeah, that's way cool.

So cute, what a good-looking family.

- So this person's name is Herndon, sorry if I said it wrong

but they said they love our videos and watch them every day.

Dad is funny, mom's caring, Audrey is kind,

Jordan is cringey, JK, you're really funny.

Jake is happy and Ty is silly and Logan is cute.

- Aww, thank you.

- Okay here's Jake's package.

- Awesome, we'll give that to Jake.

- And Ty.

- And we'll give that to Ty.

- Here's mine.

- Okay, well let's see what you got.

These two, I'll tell ya, 'cause they're not here.

The kids are in bed because they aren't feeling very well.

They're sunglasses, they're glasses, I can tell.

See, so that's gonna be really fun.

- It's a fidget spinner!

Oo, it's like a sparky, it's like, look how cool!

- And for a ten year old to give up their fidget spinner.

- Yeah, I know.

- You're so nice.

- That's going on Audrey's wall.

- Guys, I wanna peak at Jordan's.

Can I peak?

- Yeah. - Yeah, but don't tell her.

- Okay, so this is like one of those, I think,

I think it's one of those scratching art kits,

you know that are black and then you scratch

and it becomes like a rainbow color.

But it has some templates

so you can make something really cool, like cool artwork.

So they know that Jordan likes art.

So that's awesome.

Thank you guys so much for your kind letters

and the treats that you sent to us.

Alright guys, that was super fun to play.

Let us know in the comments, who had the best hiding spot?

Which one did you like?

- I think we might have a new favorite.


- If you wanna see us play sardines more

with our cousins and our family and our grandparents,

let us know in the comments down below

and where you wanna see us play.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

Make sure to like, subscribe, and share, and?

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- Hit the bell icon!

We'll see you next time.

- [All] Bye!

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