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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kids Yoga Christmas Special! | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Cosmic Kids.

I'm Jaime

and this is your place for yoga, stories, and fun.

It's easy.

Just copy the moves I do and enjoy the adventure.

Now, we always start in the same way

and that's by sitting on our bottoms

crossing our legs

and bringing our hands together at our hearts

and saying our secret yoga codeword

which is Namaste.


After three.






Now we're ready to begin

and today we've got a special Christmas Cosmic Kids story.

We're going to the North Pole to find Santa

and help him out on Christmas Eve

but before we go we're going to make a Christmas pudding.

We take our legs out wide

we reach up very high for a big pot

and we pop it down all the way in front of us.

There we go.

We take our arms out wide

and we twist one way to get some Mmm! currants.

Let's put the currants in.


Currants! Currants! Currants! Currants!

We twist the other way now

all the way around to the back

there we go

and we get some cherries.


Cherries! Cherries! Cherries! Cherries!

We twist the other way again.

Oooh! Look we get some figs

let's put the figs in

Figs! Figs! Figs! Figs! Figs! Figs! Figs! Figs!

then we twist the last way

and we get some special magic coins.

Here we go.

Coins! Coins! Coins! Coins! Coins!


Now, we need to stir our Christmas pudding.

So we take hold of one of our stirring sticks

and we Stir it! Stir it! Stir it!

and then we need to start with the other stirring stick

so we pick the other one up and we stir it again

Stir it! Stir it! Stir it!

There we go.

We pick up the Christmas pudding

and all of that lovely cake mix

and we pop it in the oven

ready for Christmas Day.


It's time to go.

So we stand up

and we give everyone at home a great big hug goodbye.

Wrap your arms around them.

Oh! bye everybody.

Then we open our arms wide again

and we wrap ourselves up in a big snuggly scarf.

Oooh! Wrap yourself up warm

it's going to be cold up there.

Then we go and get on an aeroplane

Come down to two knees everybody

and take your arms out wide.

Drop down onto one of your hands

and wave at the sky.

Bring one foot in front of your knee

and shoot your back leg out behind you

and lift your hips as you go


Now, on the other side

come back to two knees again everyone

and take your arms out wide

drop down onto the other hand

and wave at the sky.

Bring one foot in front of your knee

and shoot your back leg out behind you

lifting your hips as we go


all the way to the North Pole.

Look, we've arrived.

We stand up

and look at the beautiful snowy mountain.

Mountain pose.

Stand tall

and your arms down by your sides

you are still and powerful like a mountain

the Sun is shining

the sky is blue

and the air is crystal clear.

It's so peaceful

and we can even see our breath when we go haaaaaa!


Let's go and find Santa's grotto.

We take big steps up the mountain.


Here we go.

Big step

and another one

big step

Ooh! it's tough taking these big steps up the mountain.

Oh! Look, we spot a Huskie dog.

Coming down to your knees

put your hands out in front of you

tuck your toes

and lift your bottom up to the sky

coming up into your husky dog pose.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

There are lots of Huskie dogs

all wagging their tails.

Lifting up your tail and giving it a wag.

We sit down

and we ask the Huskie dogs

if they'll take us in their sledge to Santa's grotto.

They will.

So, we get into the sledge.

Sitting with your legs out long everybody

take hold of the reigns

Are you ready?

Here we go.


All the way down the hill.

Wow! It's going really fast with the dogs pulling us.


Leaning all the way back as we go up the hill.

Wow! This is amazing.

Then all the way over to one side.

Wow! This is so much fun.

And all the way over to the other side.

Goodness me!

The Huskie dogs have taken us all the way to Santa's grotto.

It's amazing.

It's a big wooden cabin house.

Standing up

jumping your feet wide

and lifting your arms above your head

coming into your house pose.

And in the front garden

is the most enormous a beautiful Christmas tree.

Let's do a Christmas tree pose.

Bringing one foot on top of the other using your heel

and your hands together at your heart

now grow your Christmas tree up nice and tall.

Now, I think you might be quite a strong Christmas tree

but let me find out.

I'm going to try and blow you down.


Here we go

Dooby! Doobidy! Doo!


You are a strong Christmas tree

but can you do it on the other side?

Let's try.

Coming on to the other side now

use your heels

step it on top of your foot

your hands together at your heart

and grow your Christmas tree up nice and tall.

This time can you open your branches?

Now, are you as strong on this side as you were on the first?

Let me see.

I'm going to try and blow you down again.


Dooby! Doobidy! Doo!


You are incredibly strong.

And look at all the beautiful decorations on the Christmas tree.

There are angels.

Now take your hands behind you

and draw your fingers together

and see if you can press them up

making a little prayer on the back of your back.

Very good, everyone!

If that doesn't feel very nice

then you can always hold your elbows.

Now taking your hands behind your back

turn to the front and see

you've got little angel wings.

Now we sing like glorious angels


And on top of the Christmas tree is a great big golden star.

Jump your feet wide

arms wide

making yourself as big and golden as you can

but the thing is where is Santa?

We can't find him anywhere.

Maybe he's in the workshop

putting the finishing touches on all the toys.

We cross over the little bridge.

Sitting on your bottoms

bend your knees

feet flat

hands come behind your bottom

and lift yourself up

crossing over the bridge.

Then we open the little gate.

Coming to two knees

take your leg to the side

your arm to the sky

and your hand on your long leg

and open the gate


Bring your two knees back together again

straighten out your other leg

and lift your arm to the sky

and close the gate behind you.


In we go to Santa's workshop

and we see it's full of toys

there are rocking horses in here.

Put one foot forward

on your back knee

and tuck your toes

lift your arm up to the sky


Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk! Tak-Tuk!

There are also skateboards and scooters.

Coming up to stand

put one foot forward

one foot back

bend your knee

and take your arms ride.



We skate around Santa's workshop

and we jump to go the other way too


and we go on the scooters


This is great fun.

We also see on the shelves lots of rag dolls and puppets.

Turning to the side

and ragdoll your body all the way forwards.

Very good, everyone!

Coming back up to stand

there are also some very shiny new bicycles.

Lying on your backs

criss-cross your fingers

put them behind your head

and lie on your back.

Lifting up your legs

we start to pedal.


This is so much fun riding a bicycle in Santa's workshop.

But Santa's not in here.

Where on earth could he be?

We go outside again

and we spot little Rodney the Reindeer.

Take your legs out long

and bend one knee.

Take your foot over the other side

and give it a big hug.

We stretch

and we look all the way over our shoulder in our reindeer pose.

Little Rodney the Reindeer looks a bit sad.

We swap sides.

Take your legs long again

bend your other knee

and take your foot over the other side.

We'd give it a big hug

and we stretch

and look over the other shoulder in our reindeer pose.

Oh! It's not fair.

Santa Claus says I'm not old enough

and big enough to pull the sleigh.

So I've got to stay at home.

Oh! dear Rodney

well, don't worry as long as you eat all your carrots

you'll be big and strong enough by next year.

Don't worry.

Oh! hang on a minute

Does that mean we've missed Santa?

He's already gone?

Huh! Oh! No.

We cross our legs

and let's see if we can make some Christmas magic happen.

We bring our hands together at our hearts

and we close our eyes

and we quietly think about being with Santa

and when we open our eyes

there's a beautiful snowy white owl.

Coming onto your knees everybody

take your arms down

she goes

Tweet! Twooo!

hop on my back

and we'll go and find Santa in the snow.

Huh! This is great.

We get on to the Magic Owls back

Standing all the way up

take your arms all the way down

we start to fly through the night sky into the stars

it's beautiful out here

and in the distance we start to hear something.

Sleigh bells!

There in the distance is Santa's sleigh.

Lying down on your tummies everybody

bring your feet to your bottom

and reach around for your ankles.

Then lift yourself up going...

Hou! Hou! Hou! Hou!

Come on, everyone

up on my sleigh

we're off, come on.

We sit up and we get on to Santa's sleigh

with our legs wide

and we start to sing a song

that we feel works quite well for this moment

because we're going with Santa to town.


Let's all sing along together.

You better watch out!

You better not cry!

You better not pout!

I'm telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town!

He's making a list!

And checking it twice!

Gonna find out who's naughty or nice!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

He sees you when you're sleeping!

He knows when you're awake!

He knows if you've been bad or good!

So be good for goodness sake!


You better watch out!

You better not cry!

You better not pout!

I'm telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Oh! everyone, that was so much fun

but look

down there we can see our house.

Coming up to stand

jump your feet wide

take your hands above your head

Santa says he can't deliver our presents

unless we're down in our beds

and we're very much asleep.

So we give him a great big hug goodbye

Bye Santa!

And thank you for having us on your sleigh

Then, he drops us off

and we tiptoe, tiptoe very quietly through the dark house.

All of the Christmas lights are on

the mince pies are out for Santa

and there's some lovely carrots there for all of the reindeer.

We go upstairs into our beds

and we lie down

We're ready for Christmas.

As we lie down

we breathe

Good night, Santa

Thank you so much for a wonderful time

and as we lie here we think about

all of the children across the world

at this special magical time.

We send them our love

our Christmas wishes

our love is the best gift we can give.

It's amazing

because when we feel this world

and we feel it full of love

then it's a very beautiful and peaceful place.

So as we lay here in this peace

we send our love out across the world

bringing peace and joy.

And slowly now we start to wake

wiggling our toes

our fingers

hugging our knees into our chest

and rolling over to the side

opening our eyes

as we come up to sit with our legs crossed.

We bring our hands together at our hearts

and we finish just the way we started

with our secret yoga codeword

which is namaste.


After three





Well done, everyone!

Thanks for coming on this special Christmas journey with me.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas

and I'll see you all again soon for another Cosmic Kids adventure.


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