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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: worth

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I got a question from a student who

wants to know how to use the word worth

use worth when talking about value I

have a $5 bill here and it's worth five

dollars it has the same value as five $1

bills so it's worth five dollars if I

try to sell this old wagon I'd probably

get about five dollars for it it's worth

five dollars I have $100 bill it's worth

$100 it's really just a piece of paper

but I believe it's worth $100 and people

who receive it from me also believe in

it's worth

I also have guitar which I bought about

20 years ago and I paid $600 for this

guitar but now what is it worth what's

the value of the guitar it could

increase in value or it could go down in

value so it could be worth more or less

than what I paid for it originally you

can use the word worth as an adjective

or as a noun

what is it worth in that question the

word worth is an adjective when talking

about the worth then you're using a noun

what is an experience worth

when you take a trip and you go on

vacation what is it worth to you to go

to that place or go to a place with your

family what is an education worth what

is the value of an education what is it


notice that the queen is on her own

color that dark colored space here is

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