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In the course of 3 months, of military operation

in Donbass, Kiev's Junta hasn't been able

to suppress the uprising of people's militia.

Completely hopeless head of command,

thousands of soldiers dead

and a catastrophical lack of finance -

all these factors leave Kiev's junta

no hope for victory.

Kiev's pleas to NATO for military aid

have been ignored.

At this stage, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine

seems to be local and any attempts

to provoke Russia's military involvement

in Ukraine have failed.

Kiev's next endeavour was the downing

of a passenger plane by Ukrainian military.

The blame for this horrible tragedy,

before even conducting any investigations,

has been put on Russia - a country that

supports the militia.

Kiev's junta were desperate for such a crime,

to turn this conflict into an international one,

to show the whole world that the militia

are international terrorists.

The exposed fake conversation, made by SBU

as well as irrefutable evidence,

presented by the Russian General Staff,

have proved the direct involvement

of Ukrainian Army in the plane crash.

This provocation murder was committed

by Kiev, under direct command

of American Special Services,

with the intent of drawing NATO countries

into a war with Russia.

Why do Americans need this war?

So that they can solve their economical

problems, just like they did

during the WWI and WWII.

Accusing Russia of aggression allows

imposition of financial sanctions

that freeze the assets of Russian framework,

this will allow to write-off

hundreds of billions of dollars and

would ease the burden of daunting US debt.

Disrupted economic relations with Russia

will worsen the condition of European economy,

weaken its competitive position

against US, destabilisation of banking

system will stimulate the outflow of

US funds to support the dollar pyramid.

The involvement of European countries

in a war with Russia will increase their

political dependency on US and will

make it easier for US to force EU

into making US-favourable decisions.

Thanks to war, US military-industrial complex

will receive a large volume of orders,

US economy will thrive, while at the same time,

it will be easy to take under control

weakened by war Russia, like it happened

back in the rakish 90's.

Thus, after destroying the major opponents

on the world arena, US will have

a strategic advantage in the fight against

China for global leadership.

Unlike EU and Russia, who will have

a wrecked economy and mountains

of dead bodies, the US will come out

as a winner, war on foreign soil is what

has saved US economy many times before.

We can confidently say that the genocide

of Russian-speaking population in Ukraine

will not stop and provocations to follow

will be more horrific.

Sooner or later, Russia will send in troops

into Ukraine, but to avoid millions of victims

among Russians, Ukrainians and Europeans,

EU leaders simply must turn their backs

on their overseas owners and admit:

Russia is not only protecting its own

national interests, Russia seeks to prevent

the outbreak of a Third World War,

otherwise, the survivors of WWIII

will witness a new US economical rebirth.

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