Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crossing the state line in a canoe (Part Two)

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This is part two of my canoe trip to a place I've wanted to paddle for many years.

Now I have left Clear Lake in southern Union County Arkansas and am headed south down a

slough towards Louisiana.

At this point I am unsure if the slough will be open enough for passage or not.

Will there be beaver dams or trees blocking the way?

Will the water be deep enough?

As i neared the Louisiana state line I noticed the Spanish moss growing in the Cypress trees

along the slough.

The most enjoyable part of canoeing is the solitude and the quietness by which you can


You never know what you will encounter.

I heard a noise in the brush along the edge of the slough.

I switched lenses on my camera just in time to catch a group of wild hogs swimming across

the slough directly in front of me.

I encountered one beaver dam along my paddle towards my next destination.

The water level was just right to push my way over.

From here I turned a few corners and the slough opened up to my final destination, Fish Lake

in the Upper Ouachita Wildlife Refuge.

There are no words to describe the beauty that I encountered around the next bend.

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Thanks for taking this journey with me!

The Description of Crossing the state line in a canoe (Part Two)