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Yo yo, my name is Tony Junior.

Welcome to a brand new vlog.

Vlog #12.

It will mainly consist of vacation, driving around...

...mountains, zoo's, swimming pool and sunburn.

Great fun, hope you like it, Bye! Ouch.

What are you doing?

Saturdaymorning, I'm busy packing.

Because after the three shows of tonight, I'm going straight to Schiphol.

But first we need to get through this day.

Castle of Love, Holy Fusion and one more.

I need to look that one up. It's in Belgium.

It's... Sterfeest. I'm excited.

I start in one minute.

Last year was sick, and so is this year.

Can't wait.

Show one down.

It was awesome even though it was still early.

First half hour I kind of held back a bit.

Tried to continue the dynamics of the other DJ's.

But at one point I felt the audience wanted more.

And who am I to deny them that.

Last fifteen minutes I pulled out some heavier songs, some freestyle and hardstyle.

Love that. Saw some people falling down, but hey!

Fuck it! On to the next. Bye.

Holy Fusion in Eindhoven.

Show number two.

I can already taste it in my mouth.


I hope I can stay clean. Got a plane to catch.


Holy Fusion, everybody join in.





Six, five.

Four, three.

Two, one...


Three shows are done.

And I feel great, which is a bit weird.

I'm in the car to Schiphol, right now.

I'll be gone for a couple of days of vacation...

...but there's one big downside to that.

I'm gonna have to miss my very best friend.

Don't make this emotional.

No, you'll get through right?

I love not having to see your fuck face for a week.

The coming five days we'll be a different kind of vlog, than what you are used to.

I'm not gonna do any shows, I'm just gonna chill, go swimming...

...sunbathe, go to the zoo, swim with dolphins.

Basically, chill really hard.

So, it'll be a summervlog.

Just a couple of days off.

I'm gonna turn this camera off as well, battery is half dead.

I'll see you guys on the plane.

As I just said...

...we're going to Tenerife. But with who?

Not with Bryan. -No.

We're very lonely.

Waiting for the lounge to open.

We have to wait another hour, have breakfast.

I'm super excited.

Me too. Wow, my hair looks amazing.

You're gonna vlog as well, right? Start.

What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do? -First sniff that snot up there.

You're the vlogger, not me.

You wanted it too.

No -Yes, you did.

Always feed your woman well.

Or they'll get cranky.

Women can't handle that.

What are you eating? Chicken, nice!

We survived the flight.

I slept four hours, you?

Half an hour.

And where are we? -Tenerife.

Waiting for our suitcases.

I think they're still in Amsterdam.

Unfortunately there was no driver.

But we are in a taxi.

Does cost you 84,-.

We're almost there.

We've arrived.

But when we got to the entrance, they said... No, no, no... have to go to a different entrance. -A special entrance.

We're at the Red Level, and that's for important people.

I love this.

Normally on tour, I always say... you don't have to carry my suitcase.

But now I'll take advantage.

They're opening the door for us.

I could get used to this.

They already gave us a croissant and orange juice.

How are you feeling?


But I'm tired and my nose is still clogged. -What?


This guy says, there is a razor on.

You can hear it.

And you feel it. -The whole suitcase trembles.

Open the suitcase.

What is it?

You're not gonna film that.

What is in this bag?

Show it.


We have to wait another hour...

...for our room to be ready.

But to be honest, this isn't bad at all.

We accidently stole someones Bali bed.

Fuck it. Fucking hammocks.

I love those.

So I'll be gone for an hour and a half.

Status right now...

...we are in our room.

Slept for a bit.

I had to reset.

Now I am naked in a jacuzzi.

And kelly is braiding my hair.

We will give all of our stuff a place in the room...

...and then we will try and find some food.

Find a place where we can rent a scooter.

Make some plans.

And then some more sex.

We're going down for breakfast.


Tony is so slow in the morning.

Not a cloud in the sky.

No, we're gonna get our tan on today.

That pimple in my neck is too intense.

I have, and especially Kelly, been trying to squeeze it.

But it's nothing.

Not bad at all.

We've got stars on our coffee.


I get the feeling they do this more often.

Me too.

I can't grab a decent meal. You can.


We are now...

This thing is always crooked.

We are now going to get a scooter.

We're being picked up and we're getting a 125cc T-max... Or something.

Well we got our scooter.

We've already been driving for half an hour.

But filming is not an option, because it goes super fast.

All you hear is...

We're looking for airbeds.

This one, look this is my boat.

Is that your boat? -My boat.

Give me a normal airbed.

I want this one.

You can want anything, but I'll have to slide my card through the machine.

Spending my man's money.

Easy money from my wallet.

This morning I already said...

...that Kel should be in charge of the keys.

And now when we get to our scooter...

...she already forgot them.

We're going to a restaurant.

On my 125cc.

*lyrics to Dutch rapsong*

It's not such a tough scooter, but it drives fine. About 120 km/h.

Having paella for dinner.

And after we're going to catch some Pokmon again.

I should really get paid for promoting Pokmon Go.

Even though they don't really need it.

The boss is angry.

The boss is angry.

Just keep on smiling.

What did you say?

Fuck you!!

We've sat down.

To have a nice meal.

The chicken was cold, so they're bringing us a new one.

But I already have nice paella.

It's really good, very tasty.

It looks amazing.

When there is a game hall...

...I am down.

I am down. So let things get awkward.

This one is broken.

Of course it is.

It's broken.

Well that was an 8,- rip-off.

I think I have the hottest guy in the whole world.

Yeah ok, he's pretty hot.

You look ok too, you're a six on that picture.

A six... thank you!

Are we going home? Do you want to drive?

No, no way. I wouldn't dare to.

So we had a nice meal.

Right Kel? -Yeah.

And when we got back...

...there are all these roaches in our room.

I don't scare easy, but I think they are nasty.

I just want to squash them...

...but I know I shouldn't, because then they multiply.

Kel just keeps screaming.

I can't go to sleep like this.

Honey, if only I knew.

You're on an island.

Fucking cockroaches.

They're huge.

Not that huge... -Yes they are.

Little rascals.

No there's one here.

These guys are... -Pro.

I would never dare to.

They are spraying our room right now.

But I wonder...

how healthy is that?

They're scary right? -I could cry right now.

We have to have sex in that bed.

Sleep and then...

How's that gonna work out?

That's gonna be a threesome with a cockroach.

Stop it.

It's sick.

I've seen cockroaches before, but that was deep down in South America.

Three even... -This is not ok.

In Australia I saw flying cockroaches.

They jumped from wall to wall.

We'll have a good night, right?

Good morning honey. -Morning.

Did you sleep ok? -Yeah...

No right?

You were super annoying last night.

What did I do? -You kept going from side to side.

I wouldn't stop, right?

Good morning

It's Tuesday morning.

And I thought, let's get the level of decadence up...

...which means we rented a nice bed.

Right Kel?

A Bali bed.

So this is a Bali bed.

See all the haters watching us.

Whole day long we'll get champagne, cava and everything we want.

Gotta enjoy this.

Pamper yourself.

What are you saying?

Show us your titties, one time.

Here I am, for the first time in my life I am doing nothing.

And I like it.

First vacation without my mum and dad.

Crazy right?

I've been on six hundred flights.

In two years time.

Three years, I don't know.

And this is my first vacation ever.

I'm gonna take a nap.

First, let's try this one.

Can I try yours?

Not as good.

Mine is so much better.

Kel just said that my face is burnt.

And it feels like it too.

We just ordered a club sandwich but that takes about forty minutes to make.

Crying my eyes out.


Yeah... you keep smiling.

I'm hungry.

Are we hopping on our scooter later?

Tattoo? -Yeah tattoo!

And to the vulcano.

We're going to the middle of the island.

To look at that vulcano.

I'm actually not sure if we'll make that with just one tank.

We'll see.

It's an hour right?

Yeah, but that all the way to the centre of the island.

When you rent one of these Bali beds... get Sangria. Would you like some?

Yes please.

Honey, you know what happens in three days.

We go home!

Kel just left and in comes the food.

I think this is disgusting, this is what Kel eats.

Jesus, what is this?


...weird peppers and all kinds of... leaves.

This is for real men.

I don't know what you ordered, but I'd put it in an aquarium.

This is decoration for a fishtank.

Always feed your girlfriend well... keeps them happy and stable.

And they will always want sex, right?


And you don't leave Tenerife, without a nice tattoo.

Ok, this is the moment where we tell you what we're going to do.

Kel and I are getting a tattoo.

And because we've been together for a year...

...and started dating on the 21st... - So cute.

...we're having 21 tattooed.

My handwriting on her...

...and in her handwriting on me.

So that's about three minutes work for the tattoo and preparations.

The most exciting part is the fact that I really have to make it look nice.

It doesn't get any better than this.

This is mine...

...and this one... -I sincerely like it.

Yeah, I'd rather have my own.

Just kidding.

Kel is afraid she might have 43 tattooed on her in big fat letters...

...with thorns and blood.

What? It's gonna be ok.

I'm just curious about his skills.

Babe, where is yours coming?

Huh, here.

What a big one.

What a beautiful handwriting.


I'm a bit scared.


Oh babe, I do think it's gonna hurt a lot.

This is a silent one...

They hurt so much more. -Shut up!


He's good, it's my handwriting!

Is it good, honey? -Yep.

Let's see if he did a good job.

Nice! It really looks like handwriting.

It's weird because I see it mirrored.

Yeah it looks like an S.

Yeah that's weird.

Twenty one, twenty one.

No mistakes, no twenty three?

No, it's an S.



We just got our tattoos.

Show us yours.

Beautiful handwriting.

We just took our scooter up the mountain, but then everything sort of dissapeared.

This is still a nice high point.

This is gonna be a horrible vacationvlog.

So far I love doing nothing.

No studio... shows, just chilling.

After our wild race up the hill...

What are you doing? Are you wiping your nose on my shirt?

...we ended up at a tapas restaurant.

You tell them what we did, I'd prefer that.

What did we do?


We've been driving around.

Driving around all day, every turn was different.

What are we going to do now? -You slept.

You tanned... and now we're having dinner.

We caught some Pokmon. Which one do you have now?


And I wanted to catch Diglett, but he never showed up.

And tonight we're catching cockroaches.

I'm scared.

Yeah, because they're sickening. After 11pm they all come out and have cocktails... our whirlpool.

Without the whirl.

But we have a pool! -Maybe we should pay 50,- and get nice candles.

Tomorrow we'll go see some animals. -Junglepark.

Yeah, Junglepark.

Thursday we're going to a waterpark.

And Friday...

...we'll see.

Ok, so I ordered another paella...

...Kel doesn't like fish, so doesn't want any.

But this one is really good!

And we end the day... the tub.

Right? The bubbles our not working, I'll make them myself.

I can't turn the camera, because Kel's tits are out.

We're gonna have some Pina Colada.

And do some nasty things.

Leave it. Not now!

She can't keep her hands of.


I can't speak.

Your mother is also watching this!

Listen, this is the end for today.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Good morning.

*Dutch, deep, poem.*

Stupid song they made me sing in primary school.

When I was little.

I just got back from reception.

And as a dumb dutch person I already claimed our places at the swimmingpool.

Apparently you have to do that, I didn't know.

Apparently at 9am, you have to put down a bag and towel...

...or you'll have no seats at all.

Went to the reception...


...I had recorded it, but couldn't really because Kel was asleep.

I wanted to brush my teeth...

...walk into the bathroom and a cockroach came out of the cup where my toothbrush was in.

That's when I lost it.

An hour later Kel went to pee...

...and then another came out.

So I told them I wanted a different room.

And we got an upgrade. Nice, nice, nice.

So first some breakfast, change rooms and then to Jungle Park.

Spotting monkeys, nice!

You are going to carry that owl.

That big one.


Yeah I think you should.

Ok, we here, Jungle Park.

Wow, check!

Kel was afraid to have that little parrot on her finger.

He might bite my finger off.

I wonder what this is gonna be like. A nice ordinary summervlog.

Into the park.

We're rolling with siberian tigers in a minute right?

Yes, I don't mind petting them.


Imagine this one in bed with you.

He's got nice colours.

So far we've seen eagles, guinea pigs and a...

...failed ostrich that looked scary.

Are these koi carps?

Babe, our waterfall.

It feels like I'm on a schooltrip...

...with a small wallet around my neck...

...with five gilders in it.

And a backpack with two eggsandwiches made by my mum.

I can't help it, but this makes me sad.

This animal is just swimming in circles.

To him this is even smaller than a bathtub.

This is way I don't really like zoo's.

He's down for it.

He's totally down for it.

This is becoming a nasty threesome.

Honey, what are you doing?

Feeding the fish.

It's cool, come look over here.

Come here.

There's a little turtle as well...

...he wants food as well.

Look, there!

Ah, he's too slow.

Shall I create some chaos?

Yeah throw it all in at once.

He doesn't give a fuck.

Hello there.

So far it's really nice.

I just think that the sizes of their cages are not big enough.

Look over there.

A panther.

We are entering the monkeycage. -Do you see that one?

Yeah, he'll bite your hands off instantly.

Hello buddy.

He's chilling hard.

Rough day, right?

What shall I call it?

What shall we name it?

They're not warm enough... they decided to huddle up.

Jack and Jill in the bobsleds.


I don't know where the brake is.

I don't know...

It doesn't brake.


It doesn't brake!


What I am doing?

What a stupid idea.

This is going pretty fast.

Where is she?

You were so slow.

I wasn't!

So honey, what did you think?

I loved it. -Good one eh.

So now we can go back to... Are you serious?

Do you want me to do these obstacles?

I'm just doing this because the camera is on.

O really!

You are such a coward.

I'm doing this!

How cool!

It's getting harder.

I've had it.

It was nice!

Guys and girls, this was Vlog #13. Hope you like it.

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