Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SOM DO AMOR - Episódio 04

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Geez man, in the 47th minute of the second half

the referee gives me a foul like that man.

There is no way dude!

Your team is a failure Cezo.

It's a fucked up team!

Come on man!

Do you see this here? Two stars.

Two-time Brazilian champion my friend!

Hey Di, how are you?

I have some great news to you!

Your song was the most voted

on radio social networks. Isnt that awesome?

So... Go getting ready that I already knew

that the people here on the radio will call you to sing live!

Get ready okay?

See you later. Kiss!


What was that brother?

Bad news Dito?

Yes my friend

Bad news that can still get worse!

So let's drink it's the best medicine!

Your song is rocking at the radio Dito.

I'm very proud of you!

Wow, Thank you!

What about this story of singing live on the radio,

When will it be?

Tomorrow afternoon.

Don't be late like the last time, okay?

You can be carefree.

Now, tell me something...

This thing of singing live on the radio,

Do I need to bring some special clothes?

No, no... go regular! It's radio. It's not TV!


Do you want to play one with me, my friend?

Go Dito, enjoy!

No, thank you, my friend. No, not today.

Boy, I'm feeling here, look...

a golden, an energy of artist in you, boy.


Go! I've never seen you sing.

I'm super curious.

Marina, I can't.

I need to spare my voice for tomorrow.

Dont you remember?

Dude, next time.




Are you aware that Dito will sing on People's Radio?

What? What are you talking about?

Thats right.

It seems... That he signed a song there in the contest

and the radio called him to sing.

Turn on the radio because he's going to sing shortly, you see?

Hey Mr. Fonseca, turn on the radio. In the People's Radio!

Urgent Mr. Fonseca. For God's sake, go!

And soon we will have the great revelation of the local music,

singing live here for us!

It's the song Bate no Peito",

of the singer and composer, Dito!

What? This dude is crazy?

Dito, come on. It's almost time!

This is the third time you enter this bathroom!

I'm ready.

Great! I'm sure you'll kick ass. Let's go!

Guys, one more minute, we'll go live, okay?


I think I cant do it

I think I need to prepare better.

Relax Di ... It'll be all right.

Dito, get ready that we are going to get into the air...

Live at 5, 4...

We are here dear listeners with the great revelation of local music.

It's our guest Dito, singing to you

Bate no Peito".

One of the most voted songs in our contest

the "SOUND OF LOVE", here from People's Radio.

And now it's up to you Dito!

Dito, What the fuck is that?

Calm down Cezo, I'll explain.

Dito, who is this guy?

I'm the real owner of this song

that this betrayal robbed me.

What Dito? Is this true?

Marina, wait...

I feel something special for you.

Guys, listen!

As everyone knows today is our friend's birthday,

my great friend, Cezo!


I also wanted to say something...

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