Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 BIG LOL Balloon

Difficulty: 0

Hello guys

so now we're gonna play

LOL balloon

this is 'lil sis series 3 wave 2 glitter series

we got our own balloon

but we have to use the small balloon first

Thomas stay here

but i can move to this side right?

Nat is the last

it's the shortest that become a catcher

Nat is the catcher

i got you

i got him right?

i still stay in here or not?

Ichel touch the ball!

where are they?

i think that they aren't here

i got one

can i open my eyes?

Nat touch the ball first

you touch it by your head

i peeked before and after that i close my eyes and almost crashing.

That's okay right?

you can't move

you can't move, you cheated

Nat's cheating

you open your eyes!

Nat's cheating again guys

it's okay if i take a look?

where's the other balloons?

you can't move, why are you moving?

someone is walking over there

Hey guys, we're done playing with LOL balloons

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