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SYLVAIN HELAINE: Ill never stop getting tattoos because Im passionate about it and Ill

end up, eventually, full black.

SYLVAIN HELAINE: Ill show you my favourite room. Im really proud of this one because I built it and Ive bought

everything and this is my personal home gym. Ive chosen to paint the wall in red because red gives you

energy and stamina to, to go through your training.

SYLVAIN HELAINE: Im fully covered from head to toe literally. I have the sole of my feet. I have both of my

palms. All of my genitals, things on my mouth. On my head, there is a snake with wings. Obviously it is the sole

of my feet as well, twice but it doesnt want to old so to have them on, on the skin because it's a really tough skin.

It's like tattoo the rock, basically. I think people find it fascinating actually, not strange, they think Im different.

A human has tendency to be cautious with things that they dont understand or that they dont know.

I guess it's natural for them to judge me at first sight. I used to, to teach karate, judo and kobido but it was like

ten years ago but I have kept training on a daily basis and I run after children in school obviously.

SYLVAIN HELAINE: Im half a schoolteacher, half like, a comedian professional model. At first when they see me,

children are afraid for some of them. The younger they are, the more afraid they will be but then it goes away

really fast, after a couple of minutes they are okay.

Actually they are more surprised because Im a male teacher.

SYLVAIN HELAINE: What I like the most about teaching is that you can mould this young mind and you can try to

make them a better person and to make them good adults and you can help them and help the world

being a better place.

SYLVAIN HELAINE: At first when I started getting tattooed, I wanted half of my body, left one to be a mix

between old school and rocknroll and the other half to be like, a Japanese inspiration one. Ive spent around

40,000, €45,000 maybe. Yeah Ive done most of the work in a four year period but Ill do a second layer

and then a third one because Im, Im passionate about tattoos and I never want to stop getting tattooed,

getting covered. Ive thought about getting my eyeballs tattooed but it's too fresh as a process to be

confident in it. It might go really well but I might lose sight and it would be bad because I really like

video games and television. So, Im in the final episode ofSense 8”. Lana Wachowski, the director, talked to me

for like, ten minutes. She is the director of Matrix as well, which was one of my favourite movies

when I was a teenager. So it was quite an honour.

SYLVAIN HELAINE: So the next steps about my tattoos. Well, first a woman will end the leg, it will be done, it will

do all of the shades from the hip to the toes and then we will add a bit of white on my arm and on my leg as well to

enhance the muscles effect. Then Im thinking about doing my tongue black like, a full black tongue and I dont

know, maybe I will add some lines on my belly.

SYLVAIN HELAINE: The more I get tattooed, the happier I get so it's the most important thing. Im 33 now,

I stopped taking care of what people think.

SYLVAIN HELAINE: If, if they think that Im like, handsome and that it's cool, well it's good but I

dont even hear the negative comments.

ROMAIN PAAREJA: “If the people stare, then the people stare. I really dont know and I really dont care.”

A full black body and cover everything, it's completely possible, it's a new challenge.

SYLVAIN HELAINE: I will do eventually because I won't stop getting tattooed so layer after layer, I might be more

than a 100% because you can always get tattooed, you can always add more ink above the ink you already have.

When, when youre passionate about something, it's never too much. You can, if youre passionate about

horse riding, you can never ride too much horses. And because Im passionate about tattoos, as soon as it

doesnt hurt me, as soon as it's not bad for my health, well, I can keep going forever.

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