Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Star Wars Inspired Game in Unreal Engine GAMEPLAY - Vertex

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what's going on guys how are you all


uh welcome to the stream today we're

gonna be playing a game that you may

have seen

last night on the gaming channel or

six or seven months ago we got mark on

the line as well so he's gonna be

playing with us i'd love for you guys to

join in and play with me the game is


uh it's made by uh these wonderful

developers that are

this game is still an alpha so it's not

quite done yet

yeah i can hear you just doing my uh my

live thing

wait wait can can you talk yo yo yo

okay there we go now i can hear you

okay so i'm going to join the um

theory though is in spain and it's got

181 ping it's got a nasty pin

oh really

um there's already 11 players


in the dallas server we could do that

one um

dallas but the theory fans are

what did the the dev just messaged me i

got it i got to see what he said

he said


it will probably be more comfortable for

you to play on a us server

your ping is sky high yeah

yeah that's what i'm saying bro why is

my ping so bad

because it's a european server okay okay


yeah let's go in the yeah let's go in

the dallas server there's 11 people in

there or we can go in the official us

no mods oh no i i want mods so

for you guys that want to check it out


so right now i'm playing as malgus but i

mean i have pretty much

i can change it to anybody check this

out so

we got the regular we got anakin you can

change his saber you've got dooku

luke malgus vader sidious

maul kenobe nilas and scion

they're going to be adding more mods uh

and you can change

literally everything so with vader i can

change his lightsaber to like green or


i can make it change it to blue so get

some clone wars vibes

it's pretty sweet um there was a guy

last night that had

the white suit from

infinities which was pretty neat so i'm

gonna play with vader for a bit

but yeah you can like literally change

everything around

it's pretty cool can they change the

theory fan server to the us


uh let me ask him

did you join the server i'm still

in the server browser oh

so the next thing they're going to what

let me change the map i want to go to


i'm like the only one on the map all

right so where are you in spain

in the theory spain server espanola

no senor i'm in the uh the dallas one

u.s the one that has the one that has 10

people in it

yeah it says it has 10 people in it but

for some reason there's no one here it's

just me

so we got the uh tomb of marco ragnalls


my boy i'm here i see i i see them i see

the 10 people in here

i don't know why i don't see them

oh so that theory server apparently a

fan made that

the dev is telling me right now he's

like uh yeah we didn't make that one

so i guess

a fan in spain made it maybe

where are you everybody

everybody's at the big red platform oh i

see you jumping around over there oh you

see me

i'm i'm vader oh no

you're you're you're in a different map

okay where are you

i mean i'm looking at at the stream i'm

like yo where where's that that looks


yeah so which surface

i'm slaughtering these kids brother oh

i'm dude i love these

fans yeah they're great no um i'm the uh

i'm the emperor um where are you i just

cut this guy in half

i'm in the server that's got 10 people

in it

i guess 11 with me that's so weird oh i

think because i changed


yeah that's weird i can't see anybody

let me see if i can

oh i just cut that guy in half bro yo

yo there's some good duels up here man

i'm i'm trying to come in i'm trying to

come in

mostar canoe

so you can change his blade colors like


um you can have deep blue but i feel

like kenobi in the clone wars was a

little bit

of a lighter blue kind of like this

which looks pretty pretty neat

so yeah if you guys want to check out

the game it's absolutely free

um oh yeah i did if you want to support

them i supported them

i sent them a couple hundred bucks last

night just

because they're making an awesome

awesome game and it looks really good

i can't wait to see what it's going to

be like when it's done

apparently they were working on a

campaign but

they're not doing that right now they're

focusing on really hashing out all the

um details with multiplayer because

there's so much more to do

i don't know why i'm not getting in


um i joined the eu server by accident oh

that's what he's saying okay


all right i'm gonna get out i'm gonna

get out all right so i'll tell you

exactly what server it is

it's the it's the vertex empire

community server us

right hold on

guys join us join in all of you guys

join in yeah we got almost 2 000 of you


oh okay i'm in i mean i'm in i'm in i'm

in i'm in

all right all right hopefully it doesn't

boot me

oh we got a freaking oh we got a jedi

master dooku here that's pretty cool

hold up hold up hold up all right this

is good it won't let me lock it it won't

let me launch it is it full now

i'm gonna use my horsepower

let's go let's go malgus come on you

ain't got nothing

let me push this guy off the edge oh

damn it didn't work

wait is w push or

hold up blow up yeah okay i gotta go

closer to him

no we need a mall where's maul oh

do you see me as who are you

the emperor you got nihilus here

i'm the one with the double-bladed

lightsaber slaughtering these kids

going crazy yo yo yo yo what up there

you go


um oh i just got thrown off the side

uh let's change the map what do you guys

think let's go to

yo tattoo corbin tunes valley of the


but isn't this a public server

yeah but you can vote so i'm voting i'm

casting a vote and everyone can vote

here come over here and see see if you

see me at the emperor

i'm like going down are you like that

are you i'm obi-wan

are you the emperor with a dual blade

yeah your thrall your name's thrall yeah

yeah okay

i gotta change i gotta yeah i gotta

change my guy oh what the

oh nice it worked dude

yeah now we're all here

spawned in i see algus are you amalgas

right now no i'm going to switch to

malagas right now though all right i

don't know should i be malgus

what are you guys thinking now i'm gonna

be vader

i'm gonna be vader with a blue blade

skywalker liz

it's like a rendition of dooku or


oh what the heck that's crazy

a white suit vader from infinity

there's also a first person mode um i

forgot what it was it was

it was p you gotta hit p and now it's in

first person

i don't see vader maybe maybe because i

haven't downloaded them

no i'm i'm vader with a uh oh you

haven't oh yeah you gotta download all

of them

all right all right i'm gonna switch to

dark luke i'm gonna switch to dark luke

i'm gonna get capped yeah i just died


i'm gonna be dark luke skywalker

let's keep the green blade it's iconic

um let's go with

a cape

i should do this cape that's kind of

cool that's that's myth

okay i'm down with that

that's sick dude

you killed me you bastard

um let's change map to

let's go corbin two

let's try that one


wait am i still what am i doing here

what am i doing


this takes me back man it's great

vote failed

get kind of dizzy here geez

all right kill me kill me [ __ ] reset


oh no oh no

what are the force controls again um w

and e and then to throw stuff which


implementing still is uh f w

and e w is

oh you can't do it in this one you can't

do in this one

h is dance

that's great that's too good

um let's go to another

map what do you think

tatooine city i worry though let's let's

face off

okay is this you

no my thing glitched out a little bit oh

we should

wait there's a new starkiller mod since


it's not getting out of uh first person

for some reason

i'm gonna leave and come back so resets

all right there we go


do you think malgus could have taken



um no


i think they don't have more training

them out


oh yeah yo if you change to um swords


a lot of blood


oh this is cool this is like a like a

sidious jedi

rogue jedi or something that's pretty




jesus damn look at that kill count dude

oh wait what's your kill count holy crap

oh god


let me change my guy uh let's be the

chosen one

with a blue blade


that looks cool

did this change it back to the duels

remember the dual maps what happened to


yeah okay um let's go to

i think test pure landing was a good one


ah this is dope dude

this is fun

yeah these guys are doing a great job oh

the red guard

i didn't i didn't download that one vote


what the you guys like

you guys like the map too much there's

no defensive stance though is there


uh yeah right click right click yeah

yeah yeah yeah

yeah and if you if you block and then

attack right away apparently it

it uh it parries really well we're not

parry it it reposts

however you say it will stay

all right come come find me bro all

right bro double double red light saber

i'm almost dead

but i got to kill someone to get full


because i don't have the anakin mod is

that you yeah

okay i see you i see a little red guard


oh i'm gonna die oh if you

if you run and then if you jump if you

hop and hit

a and d you go really fast

damn i was killed by grand master revan

oh that guy's trying to look like revan

i see this guy

sort of a variation

supposed to be chancellor palpatine okay

fair enough


yo this is dope this is great

tatooine okay someone said tattooing

right let's try tattooing for a little


but other uh dual servers

um yeah that's a map i tried to change

to but

we didn't get enough votes

i killed him

oh the zone is the uh he's one of the

devs man i just

oh we actually okay we switched who

would win kiari mundi or ben solo

that's tough pencil is a skywalker at

the end of the day but

kyoto's my boy hey ashley thanks for the

thumbs up

oh you can run up walls too so


what the [ __ ]

oh so this is the dev right here diesel

oh he's invincible you cheap

bastard how do you change the color

guys you gotta click on you gotta click

on the lightsaber and then you can

change it

all right all right time to change my


ah oh what the heck okay


let's go maul

give him a dual blade

let's make the blade red

yeah oh yeah


well you can't change malls

i just killed you dude

all right you can dance so











oh cool there's rooms why i didn't know


you can wall run too

i'm gonna change my guy um

let's do nihilus i haven't done nylis


you see bowing before me that's so cool

only now do you realize the true

power ah

we're the apprentice yes yes

bow before me wait i'm not sidious

this is cool someone take a pic of this

that's dope that's cool

i like that wait why are you bowing to




here you come up the stairs bro let's

have our own moody duel

all right

oh there's like a whole other room in

here yeah that's where it went


okay that's you would like the fire red


i'm nice

who are you you she i'm the emperor

good ol sheepy

it's a pretty big map yeah it's good

yo i'm over here i'm over here

i'm almost dead


kind of want to be malgus

i'm happy their servers can handle all


people in here but i guess that's why

they capped it

oh i'm gonna get up to that window

mad jk2 vibes hey

yeah big time bro

like except there's like the can you bow


and like do you might start the duel you

can kneel i don't know what

what what what emote it is i think it's


press six it like kind of does it no not

really maybe

no i'm looking for your ass dude i see

you're by yourself

there on the stream yeah

oh i'm waiting i wait too oh wait are

you later

no you're not vader not the emperor

i'm gonna try to wall run yeah dude

malagus first vader that's a fight i'd

love to see

hey wonder how he got his saber to have

a white core mine's got like a yellow


it's interesting



it's cool you're like a vampire in this

game you have to kill people to get help


that'd be cool if your health regens

over time though

like very very slowly

how'd they get that white core i don't

wanna have that


uh you have to have red all the way then

set blue to like one or two

oh okay honestly i kind of like the

the off-white the yellowish core it's

kind of sweet


oh myth okay that's cool man

that's cool i like that

all right looks good what the hell is


it's like a laser beam

oh i think i just hit myself


why do they keep typing gf what does

that mean okay should we go

let's go to the valley of the no not the

valley of the let's go to the um

corbin tombs i'm at the x-wing

there's no x-wing in this time is it

where where what x-wing

there's an x-men here yeah

nice we're moving to corbin tombs

this is sick they need to put malgus in

this or sorry

um plagueis and starkiller in this game

somehow i can

i'm like outside the world wait they

have starkiller

they must have just added that because

they didn't i didn't have that

i gotta add that

oh crap i can't see the starkiller skin



no it's just uh i can't even load into

it did you not download it

which map is that um

i think it's corbin tombs


because i downloaded the map pack

come on come on

yo new member thank you

uh wait what's your name cancel being


cancellation free what the get cancelled

baby the single blade and saber


just like it's not good that it's always

that like strikes down

thing yeah they gotta change it i gotta

add some more to it

with the animation for the double-bladed

lightsaber is awesome it's really good


damn dude

okay he's running away he's probably

almost dead oh i'm almost dead

yes dude i was at nine health and i

killed someone and then uh

number 100. time to



oh okay

i love how the force jump in this game

is legit as to how a jedi would jump


just clears literally everything

did you do the wall run yet like what

you can run up a wall

um i think i did it last time you gotta

double press space when you're running

up a wall


okay you got a bow you got a bow

what's up


i don't know what that one is


i'm downloading the mall skin

he was typing and i killed him such a


oh damn dude what okay

time to go

defeat them


should we try a different level

see if i can clear this make it to the

other side



yeah let's try a dual level let's do um

you down for that let's do

yeah cargo bay but i'm not even

even in the game though

are you downloading a new mod

yeah i'm loading it now yo carlos thank

you for being a new member man hope you

enjoy the vip discord just for you guys

i'm grandmaster owens in the game it's a

pleasure to have you here

thanks abeo all right let's do some oh

this is the one that always freezes from

okay oh it's working nice it's got sick

music too

oh wait i gotta change the

there's a dual server already uh uh open

official us

should we go to that one it's got no


all right sorry buddy i gotta kill you i

need four hours

now died

the guy was probably taking pictures or


okay so we're doing a duel


what can i join okay right so it's a

duel so it's two people

at a time it's me this is you yeah it's

me against uh

another emperor with a green saber go

get him my master



big shout out to blender for sending


i got whacked

oh this one remember this one like the


blade runner drawn

i can't i can't get in i think it's full


unlimited power



i can't get in you gotta leave and come


it glitches out sometimes that's what

the what they just told me oh yeah i

can't get in

it's being weird yeah i'm not gonna even

hit escape

okay let's join a different server um


holy crap dude there's one with 69

people in it

or up to 69 people in it that's crazy

oh my oh it froze ah damn it this map

always freezes for me i don't know why

at least the music's dope

all right i'm gonna have to restart

uh i had to quit because it was lagging


yeah me too um you want to join that

69-person server

yeah we could

all right i'm going to that one okay

oh it's like the unreal uh test box

it is yeah

grandmaster owens is in here though



oh this one has force powers

yeah some of them don't have force

powers enabled for whatever reason

uh which one are you in mark alpha


no no this is the one yeah

oh yeah dude this one's awesome so this

is uh this is one that they they put me

in last night

um where you can test throwing objects

so i'm gonna change to vader because i

just feel like it

alright cool cool okay so you just hit

you just hit

f when object is green and you can hook

it at people

what the hell and if you hit left


it makes you walk


it's too good

all right so the server it has 69 people

you guys can join if you want

on chat oh damn he dodged that at the

last second

hello master

ah oh cool i got like a red streak on my

helmet now

all right i'm all now yeah dude you are

this dublin yeah

where are you oh i i see you i see you

i see you i do meet me

maybe at the top of this box all right

i'll just take this guy out all right


oh i'm dead oh it's the dab that's who

it is

oh yeah he's invincible is it he's



dude that forced push is wild

i feel like they gotta throw the the

fall damage off though i'm not really a

fan of that

how much force do you need to okay so at

least 20 i guess


yeah the double bladed lightsaber

animation is really good

get up get up get up get up


all right

fools heal


oh dude jumping takes your force powers

away too

this guy keeps chasing


i like to keep my my finger on the right

uh mouse button always and then just

that way like in your down time you just

uh you're blocking so

there is my theory


don't try it hannigan he has the high


dude white vader almost looks like a

snow trooper

yep hey i didn't get full health

oh you want to duel let's go let's go

let's go



let's dance

there's so many people

where you at homie are you up top

is this you no that's handy yeah yeah

i'm up top

oh what he didn't move who are you or

your mom


damn i died

i'm running away like a little b boy



i see you theory boy i'm coming after


no we gotta roll together man

all right fair enough fair enough

oh [ __ ] i'm killing you sorry

the dual blade animation is really good

i really like it yeah

the single blade is saber

you can you can you can't really play

with it yeah

it needs work um they got to do some

behind the back kind of stuff some


um things like that some different

mechanics for it

i'd love a dash button like uh

not not roll i'd say but if this was

like a

kind of move it'd be cool

how do i stop moonwalking i think you

hit h


i'm going to give later a dual blade

i killed somebody and i didn't get the

uh housekeeping

yeah i don't think this map has that



no i don't like the color of that core


oh i got killed with one of them

anakin skywalker was weak

damn i'm not feeling the double blade i

mean it's

it's cool but it's just weird with vader

okay i think a blue blade with vader is

kind of cool actually


how do you change your name to black

that's cool


he's too funny

should we change the level

oh i got both of them it's great

um it's cool like jk2 as well where you

can change your

um your blade style so i can go like

really heavy and powerful

and you like swing slow

oh did you leave

damn you left i can't even hear you all


well mark's gone okay i want to change

the level

oh no






yeah terminus landing is a cool level

it's pretty good for dueling

check this out so there's lava

which is pretty sweet i'll just fall in

you guys can see it


so this level is cool in the sense that

you can run up the walls

and like you can really go off map which

i like

check this out so we're gonna go on a

little adventure here

so we got to the rooftop here right but

we can even go further than that

like i was experimenting with it last

night you gotta double jump a little bit

and you just go to these different

places and now you're like

it's sweet you're like outside of the

map almost

you can literally like walk to the edge

i don't mean to do that god damn it


so yeah it's pretty sweet for a fridge

should we do a duel

this is like the perfect map for a duel

i feel like

so to double jump you have to uh sorry

okay they changed it cool

oh no

oh i can't even escape no

yeah you can get the ultimate high

ground there they should add

background music uh yes some of the maps

have it already i think

um but the new ones like the modded ones

i don't think they have music

and i don't think you can use force

powers or anything when you um

when you're in the modded ones




oh the 69 one's gone or 66

one however many people were in there




oh cool canadian server


let's try this out a grievous mod with

four blades

that'd be really cool they should they

can mod anything man

if you can put malgus in this game you

could put vader with a blue lightsaber

in this game you can do anything

what's rift interesting

oh neat


this is cool i like this level this is


it'd be cool if you could go in the

water but i i guess um

that's kind of the fun of it where it's

dangerous if you fall

yo yo

i've got people spawning in now this is


um a little secret if you want to go

fast you can hop and hold d

and alternate between a and d as yeah

dude i tried to do a wall run there so

let's see if i could actually do it

so like let's say you're about to fall

anyways if you get to a wall you can

double jump

yeah i'm not the cat's not what the hell

okay let me let me do it here it's

almost safe there we go see

just have to hit the spacebar twice oh

what's in here

do i die if i go in here


oh no oh sweet

that's cool i feel like the fall damage


it's lame because i mean they're jedi


sith so they can fall from super

super high heights kinda like mace windu


the battle of genosis yes yeah yeah i

don't buy that especially with vader

he's got mechanical legs so you know

he's got

he's i'm gonna die now

this is oh this is your first video that

you watched from me

cool hi welcome

i wonder if you jump as you land if you

still get

battle damage it's an interesting kenobi

no okay let's see let's test this theory

can i oh can i run up there

it's kind of far

yo mark are you there

i guess not

if you roll when you're about to hit the

ground i think it reduces damage oh


saved myself there luckily oh so like um

that was rule again oh like this okay

hold up

oh i see yeah okay

thanks slim shady oh i don't know if

i'll make it i don't know if i'll make


ah what


this is neat


oh man maybe i can now run up no

no i find

time to die

oh there's no horsepowers in this

oh oh


i think um

that'd be cool if they made a course

hunt mod whoa this guy's skin looks

it looks pretty cool

ah yeah that double bladed lightsaber is

just too good


because they should enable horsepower

for every map

what the hell look at this dooku

that's great



dude he chopped my head


uh the other server have as a 100 cap if

everyone like to join

all right let's join let's join the big

one and then all of you guys can can

come in hopefully

okay let's do that should i change my


what are you guys feeling i'm gonna go

pee really quick since we're changing



chats like you just scalped yeah










are we talk we still uh still going


there you go

are we not are we not joining the the

next one

let's go

i don't know what the leviathan is i've

never done that one

try that out




oh this is the 100 person one okay

why can't i join dude


let me join

ah oh yeah i don't want to do this one

we did this one already

the throwing one oh it froze


i wonder if i can join the big one now

nope doesn't let me


let's do a duel


let's change it to i want to try

terminus i want to see with our


oh someone's already in here




let's do uh we haven't done palpatine


let's do let's do monster canoe you can

go into a camera mode

so it looks real nice like that's how i

got the thumbnails

it's really good

like the textures like for for

a game that these guys do outside of

their real jobs

inside of their full-time job like this


really good really really good

haha hey man

what if they pull superman three and

have anakin split from darth vader who

would you think would win that

oh um

i would well depends what kind of anakin


i think vader is stronger than anakin um

revenge of the sith hannikin

oh i haven't downloaded the leviathan

mod yeah no i have not

like i think rogue one vader is more

powerful than revenge of the sith anakin

oh oh it's cap to 16 oh that's why i

couldn't join it





hey hey devs would you want me to donate


some of my own personal music that i've

commissioned samuel kim for me see let

me let me try to play one of those songs

right now actually i think

it would be really

i think it would be good

hold up i'm trying to get that in here i

think it'd be cool



where the hell is it

i'm bizarre

oh here we go




you guys hear it now i think this would

be perfect music for this place


a blue lightsaber

does it cost money no this game's free

for now at least

yeah if you want to play the game it's

all um it's all in the bottom



oh god white suit vader

white angel dooku and black suited malek

emo malek where is he where is he

do you mean me


this is cool man this is like squad




this is cool this is cool man



this looks cool

oh this looks awesome wow

pink malik bubblegum malik


one two three

we need to do this with like a hundred


oh no it glitched



i think first person mode is really cool

because it's something that we never

really get to see

so it's pretty interesting


oh cool man

if you guys can somehow make the camera

mode more smooth

um i don't know how you would do that i


because they're on the keyboard




what the heck

that's wicked oh now this is some

bendy thumbs

check the vertex discord i posted the


oh cool i love it

yeah it looks awesome


how do you how do you vow like that

it's um this


yeah guys just knee alright

that's cool these games are really


i gotta say just imagine if they had a

full budget and imagine if they

didn't have full-time jobs like this was

their full-time job


yeah i posted the discord link in the

description if you guys

talk to the devs developers and everyone


i'm really impressed by this game i

played it six or seven or eight months

ago something like that and

it honestly just keeps improving so

they didn't have these maps last time i

don't think

and now they have the starkiller mod so

i think i'm gonna add the circular mod

right now


oh yeah now they have starkiller

do you have anyone new


okay let me


let me put this



his vertex mcs


okay cool now i gotta restart and then





all right so now we have starkiller and

we can join

where were they at was it this one


this one

i think there's this one but it's full

so i can't join anymore


i'll join this one oh no i don't want

this one


i just want to test out this starkiller



why can't i join


the hell is this cute okay all right

starkiller time

what that's sick

that's cool

that's neat man

let's roll with it um

let's try the leviathan oh no i don't

want to do this no

i don't want to fight let's go to

the leviathan let's try this

all right whatever

what the hell

this one's being weird

i like the music they have in this game


it's great


what the


none of you are powerful enough

you guys want to try the leviathan


i mean i don't mean to come in here and

like trying to change things but i guess

i do


okay i'm gonna have to find my own

server just with nobody in there

oh since we got the leviathan already

let me try this just want to see what

the the map looks like

you know


giving me jedi academy vibes yeah me too

thanks anakin

thanks shannon

has it taken so long to load




i guess i'll just join this one again


i already voted



this is saber

vote failed oh well whatever

i guess knew it wants to see it maybe

they don't have it downloaded and

they're like what's that

where else we can go in this game

no there we go

yeah i feel like there should be some

type of health regen oh what dude


oh thanks reverend whoa

this is really cool



it's pretty neat

it's a little claustrophobic




i do know which one's my favorite yet is

there one we haven't done



i think we've done them all

you're gonna mod your characters out

here if you want

it'd be cool if you could change the

background too

like for this kind of um i guess i guess

camera mode

sort of thing

that's pretty cool i love the


makes it so much fun more fun

that's neat can literally change every




no we'll play old republic yeah i'm

feeling it for sure

yeah we good






well i think i think we played enough i

think we pretty much did everything it's


an hour and a half um absolutely awesome

game i really enjoy it i can't wait to


where they take this again this is the

second time that i've streamed it

um they've added new mods they've added

new levels and i think you know the

possibilities are really endless with

this type of

gameplay um what they were focusing on

as well from what i heard which is now

scrapped was a

solo like a campaign but now they're

just going to focus on multiplayer and i

really hope

this stream in itself has put a lot more

eyes on this game because they deserve

it man they're doing really good

i donated to them and i support their

work i think they're

they're doing a great job with this


cool game so the things i'd like to see

going on going forwards are more force

powers like force lightning this and

that for doing mods and stuff

um i'd like to see a variation for the


lightsaber um in terms of combat so not

just like the slash down and side slash

but just you know more

variations there more variables for

different kinds of attacks and maneuvers

from different angles

maybe like behind that the back like

um the gameplay in itself the mechanics

are really fun

i don't get bored of it but they do need

to add more


fighting styles i would say also

the yellow and red um you can have like

a heavy

heavy stroke or you can have like a

medium stroke which is the yellow one i

want to see a blue

which is like a super fast and a weak

hit i think that would be fun to see as


um other than that i'm excited to see

where they take this and i'm in full

support of these guys i put all their


in the description so if you guys want

to check it out it's a free game for now

have fun with it it's in its alpha stage

it's pre-alpha so it's a work in


so i'm i'm stoked i love i love

fan projects like this um why i wouldn't

even say this is a fan product this is

like a

like they're making a game but it just

has cool star wars mods that fans have

created so

i love you guys thanks for tuning in

hope you enjoyed it i'll catch you in

the next one

take it easy

The Description of Star Wars Inspired Game in Unreal Engine GAMEPLAY - Vertex