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Hello and welcome to Coastal Carolina University

I'm Michael Roberts, Dean of the Gupta College of Science. I'm standing in the

Carroll Cooper Courtyard that lies at the heart of our science facilities;

Swain Hall, the Smith Building and our newest 72,000 square foot building that

houses our biology, chemistry and marine science departments. More than 150

faculty and staff in the Gupta College of Science are committed to insuring

your academic success. As CCU's largest college, we offer more than 20 major,

minor and graduate level programs including a doctoral degree in marine

science. Besides marine science, other popular

majors in the College of Science include biology, psychology, exercise and sports

science, recreation and sport management, sociology, computer science, and public

health. To learn more about the Gupta College of Science, visit our section the

Coastal Carolina University website or reach out to one of our faculty or

chairs. We'd love to hear from you.

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