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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Angelina Jordan REACTION!-NEW RELEASE | Above The Water (feat. Angelina Jordan)!! | Drew Nation

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guys my friend who calls himself "The Mask" he dropped for us a link to one of Angelina

Jordans original he said that this just came out

last week Thursday or Friday I'm not sure when but he dropped us the link

thank you so much for that this is one of her originals there's no video or

anything to it it's just lyrics so we kind of put together a collage of

pictures of Angelina but you guys to look at if you want to look at something

other than me you can look at me but we're just going to be listening to

these lyrics that Angelina just dropped I'm excited to do it he says that it

shows a fun side of her so I'm anxious to see that and it's her very own song

so if you haven't heard it yet you guys are about to hear it right here wait

mommy drew so I'm gonna put these headphones in and we're gonna get right

into this song and the name of it is mr. producer what's the name of the song

water, "Water" so we're about to listen to water or wat or wader or however you want

to say it by Angelina here we go

Is that Angelina? Let me keep listening listening you listen to it

did it sound like Angelina to you? Hmm...Oh that's Angelina! Right there, she has

this thing she does with her voice I just heard it yeah...

Oh, that's Angelina!

that is super fun it's upbeat I'm really enjoying this

Did you hear it?

days... that's Angelina that's Angelina! I know it! - I know it!

the song is super super catchy super super catchy I am loving it talking

about I guess supporting each other survive to keep

your head above water


You hear that?, it says I think she said don't come yonder let's help you save each other

keep our hearts above water...? That beat!

if you had any doubt that this was Angelina that note right there you know

it if you've been listening to her long enough she has a unique voice that you

you know it's her that is her and this song is awesome I'm liking this song

ha-haaaaaaa! Ohhhhhhh!

this young lady is just awesome! I love what she does with her voice it is it

traps you it puts you like in a trance and just captivates you it's beautiful

Keep our hearts above water...Ooh I love it... This is a club beat!

yeah that was good that's a serious club beat right there that

just shows another side of Angelina okay so guys we have a playlist for her by

the way if you enjoy her if you haven't heard her before let me tell you we have

two songs so far that we've reacted to for her you have to listen to those and

then listen to this one this is a total different side of her but just as

fantastic I truly truly enjoy that thank you "The Mask" you are the bomb thank you

so much for sharing that link with us... that was good, that was good, that was goog-good-good!

thank you for coming into the reaction room with us! Don't forget to give us that

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appreciate you this is mommy drew saying D to the D to

the D to the what D-Nation! OUT...BYE

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