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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YOUTUBER GOES ON DR PHIL AND GETS ROASTED

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Hey guys, so in this day and age,

anyone could be famous.

All you gotta do is be a piece of sh

work hard and contribute to society.

Ever since Danielle Bregoli got famous off Dr. Phil,

there have been several others who have tried.

Y'all remember this girl?

We're talkin' about me here.

[DR. PHIL] Yeah. Sure. This is my show.

She's a famous YouTuber now,

driving a quarter million dollar car.

Well, today I got another one for you.

>> Hey guys, it's your girl Britney.

Before I sit down with Dr. Phil, a few things I want him to know.

I have no respect for my mom.

I call my mom by her name Kimber,

because I don't see her as a mom.

>> I don't see her as a mom,

so I'm-a call her by her first name.

Yeah, I don't see Digital Next as a friend,

that's why I'm gonna call him Digital Next.


Well, this is new.

She got mommy issues.

>> Dad is everything but I honestly think he's an idiot for marrying my mom.

Kimber has ruined my life.

Kimber has called me a bitch,

a slut.

>> So,

yo mama Kimber ruined your life because she called you a few names.

Maybe told you to clean your room.

>> And she said that I'm never gonna amount to anything.

There's no fixing the relationship between me and my mom.

I want nothing to do with Kimber.

>> I want nothing to do with my mother.

This is getting old.

>> Honestly,

I think that high school is a joke,

but getting your GED counts just as much as getting a high school diploma.

Since I'm not in high school right now,

I normally go to the skate park.

This is me at the skate park.

>> Wow, guys, she's so cool.

She dropped out of school to be a skater girl.

>> If I'm not at the skate park,

then I'm normally at home watching YouTube videos.

My dream is definitely to become a YouTube Star.


>> Yup.

At least she's honest.

No talent.

No degree.


just become a YouTuber.

Anyone can do it.

>> So,

that's what I'm gonna try to do.

I do have three YouTube channels.

>> Some of my older videos are me doing makeup tutorial.

So that's what it looks like.

>> Oh my God, guys, James Charles who?

NikkieTutorials is shaking.

>> Makeup tutorial.

>> BeautyGurus are cancelled.

Y'all gotta move over for Amy.

>> I also have some videos up on my YouTube channel called Dare Mondays.



In one episode.

I was dared to eat baby powder.

It was disgusting.

>> Man, she even sucks at being a YouTuber.

You want to get them views and them subscribers? You better close that mouth

and swallow it like a champ.

Just like your mom should have.

>> My videos have actually gone viral.

The most views I've gotten on my YouTube channel was 85.

>> Hold on!

Wait, what?

>> My videos have actually gone viral.

The most views I've gotten on my YouTube channel was 85.

>> This bitch is really saying 85 views is her highest viewed video,

but that's going viral.

Oh, my God 85 people watched my sh**.


>> I feel like I have a bright future ahead of me.

I just think that Kimber needs to step out of my life.

>> This girl is delusional.

Kimber needs to get out of my life.

Where's she gonna go?

What you want her to do?

Like, move out?

Move out of her own house?

You can't just ask your mom to leave your life,

especially when you 16.

Oh, wait, hold up.

You're telling me this girl 16?

This girl looking like someone's great aunt.

This woman has definitely been asking to speak to the manager

for at least 35 years now.

>> [DR. PHIL] So, tell me about your bright future.

>> I'm going to school so I can get my GED and it counts just as much

as a high school diploma.

>> I thought you said highschool was stupid.

>> It is.

But, you do have to get some sort of Education.


>> Look at the way she talk the Doctor Phil like,

man, are you stupid?

Do you even know what a GED is?

I didn't know you need a GED to do YouTube.

>> Or else, you're nothing.

You won't ever get a job.

You can't do anything...

and I'm planning on going to college for cosmetology

and crime scene investigation.

>> What?

Okay, hold up.

First of all, she taking about being a YouTuber.

>> My dream is definitely to become a YouTube Star.

>> But, now she want to do hair in the morning,

and then at night she gonna investigate crime scenes.

That's like saying I want to be a cafeteria lunch lady,

and a police officer at the same time.

And then throw in big YouTuber.

Like, what the hell?

Girl pick one.

You're probably gonna end up with cosmetology,

but what is you doing?

Does she even know what those jobs mean?

I don't know about you guys, but I think this girl a little,

a little dumb.

>> Wow.

>> But, we don't get to know that cause we're not in her bubble.

>> Why is that funny? Like that's a professional thing to do.

>> Yeah.

You see so many professionals these days,

doing cosmetology and crime scene investigation

at the same time.


She got a bright future.

>> You mean they're not in your bubble?

>> They're not a part of my life.

They're not gonna be a part of my future.

My dad is.

That one over there is not.

>> Rude.

She's gonna refer to her mom as that one over there.


Next time I see someone I don't like,

oh you mean that one over there?

>> [DR. PHIL] Why is that?

>> Because...

she's a psychopath and I honestly wish she would be locked away,

throw away the key,

never come back.

Ever again.

>> You hear this girl?

Her mama need to smack her.

Not like this.

No, the backhand!

With the knuckles. Hit it where it really hurts.

She has not been disciplined.

>> She's ruined my life for the past six... >> Define psychopath.

You said she's a psychopath. >> Okay, psychopath is...

she's constantly,

you mentally cannot think straight.

You mentally do not think your age,

and you have,

you just don't think right.

You don't think like a normal human would.


Oh girl, that's rich coming from you.

The same girl that thinks 85 views is viral,

the same girl who wants to be a YouTuber,

hairstylist, crime scene investigator.

>> You don't have a thought process.

>> Hmmm, interesting.

>> What the f***.

I think this bitch dead ass just malfunctioned.

You all asking me too much questions,

my brain, it cannot handle this right now.

>> You don't have a thought process.

>> I'm sorry.

I can't.

I can't with her.

>> I don't want to have a relationship.

I want nothing to do with her.

>> You don't but last night you wanted me to come over and rub

on your legs and do things.

>> Yeah because I want you to do things for me.

>> Oooh,

girl talking about, yeah, I want you to do things for me like,

give me money and rub my legs,

when they're sore

and like do Mommy things for me.

But, I don't like you.

>> You say you've skipped every day when repeating the ninth grade.

>> I skip school all the time.

School is irrelevant for me...


like as soon as I get my GED I can start my life,

because I'm already an adult.

I've been an adult since I was little.


>> Can we define psychopath again?

I've been an adult since I was little.

This girl is 16.

I know she look like an adult.

Looking like she having a midlife crisis at 16.

>> I haven't done anything for you at all?

>> No, you don't do anything.

>> What do you mean? >> Nanny and papa do stuff for me.

They have bought me everything.

You didn't even buy me a car.

>> I'm serious when I say somebody need to smack this kid.

She's saying her parents have done nothing for her.

She's been an adult since she was a baby.

Y'all did nothing for me.

Grandma and Grandpa bought me a car.

You guys are useless.

I'm an adult.

Somebody needs to show her,

what it's really like being an adult.

Kick her out.

Yetus the fetus.

Get out of my house.

You want to be an adult?

I'ma show you what it's like to really be an adult.

>> But, I don't do anything else for you?

>> And you think you should be entitled to have this car anyways?

And because you. >> Oh, my god,

I'll take the bus,

I'll walk.

I don't care.

I don't need a car.

I'm not a spoiled brat.

I'm not a rich white kid.

>> What about the phone? >> No.

>> Mmmmm...

I don't know.

She's talkin about Grandma Grandpa,

buying everything for her,

getting her a car.

I'm not a rich white kid.

>> You can have your phone back.

I don't even give a crap about it.

>> Well, she got such a bad attitude, man.

I don't care about my phone.

I don't care about the car.

Everything you gave me, you can have it back.

>> Why is every comment you make sarcastic?

>> Because I think this is funny.

Like I'm not even that big of an issue.

The issue is sitting right there.

>> But, why?

>> I think this girl's probably one of the rudest girls.

So why is she even on Dr. Phil?

They ain't even trying to fix this.

Three episodes in,

we still try to figure out what's the problem.

>> You're gonna try and knock me down,

and pick me apart and find my weak spot.

I don't have a weak spot.

>> So if I punch you in the titty,

will you be all right?

Yeah I didn't think so.

Too bad, Dr. Phil is not allowed to administer punches.

>> How do you know what I'm going to do?

>> Uh... >> Good luck.

>> I just know.

I've watched you ever since I was little.

I know every aspect on everything.

>> Guys, don't mess with her.

She know every aspect on everything.

When she give you that look,

you know she about to ask for the manager.

>> I mean it's television.

It's not that hard.

>> It's not that hard.

It's like exactly what I do on YouTube.

She gonna come at talk to Dr. Phil like,

Dr. Phil, your job ain't hard.

Guys, if you go on Dr.Phil,

and you trying to get famous...

you have to make sure

you roast Dr. Phil.

You cannot leave until you roast Dr. Phil.

Or at least try.

>> You sure got me figured out.


>> Yeah.

>> You don't scare me.

>> I'm not trying to.

>> You guys are the ones with rose-tinted glasses

that walk around like,

oh everything's okay.

I'm just gonna let her do whatever she wants.

>> Okay, so this is the problem.

Her parents just let her do whatever she wants.

Just let her walk all over them.


It might be too late.

>> Why do I need to walk away, if I'm trying to parent you?

And tell you that the things that you do, >> I don't need your parenting.

>> are incorrect. >> You've never been a parent to me.

>> Then, I'm not walking away.

>> Okay, let me put it in there, then.

So you want me to walk away too?

>> No, you're fine.

That one needs to walk away.

>> This girl makes me so mad.

Like, just straight up rude.


But, anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

If this girl makes you angry,

make sure you hit that like button in the face.

Because you can't hit her in the face.

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I love you guys so much.

Thanks for watching. Bye guys.