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What we know about Fishing in Guild Wars 2 Fishing will be unlocked in the first

chapter of End of Dragons. Once you acquire your fishing pole,

you can equip it by using the button under your weapon swapping button.

Your fishing Pole won't break, so you don't have to renew it like gathering tools.

To fish, you'll need bait. Bait can be acquired in different Tiers.

The higher the Tier, the rarer fish you can catch.

Fishing has various masteries. One of these masteries is called Angler Sense.

This allows you to detect Fishing Nodes whilst traveling the world.

Fishing is like a quicktime event. You'll have to make sure to align

the two bars to successfully catch a fish. Use skills 2 and 3 to align the two bars.

Skiffs are also unlocked

early in the End of Dragons Expansion. You can summon your skiff in any direction

you want if you are at shore. A skiff can hold up to 5

people and does also have masteries. These Masteries allow you to catch rare fish on

a Skiff or allow you to go faster on a Skiff. The captain of a Skiff can use

a Speed boost unlocked by a mastery. This reduces the endurance meter of a Skiff.

Party members on a boat can emote to fill up this endurance meter.

This can result in a continuous speed boost as long as the party keeps emoting.

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