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Okay, okay I'll get it

Back at my local fish store. There's a few things. I want to pick up

I'm gonna grab all of these tanks here want to build some filters out of them. These are only 40 gallon breeders

classic dimensions three feet by

Foot and a half by 16 inches 36 by 18 by 16 now typically if I had off cuts of materials

I would build something like this, but it's cheaper to buy than to actually build

When it comes to these smaller ones, of course also Gary's in the house. Help me carry some tanks as usual

All right. There's a number of Oscars

But the number one request was to get this guy at first. I didn't want him but he's

highly interactive and I guess I kind of like

His tail fit there, even though there's a bit of damage and it's into the meat so it's not gonna heal itself

However, it's kind of a hook

So I think I'm gonna name him Captain Clark

The tail tone was probably a past injury

You guys have seen me repair torn tail fins before or ones that were damaged or healed improperly essentially

We just medicate the fish

Not the moat and of course cut off the tail fin and it grows back perfectly, but this is like into the flesh

It was just like the spines of the fin

Permanently like a claw


Now, of course, I do like the more classic Tiger Oscar. This guy's a bit washed out here being on the floor

He's probably a little bit depressed Oscar's are arguably one of the best or one of the fish in the freshwater

Hobby was most personality known like little water puppies. And then of course the other one is

equally, beautiful

And you can see he's colored up a little bit more

And these classic Tigers is something I like they replicate more of a the wild type and cloak more closely

but I just think that

This guy I like I like his personality. I like his imperfection

I really do

He's very friendly looking

Yeah, and with these four teeth readers, we'll go ahead and build some sout of them. I'm gonna keep it really simple

We'll need the tank and we'll need like one more thing and call it done

Upcoming video now with an Oscar tank. I would probably

Typically do a bare bottom tank

Just because huskers gonna rearrange the tank of whatever he wants

But in order to keep his dark coloration and so that he doesn't wash out. I won't do a bare bottom typically

I technically I should paint the bottom but it's already hooked up can't paint it. So I'm gonna go with a black fine

Substrate and this looks like it's just a fine

green sand

20 pounds to each bag. What do you think? Twelve two bags three bags something like that?

That I'm thinkin declarations and since he's Captain Hook

What do you think should I get that like some straight quest best, where do you think it would be like to fake working?

I guess what else we have

I don't know kind of like this - a

Little shipwreck

I don't know. I kind of like this Gary. What do you think?

Captain Hook, what's the dimensions of that do you think?

Looks like it's maybe 14 inches. But yeah, I'm gonna get it. I like it

Plus I've never had a tank like this before always kind of set him up natural. I think this would be funny

What do you guys think?

I don't know would you guys say that is like 10 inches?

8 inches 10 inches something like that

9 inches, he's still got a little bit size to put on hold Captain Hook. Sorry for naming him without you guys

I think if you think it's a good name, let him know. Let me know if you would have did something alternate

So in terms of name, oh sweet the measure tape

Come over he doesn't like the measuring tape

I've never met a fish that likes a measuring tape if you're a

Fish owner and you have big fish you try to measure them. Yeah, we gotta wait till he passed by it

Yeah, he's 9 or 10 inches. Oh now I can measure that other thing

I also know that you guys are supposed to pick the scaping supplies, and I'm sorry

But I really want to have this ship

Because he's Captain Hook

the ship is

15 inches long

17 inches tall

And only a few which is wide

Now when it comes to these big fish a lot of times you want to go bare bottom and no decorations the decorations

They're just going to hurt themselves on or injure it and with Oscars. They're gonna move it around no matter what

But that has soft edges and he's gonna do just fine. Did I make the right decision? We should get them home and

Fish thanks for being my tank for all the time

How come nobody told you about him

Is he a special order? Is he some buddies? I want him. I

Don't want him I need him. So that's nobody's come back. I can heaven I can blow like a mile, okay

Go PS to the locals. These guys are currently switching out and upgrading some tanks. They're switching what the 20s to 40s

So a bunch of the 20's are gonna become 140, but they have all these 20 things are gonna be anymore

There's 17 20 gallon tanks dollar a gallon the more you buy the cheaper will get I don't plan on buying them

But if you're local you're seeing this video come get them. I don't know if they're gonna be here still but just a heads up

Three bags of the black sand and

Captain Hook ship I'm really excited about this tank

Damn I think I'm just gonna grab him. No biggie is he doesn't like me now

You are my sunshine Wow

That's a 10 inch buckets he's gonna be 10 inches

We've got the boat captain hook ship we got the substrate

we've got captain hook and that one or maybe that one and then that giant

Sunshine pleco mm funny story about that is Jeff the owner of the store already offered to sell to me a while ago

I was like now I don't really want it but

It's that tough for me to say no one's actually see these things in person. I think I'm gonna put this in the front Gary

Side-story Gary said should I put this in the front?

I said no, I'm gonna film it and now I want to act like it's my idea

I know the Oscar idea isn't going to be popular with everybody. I also knew

Pretty much the moment after I announced like I'm gonna let you guys pick this

The aquarium in its what's going in and what not?

I knew I was in for some trouble right from the jump. Why well, I knew that right away. I

Wasn't going to make everybody happy. There's no possible way to make sure that everybody gets what they want

This could be exactly what somebody didn't want or exactly what others wanted. I think what

Bottom line is we got what was available and what was a really popular request as for?

Decorating it this black sand, which I had to rinse prior to

Like enjoy in a minute the black sand and like the fake

decorations are

childish to an extent sort of

But it is kind of a cool theme, you know, Captain Hook and he gets a ship

Also, I know a lot of younger much younger aquarium hobbyists out there watch this channel

So why not a themed aquarium? They're popular and it's okay to do it

I'm more than comfortable with myself and my abilities to have a themed aquarium with a little ceramic

ship that we'll be putting in here and

Just enjoying the tank. You should probably also mention that people are gonna say well that's an aquarium gallery

It should showcase nature

No, that's not what the point of the calorie ever was to inspire educate and show what's really possible in the hobby

and just

Have fun with it. Really

But for me to ignore

Having novelty items in the aquariums and decorations doesn't make sense and I should have done this way sooner

Captain Hook, I love it. I don't care like it or hate this tank. I think it's pretty funny. I'm going to enjoy it

I think many others will as well. I think we'll just put it off to the side here sort of

Yeah, something like that. That should be good

Okay, now I gotta acclimate these fish to the temperature of this aquarium since they're to bucket I

Hope I haven't opened the bucket since we got them home. So let's have a peek. I

Actually didn't use all the sand either but I don't think we need to

Who's in here?

All right, the sunshine plecos in here, oh he's a beauty nice and big I've asked to meet him at around 7 to 8 inches

He is going in with the Oscar for now all that stressing about poor guy he is going in with the Oscar for now

They're both new fish. They'll both acclimate as well as

Quarantine together the system is now separated from that one in every few minutes here

I'm just going to take a little bit of tank water

pour it in

Every 5 minutes or so and within 20 minutes this water should match the temperature of that water

We'll have to monitor them closely

Make sure the Oscar isn't picking on the plateau

But the benefit is they both have carnivorous tendencies and will probably eat the same food

So I think they will do quite well together

Captain Hook, I'm sorry for not letting you guys pick his name, but I think you'll agree Captain Hook's a pretty cool name

Now I

Know that there's bits of comments as well like starting off with a full-grown Oscar is cheating if you're gonna get one get a tiny

One and let it grow out

but that's like instead of going to

You know your local SPCA or you know?

An animal shelter and adopting and abandoned dogs you go and buy a brand new one if that's what you want to do

I mean feel free to however this guy I

Mean who knows where he could have ended up. I know I can give him a happy home

And I think that adopting him is probably a better way than going about and creating even more demand for small Oscar

So we want to get an Oscar

my suggestion is try to adopt the ones that are being dropped off first and then

Look for ones that are you know smaller and whatnot at the end of the day though. These guys do need a big tank

They can get along with some fish, but not all

It's touch-and-go Oscar personalities vary greatly

Okay, I'll actually make them add up to the time well, I guess the tank is ready for its captain

If you look Captain Hook's not a really great character. So it does have the skull and bones

I just noted this now. So this is perfect. I like it guys. I don't care if anybody thinks I'm a noob or whatever

I think it looks pretty awesome

Lots of room to get around it

I also give them lots of open swimming space and with Oscars you tend to want to give that

There's lots of crevices especially up under this branch here for the plaque Oh to hide and he can get under the boat

And so forth. We'll see how they get along long-term. But for now, I'll just keep a good eye on them

Anyways, they are ready to be added to the aquarium. Let's do it

This guy is

Ridiculously feisty. I don't know if you guys noticed yet, but he goes crazy can't blame him

I wouldn't want to be putting in that either

I should be using a bigger net but they're so difficult to get into these buckets that

And I should pick him up man

He doesn't like this at all. I should be handling in by hand. Oh

Wow, look always he ever contrasting on the substrate. Look. Oh wow, isn't he beautiful?

Absolutely stunning

Just contrast wonderful

Black substrate was a fantastic idea Joey. You're a genius. Nobody tells you today


Captain Hook get in your boat ready cap

Shout out to Rachel O'Leary with captain cranky pants

I just realized now as I'm saying Captain Hook all the time, but she's got an Oscar as well named captain cranky pants

Not really biting off her but let's give her an odd

Stop being so sad. So Oscars will often play dead. He's not dead

He's just a crush to his dad

He doesn't even want even he doesn't even want out of the Met this that's way too small for him

There you go. Women go lay on the ground looking normal Oscar for three days. Oh

Look at him in there. He looks fantastic in there. Now. He does have a green coloration along his back he will

Darken up a little bit, but it will be more of a dark green to brown. They won't turn black or anything

He's not gonna change colors overnight. Keep yourself at you on get in there. You like it

Captain Oh

See the plaque was already hiding behind the boat, you've got to give plecos of space to hide. Most of most plecos are nocturnal so

He's got a place to get away from the Oscar type of deal he'll be fine story time

I will admit that. I'm a little biased towards Oscars and I knew I was going to get back into them eventually

Let me tell you a quick little story at one point in my hobby. I

Exclusively kept Oscars for a period of about two years been the hobby for boat about 16 years now

Approximately maybe closer to 17 years now since I was 19 years old, I'm 35 now

And for about a two year period maybe even longer I was keeping Oscar's only I had several tanks

Which is an Oscar in each tank. I was absolutely fascinated and loved them. I had like an L final Oscar

I had a red Oscar and I had a tiger Oscar

Basically, the three popular variants have never been a fan of the long thin Oscars. I think it takes away from

These types of fish these uh Oscars if you see them

They are up how many fish a lot of new Oscar owners will see them you see ma

He's probably gonna lay down somewheres for a few hours until he relaxes in the tank

But that's totally normal behavior

Or if you do a water change make some changes to the tank lay on their sides and pail

full of personality there a water puppy

Anyways, I kept Oscar's exclusively for a couple of years in my hobby. I'm thinking it would have even been 2 to 3 years

So it's nice to kind of have another one because I haven't had them for a while. I

Don't know. I think I think if you are gonna get an Oscar

You need to know a few things one chances are it'll be a pet fish

She'll keep it alone because maybe it won't get along with a ton of other fish that you want to keep it in to

You need a pretty big aquarium

Full disclosure on that I used to keep them in 75 gallon tanks. I think that is the perfect tank size

It's ideal for them being 4 feet long 18 inches wide and 21 inches tall. It's great. This is 120

That I typically would there's not another fish over there. That's a reflection

So yeah

You're gonna need definitely need a pretty big aquarium and these guys live for a relatively long time pushing like, you know

The average would be 12 to 15 years, but can live above and beyond that

So this is like owning a small little dog or something

So it's a massive commitment both tank size and financially you have to take care of it for a very long time

And I guess in closing on this video

I definitely want to say if you can rescue an Oscar because by far they're probably one of the most

Returned fish to a pet store go ahead and rescue it. Make sure you can actually provide for it properly

Don't get it and toss it in a small tank thinking you'll get a bigger size

Maybe you won't maybe will you watch this channel? I'll make sure you do

And a lot of the times you can get them for free as a rescue

But you might have to pay like a small

adoption fee is what I would refer to it as and they might go as high as like $40 or something along them lines, but


What do you think?

Captain Hook, let me know in the comment section below

Do we make the right choice? Was this a cool addition to the gallery? Did should we done this long ago? I like it

I don't know. Let me know

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