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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Black Lady Sketch Show: Invisible Spy (Full Sketch) | HBO

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This is of the utmost importance to national security.

Are you sure you can handle it?

Oh. Oh, I'm not-- I work in IT. I'm not a spy.

It's me. I'm the agent. I'm Trinity.

So, yeah.

Trinity is incredible. Her regular-looking face

makes her nearly invisible in the field,

but around here, she's a real legend.

Sorry to interrupt, it's Trinity's birthday.

-Can you sign her card? -I'm-- I'm sitting right here.

Oh. Well, you can sign it, too.

Just drop it by my desk when you're done, okay?

Make sure not to tell Trinity. Shh.

Just tell me about the mission.

CIA DIRECTOR: The syndicate's cover business is a record label called

We Do International Crimes Records. Pew, Pew, Pew.

Oh, it's pronounced "Prrw, Prrw, Prrw."

We'll need you to gain access to the building,

which isn't going to be easy.

Their security is tighter than Jada Pinkett's mom's abs.

-(WINCES) Tight. -Mm.

Last week, a top-level agent was at a place like that

and just walked right in. It was Agent--


No, that's not it.

We need to obtain a hard drive from Reynaldo Artiste's office.

You may know him as Larceny-O Hall.

He invented going "Skrrt" on records.

Oh, he also runs the international crime ring.

Reynaldo has a private security guard

who's so off the grid,

the CIA has not been able to ascertain anything about him.

We've given him a code name: Invisible Man.

The only thing we do know... he's deadly.


He'll never even know I was there.

Oh, I know where I know you from.

You're my son's kindergarten teacher.

You know me from meeting me a minute ago.

Here. At the CIA.





-I'm in. -♪ (MUSIC RESUMES) ♪

-♪ (MUSIC ENDS) ♪ -INVISIBLE MAN: You ain't slick.

I see you, Trinity.

The Invisible Man is a woman?

A black woman? Do we know each other?

INVISIBLE MAN: I've been watching you for a very long time.


I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Set off any of the sensors

and the room will fill with nerve gas.

You'll be dead in 30 seconds.



Good luck, sis.






Ugh, what are you supposed to be?

Like my evil twin or something?

Don't flatter yourself.

I actually have a face shape that can carry off this haircut.

Do you, though?

You know I'm gonna have to kill you now, right?

Not if I kill you first.




Wow. You're good.

Yeah, I haven't had to fight like this in years.

The last time I fought an assassin,

he saw some chick with a long weave down the block

-and he just... wandered away. -Wandered away. Yeah.

Hey. Stop fighting.

Do you like working for Reynaldo?

I mean, we grew up together, and I really care about him.

Oh, honey. No matter how good you get at this,

it's not gonna get him to notice you.

(WEAKLY) I know.

Look, I'm just here for a hard drive, okay.

Give it to me, Reynaldo goes down for this alone,

and the CIA never has to hear about you.

I'll give you a five-minute head start

to do what you do best. Disappear.

-Top left drawer. -What?

Damn. She's good.

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