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Fear not, Australia is one of the safest places in the world.

But if youre coming to USQ from a land far, far way then of course you will notice

some differences.

As such you should pay attention to the following tips designed to keep you safe in Australia and at USQ.

This will ensure you have a fair dinkum, you beaut, whale of a time.

(Thats Australian for a great time)

Number One: Use your common sense.


Number Two: When you go to the beach, be sure to swim between the red and yellow flags,

that way the lifesavers will be able to see you.

Number Three: If you see an animal youve never seen before, dont touch it.

Especially snakes, spiders or jellyfish.

Some of these animals are harmless but some are poisonous, so leave the petting for the zoo.

Number Four: They dont call us a sunburnt country for nothing.

Our sun is harsher than anywhere else in the world, so dont let it catch you out.

Protect yourself with sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Enough about the weather, our transport is a bit different over here too.

Which brings me to Number Five: Be travel smart.

Whether it be a car, taxi, bike, bus, train or hovercraft.

If you dont feel safe with the person driving, dont get in.

And Number Six: Be in control.

If you get behind the wheel, you must have an Australian Divers License and if youre

in a car, you need to wear a seatbelt and on a bike, you need to wear a helmet.

They could save your life and remember in Australia we drive on the left-hand side of

the road.

Which brings me to Number Seven: Australia has strict drug and alcohol laws.

By far the biggest one to remember is not to drink alcohol or take drugs before you


And if you fancy a drink, you must be over 18 years of age.

All drugs are illegal in Australia, so keep it legal.

And when youre out and about, look out for your mates, which is Number Eight.

Its the Aussie way.

So when youre out having fun, make sure you all keep an eye on your drinks to avoid

anyone tampering with them and make sure your friends get home safe.

Number Nine: Stay alert and aware of your surroundings, again its a common sense thing.

If youre at Uni late or anywhere for that matter, then stick to well-lit areas and if

possible walk with friends to your car.

And last but not least, Number Ten: Dont be afraid to ask for help.

Our on-campus Security Team is there to help you 24/7, and so are the police, fire brigade

and ambulance.

Remember in an emergency call 000, not 911.

000 but only in an emergency.

And if youre an international student and its not a matter of life and death, for

example if you have a leaking tap then you could call our International Student Assistance

Hotline for help too.

And thats it.

Remember, use your common sense and stay safe.

Speaking of which, jot down these contactsthey could save you.

The Description of Student Safety