Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ferta - Sadness (Official Music Video)

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I'm so lost, I do not know where I'm going.

Disoriented, what day would it be today?

I see a lot of light, I see a lot of light.

My eyes close, I only feel a cross.

Life is not made for me.

For a boss my back I do not plan to leave, for a salary I do not want to live,

I want to go up, I want to go up.

I want to live my life quietly.

They called me fat, I lost the pounds.

They call me depressive, I'm a drug addict, what I need are my tons of weedo.

To stay confused all the time, forget all the shit I have suffered.

Of course I'm addicted, honey, that's what there is,

tell me what would you do if my life had vivid.

Tranquilita, I do not think I'll grate more, basically I force you to start me

forget, a guy like me is not worth it to endure,

just follow your life, your moves, your curros, your family, leave me alone.

Better forget, better forget, I do not want to feel anything.

Better forget, better foget ...

Best step to count those moves if you really gave me a lot of good morning.

We thought that that would never end and in the end came the day of the end of the melody.

And I thought it would not hurt me, that would not affect me, that feeling is crap.

Then that beautiful lady left the story and he came back for my good marijuana.

I am always thinking about dying.

What happened to Ferta from her mc beginnings?

What happened to your life that makes you that way?

Rabid, crying, disgusted, there was never a Ferta happy

What happened that I have stopped following?

How do I no longer have criticism to receive?

I do not understand anything about what happens, if I lose home,

my mind does not fit that little by little Ferta leaves to live.

Better forget, better forget, I do not want to feel anything.

Better forget, better forget ...

Sadness invades my fucking inside.

With just a touch my heart broke.

My eyes cried, I do not want to be me the bad guy in the story, anyone created.

I did not want to leave, it was not my intention, only that my being was a little crazy.

My inner child never understood how growing up I became a heartless person

And now life tells me the stop.

I lightning a thousand times, who bothered, if I cry to 'the day with melancholy

and who would say it, she forgot.

Everything was lost, or easily all the memories to the shit

I send and yes it hurt, fuck ...

And yes it hurt.

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