Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chicago’s Best Polish Sausage: Big Frank’s Sausage

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Chicago rand is known for having some of the best polish food in the world

according to Gino on our apps the best sausage south of the city and that big

Frank sausage in East Chicago Indiana hooray for a post baby I am alright Stan

we're here in East Chicago Indiana this is all about the south Bert why should

people from Chicago make the trip here quarter-mile West the south shore

station right here in beautiful Roxanna East Chicago all right now you started

the plane yes but you didn't call it big fan it's all the big banks right because

my brother has a recipe for the press office

do you have the recipe yeah he takes the credit but I do all the work

everybody knows Sam he's the man he just makes it a warm comfortable family type

of feeling he's ready to meet you know who we are

he's here old people making decisions I pass over the half done but if I can get

a good polish that is my go-to I don't know a lot about it I love garlic yeah

and I need to be grinding some sausage I got a packet do all that no not right

here we do it before you know we open the restaurant so I'm going to take it

easy on you today you're not going to get me out no no I'm not going to give

you everything I'll teach you how to grill it up hot a great idea that's all

I want to do that perfect to me one speaker stand is willing to give away so

these obviously have been in the oven of precooked yep bake your sausage before

you grill it get it up to like 140 degrees and then you want to finish it

160 165 we're going to throw it on the grill and when you let it cook for a few

minutes the main thing is we want to get the casing burnt a little bit because

otherwise it's too chewy so the hell are you do it you want have

a crack right you always got to probe your meat here got to get up to 160 and

we're done top with grilled onion homemade sauerkraut and of course

mustard I love and I'm about to drill and that's the perfect polish right here

look at that I obviously don't want to share

why don't you grow up one more and then we'll go eat all right sounds good

meet you right up front the Polish sausage is very good I don't know it's

different it's quite flavorful and offensive it's the real deal because

it's fresh and homemade you don't get a lot of the commercial fillers and fats

and grease you know it's not the mass-produced stuff yes it's just like

mom you ready to eat yes I'm looking for bullets I am happy feel Brooklyn do it

much Nagle huh what's that means Bon Appetit in Polish Matchmaker Montenegro

barcode object Jordan mmm-hmm Wow I have not had Lois

like this before so much flavor I'm even just tell it's really crappy as

we also say in Polish bar go meet my crew yeah I mean it appeals to me or

taste very well to me imagine it Takuya you serious that is a good polish Wow I

definitely will come backward and it's definitely worth traveling to Salford

with it okay how do we say thank you and goodbye

and hope Jane Kuya thank Leah Adobe Denia Adobe pinyin most didn't do bad

enough 44 yesterday's Brett

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