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Sophie Preston, we wanted to find out,

really, who this mute beauty was.

(laughing) So, we did some checking,

'cause you looked at documents,

as anyone should, you're quite right to do that,

and you said, you did look at her passport

and we did the same thing.

Now, what we have here,

this is a passport that is real.

This is, we know this one for sure

and I'm not sayin' this one isn't,

I'm just sayin' we know this one for sure,

because he works with us here

and I've known him for 20 years,

so I know this person's for real

and so I know this is a legitimate passport.

And so I put it up here

so we an compare between the two.

Now, one of the things that bothered me here

is that there are two different names

on this passport.

Now, we had to block this out up here

'cause we don't want to actually show the name

but this name starts with a j up here,

where they signed the passport,

but the name on the passport down here,

that has been typed in, is Sophie Preston.

But the person that signed this passport

is not Sophie Preston, it's up here

and it's a name that starts with a j.

Then I looked at the picture

and we've blurred the picture out

because, I'll get to that in a minute,

but you notice the picture is on top

of the United States Seal.

In the actual passport,

the seal is on top of the picture.

And the reason that's a significant finding

is because it tells you that this picture

has been pasted on top of an existing passport

because it's covering up the seal,

whereas the seal encroaches on the picture

in a real passport.

Can I comment on this,

I just have something to say.

Yes. The passport you have,

I know that that's fraudulent.

But, in the research that was done

in sending documents to your people,

I was sending a lot of stuff.

So anything I found in my internet,

on my computer, I was sending that out.

I know that one's fraudulent.

There was a another one I'm not sure I ever found

in the speed of things, I sent that one out,

I know that one's fraudulent.

I found that out myself.

And I know why it's fraudulent.

Tell me.

She's had two attorneys, okay?

The first one. (laughing)

Her first attorney wanted to get me convinced

to move this along

because he had money issues himself.

When I confronted her and this guy,

basically, she said, "I've never seen that before."

So I said, "Okay," which she's probably lying to me

but I said, "Let's find out."

When I confronted him with it,

he basically said he made it up and it was fraudulent.

So I did know that was fraudulent already.

Another one was sent to me though

that I don't think is fraudulent

and so unfortunately, I didn't get that one to you.

Oh, you just forgot to give us that one?

No, I didn't find it.

I, look-- Come on.

Look, we're talking about in a few days

putting hundreds of things together

on my computer. Okay.

Look, I can't help you

if you just keep shootin' yourself in the foot.

Don't tell me about a document

you have that you didn't send me.

I didn't find it, I found that one,

I forgot I had two.

Yeah, well remember it next time, okay?

(laughing) This is fraudulent.

You see, this is clearly fraudulent.

The lines down here are red,

the real ones-- Extremely fraudulent.

Real ones are black. I recognize it myself.

The name's in a different font, you get it.

I recognized it within five minutes.

Okay, let's move on to something

that you did send us on purpose, okay?

Well, I sent that to you on purpose too

but I didn't look at it closely when I did it.

All right, this is-- That's clearly fraudulent.

This is her driver's license.

Yeah, that's what he said too.

Okay, you know this is fraudulent too?


Okay, so she sent, you have this fraudulent passport

and a fraudulent driver's license?

She didn't send it to me,

actually, this attorney did.

Show me a document that's not fraudulent.

Well I don't have it on me. (laughing)

You understand that your assistants

were asking for information

at a rapid fire rate over a lot of people

in a very short period of time?

Yeah, because they can care a lot

about what happens to you.

Yes, and I was not prepared

at that moment to do it,

I had to do it very quickly

and while I was doing it more requests came in.

I was doing that as fast as I could,

so if mistakes were made, yeah, they were made.

Yeah, you were busy being belligerent

is the reason you were having trouble

getting all your documents together.

Is that a fact? Yes that is a fact.


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