Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Texting and Parenting

Difficulty: 0

MOLLY: Guys, I need to talk to you about something.

LAUREL: Is this because of the blueberry muffins I made?

Fine. I bought them.

MEGAN: Is it Anthony's art?

I drew it.

LAUREL: I knew it.

MOLLY: What?

No. It's about our text messages.


MOLLY: Now i took the liberty of printing out our most recent text conversation.


MOLLY: Why don't you take a look?

LAUREL: Fancy pants.

MOLLY: And see if you can tell what it is that I want to address.

MEGAN: Okay.

MOLLY: Hi guys, I've got Valerie so I'm in a rush but do you won't to have a play date today at three?

MEGAN: With Anthony so in rush but yes, which pork?

LAUREL: Trying to have break list with Tomothy, we're out.

MOLLY: Megan, what do you mean by which pork?

LAUREL: Sorry, I mean we are out.

MEGAN: Why are we talking about pork?


MOLLY: You said pork.

LAUREL: I said out.

But I mean in. Suzy Day.

MOLLY: Who is Suzy?

MEGAN: What time again?

LAUREL: I don't know Suzy, is she coming?

MOLLY: You said Suzy Day.

MEGAN: Suzy Atkins?

MOLLY: Who that?

LAUREL: Confused.

What time?

MOLLY: Three.

MEGAN: Which pork?

LAUREL: Are we taking food?


LAUREL: Where?

MEGAN: I called Suzy Atkins, she is no go.

LAUREL: Who that?

MOLLY: Three at park from two weeks ago.

LAUREL: Confused. Aljdalkfjd;lk.

MEGAN: Laurel, what?


LAUREL: Tomothy took me phone.

MOLLY: And that's where they end.

We all ended up at different parks at different times.

LAUREL: And I brought a pork tenderloin.

MOLLY: This is what happens when you're texting and parenting.

LAUREL: You're right.

I mean I remember when we were doing this, I was trying to make food for Tomothy,

talk to Tomothy and text you guys, and obviously it didn't work.

It doesn't make any sense.


MOLLY: Well, i'm glad you admit that because I have another one of your texts.

I'm hoping you could read that and translate it for us.


MOLLY: Hi guys, I Nancy bread over house started and then feet.

Ha ha.

MEGAN: What does that even mean?

LAUREL: You know what?

I don't know but it probably was pretty funny.

MEGAN: Ha ha.

MOLLY: And Megan, I have one from you from the other day.

MEGAN: What?

MOLLY: Maybe you could explain that one to us.

MEGAN: Okay.

Anthony western don't rug believe mostly.

I don't know.

I mean no idea, but I must have been angry about something.

Look at those exclamation points.

LAUREL: Yeah, I just assumed you were raging about some issue.

MOLLY: Yeah, you use those a lot.

MEGAN: Yeah, I do have a lot of rage.

MOLLY: Now I'm of course not immune from this.

I'll read one from me as well.

Don't forget cowpoke.

LAUREL: I remember getting that and I just assumed you and Valerie were on a farm.

MOLLY: I wish.

Listen, guys, we have got to stop texting while parenting.

MEGAN: You're right.

We clearly can't do it.

I mean I thought I could but I'm reading this and they don't make any sense.


I thought I could pull it off but I can't.


No one can.

So let's agree we only text each other when we actually have the time.

MEGAN: Sounds "g-rood."

MOLLY: Megan, what are you doing?

MEGAN: Oh, I'm sorry I'm texting.

LAUREL: Well, you just said sounds g-rood.


And I just typed it and sent it too.


LAUREL: I just got something.

Sounds "g-rood."

MEGAN: Should we print it out?

MEGAN: Anthony, can you say The BreakWomb?


The Description of Texting and Parenting