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Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping!

What do you guys think of our studio?

This is a new studio, this is the first time

that we're shooting here.

I'm so excited!

Let us know, if you want a video

about the film gear that we use.

Please let us know, if you're into photography, or videos,

if you'd be interested in having such a video.

Comment below!

What are we gonna do today?

I'm really excited, because we're gonna have

a beginner's tank setup,

by two really nice guys, from Dennerle.

One of them is Volker Jochum,

famous aquascaper from Germany.

The other one is a good friend of mine, Alex Veres,

he's also a representative of Dennerle.

So let's jump out in front of Green Aqua

and see if the guys are already here, or not!

But not before I had a green tea, at Green Aqua.

This is how I start the day.

Guys I'm sorry, I don't drink coffee,

but I drink green tea and I love it!

Very crazy and very good!

[Balazs] Do you have a favorite tank in the gallery?

Yeah, these two, over there.

[Balazs] The big decision: Which tank he likes better?

Viktor's tank and Tomy's tank, or Filipe's tank.

My favorite is this one.

[Balazs] Okay, Filipe is the winner!

Good job, Filipe, good job!

Did you switch off your mobile phone?

I put it on the vibration.

[ laughter ]

So what did you say about the "Welcome to the beautiful world"?

Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping!

Yeah, but you wanna make a song of it, right?

I'll make a song!

[ laughter ]

- I press record and then... - Doi zece, doi zece

Why do you say "doi zece" all the time?

Don't speak Romanian in the studio please!

Do you guys know that I speak Romanian?

No, you don't!

Should we talk in Romanian Alex?

Let's talk, let's talk!

This is the Green Aqua beer-garden now.

You make a German intro for the German people on YouTube?

Hello leute I'm Balazs Farkas aus Ungarn

und wir sind nah Green Aqua jetzt.

Wir haben Alex Veres von Dennerle und Volker Jochum!

Hey Leute, wenn das seht, dann gibt einen Like und folgt Green Aqua!

Jag kan också prata på Svenska!

So om du tittar från Sverige...

This is a present from Dennerle.

The very aquatic revolution.

So we're making a revolution here!

So yeah-yeah. We're wrecking the place.

Please don't do it, I just built it!

So Instagram-time!

[ Balazs ] Should I do gang-signs?

[ Alex ] Yeah.

[ Balazs ] Are you sure?

[ Volker ] Yeah.

What? What did you do?



Should I just keep drinking this tea,

or should we start working?

We have around 600 products.

Then of course, everybody knows,

at the same time, we have plants and products,

that makes us a unique company.

If you ask me, I definitely prefer a scaper's tank.

Because the scaper's tank, as it's name says,

It's very good, because it has ideal dimensions for a scape.

Well, I really like the fact that it has rounded edges!

Who's the man now?

He's the strong guy at Dennerle.


Not the right side...

Okay, alright!

[Balazs] This is what I did with the ADA tank!

[Balazs] I scaped it completely, with the logo on the back!

Today we make, I make a very natural layout

with stones and wood.

For this one, we take an Anubias Pangolino.

The most important plant for my layout is Hygrohila Pinnatifida.

This is a plant, that I have in all my layouts.

Fissidens Geppi and Riccardia are also nice mosses.

Pick this, pick this! I like this!

Eleocharis Pussila.

For the background, we take Ludwigia Arcuata.

Now we go over there and look for potted plants.

Rotala Special Green is also a plant for the background,

It's very good!

The other one is also a beautiful plant,

the Bucephalandra Brownie.

Now I have 10 plants in the pot.

Then 15 tissue culture plants and 6 pots of moss.

Hey, what did you do with my cube?

Where did you put it?

[Balazs] Actually, when we make one,

a customer comes in and they take them immediately.

Small aquascaping-set with tweezers, with a flattener and scissors.

We have a new one, the Style LED L filtration system.

This is a biological filter media.

[Balazs] So we're gonna use that in the filter?


This is a pad, this is also integrated into this set.

[Balazs] You always need to have some pad below the aquarium,

to compensate for the uneven surface.

We made this especially for the scaper's tank.

We only have black color.

This is a special foil, that you can take on and off.

There will be no residue.

This is very perfect.

Now show me your perfecion!

[Balazs] What kind of towel you have?

Yeah this is a special towel.

[Balazs] Why is it special?

This is a Dennerle towel!

Now, we can start the scaping!

[Balazs] This is Iron wood.

We're selecting the smaller pieces of Iron wood from us.

The name is Rio Xingu.

This gravel looks very natural

and it matches the stones,

that we picked up before.

It's very beautiful!

This is our Scaper's soil.

Substrate and gravel, in one.

This product is FP1.

These are substrate starter bacteria.

This product is for the water.

These are also starter bacteria.

In bottle 1, we have the bacteria.

In bottle 2, we have the nutrients for the bacteria.

We have our starter CO2 system, the Primus 160.

[Balazs] And also, what is that "B" letter there?

What are we gonna use that for?

With this, you can hold the CO2 system.

[Balazs] Okay.

Starter substrate.

[Balazs] Okay.

I always put it directly on the glass.

"E-aaah, e-aaah, e-aaah". Oh, this is bad for my ears.

Alright so what we're gonna do now is that

we're gonna introduce the soil.

We're gonna introduce the soil towards the back, first.

Next step is putting the stones into the tank.

When I make aquariums, or when I build tanks,

then I put stones in the front at all times.

In the back, I always put smaller stones.

Why do I do this?

As the end result, the tank will look deeper.

I started to put the roots in.

Here on this side, we have a hole.

When you have such small pieces of stones,

they are perfect to be put to the sides,

to fill in the hole.

Don't forget that you have an inegrated filtration system,

that you must leave a little more space for.

Now our hardscape is finished.

We'll put the light on.

Alright, so we switched on the light and we need to glue now.



Before we start planting, we must clean the plants.

Before we start planting, we make everything wet!

I really like what he's doing, because what we usually do,

is getting some foil.

And we put that foil on the top of the plants.

But this one is really ingenious!

We have a nice help,

with the help of Pati (Patricia).

She's also helping us in making the videos.

[Volker] Now you can see, why it is important,

that you're planting with tweezers.

When you take this with your fingers,

it is not possible.

You can put it in with the tweezers,

push it in deeper and finished.

And now you put a little bit of gel here.

Don't put this plant in gravel or in soil,

put this plant on stones only,

or on roots.

[Balazs] These are all epiphyte plants.

The word "epiphyte" actually means plant living

on another plant, or on a tree or somehting.

[Balazs] I really like the way that this turns out.

You have a nice and patchy style!

[Balazs] You are actively involved

in all kinds of development projects as well,

so you have a lot of knowledge

about what kind of products are coming out.

It's a secret! I cannot tell what's coming!

We put our PlantaHunter gravel in the tank.

We washed the pebbles.

Now we can put it in.

It's best if you put it directly on the front, on the glass.

[Balazs] Don't destroy the glass!

It's Dennerle's German quality!

You'd better use one more LED.

If you give your tank a stronger light,

then the plants will grow more compact and better.

And this is the system for injecting CO2 into the tank.

[Balazs] He's just lost the check valve.

He just tumbled over and he's ducking in the corner

and he's looking for the check valve.

I found it!


[Balazs] The direction of the flow of the gas is

indicated on the check valve.

Aleeeex! [phone buzzing]


Aleeex! [phone buzzing]

So they're just talking to the CEO of the company

and he's calling them on Sunday.

You guys never stop, right?


Thank you so much for being here!

Thank you so much for putting together

this beautiful aquarium, Volker!

So as Alex told you in the beginning,

this is a Dennerle full set.

Which means that all of the products that we used here,

are Dennerle pruducts.

Guys, just let us know what you think about the aquarium!

Whether you like it, or not.

Can you take critics?

Yeah of course! Please!

So comment below, let us know what you think!

This was it for this week!

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For sure!

Alright guys, until next week! Bye!


Aquatic revolution.


Don't do this too much please!

This is a different thing!