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(heart beating)

- Mama, Mom.

(heart beating)

- [Mary] Sammy, where are you?


- [Sam] I'm right here.

- [Mary] Come here.

(heart beating)

- [Madison] Sammy.


- [Sam] Open the door.

- Sammy.

There you are.

Come on Sammy we have to go.

- Go?

- Yes go.

- Madison, Sammy.

- I found him Mom.

- Both of you out in the car, hurry.

- [Husband] You won't last one week--

- Hurry up.

I'll be right there.

- Mom.

- Madison it'll be alright.

Take care of your brother.

- Come on Sammy let's go.

- Where are we going?

- [Husband] Where is that other bottle?

(glass breaking)

- Away.

- [Husband] Don't tell me I don't need another bottle.

Now I am a grown man.

- Come on Sammy.

Don't be afraid I'll help you.

Sammy what are you doing?

Sammy listen to me.

- I drink two bottles thank you very much.

You'd probably drink one on your own too.

You know if you would just like

share with me once in awhile it wouldn't be that bad.

(heart beating)

Hey, where are you going?

Who said you could take my car?

(glass breaking)

- Kids?

- Right here Mom.

- Buckle up.

- Mom he's coming.

(engine cranks)

(body thuds) (tires squeal)

Mom I think you hit him.

- Is he dead?

- No just stunned.

- Well that worked out nicely.

Are you guys okay?

- We're okay Mom right Sammy?

- I'm fine.

I got my shoes Mom.

- Really Sammy?

You're shoes?

You're fine 'cause you have those stinky old shoes?

- I got my shoes.

- Don't listen to her Samuel.

I'm glad too.

I'm glad you have your shoes.

(heart beating)

(birds singing)

(upbeat music)

(loud thumping)

- Madison what is wrong with you?

- I'm sorry Roy.

Are you alright?

- Put it in park.

- Oh right, sorry.

- Do you even have a license to drive this thing?

- Of course I do it's just that driving

deficiencies sort of run in the family.

- No doubt.

- I'm really late.

- Not as late as I could have been.

- Late for what?

The late Roy, I get it funny.


(camera clicking)

- No stop that.

- Oh come on Roy.

You know you're one of my favorite subjects.

Besides you love having your picture taken.

- I do not.

And another thing Madison, is that your doing?

- Have I told you how nice your mums look?

- Yes, the last time you tried to change the subject.

- I'll pick up a new trash can.

- Whoa.

- Don't worry I've got this.

- And don't forget the rent.

- You have a good day too Roy.

- Artists.

(acoustic guitar music)

- The photography of local artist Madison Gray.

Now if I could only finish the photos.

- What was that?

- [Madison] Did I say that out loud?

- Loud and clear.

- Morning boss.

- Boss?

Well as your boss and the name that is on the gallery--

- The Palmer Gallery, the best in the Midwest.

- It is my job to make sure our artisans

are making their deadlines.

- You do a fantastic job of that Joan.

- Well?

- What?

- Come with me, come on.

(acoustic guitar music)

Madison do you see this wall?

- Every day.

- Good let that be a reminder to you that

unless I can fill 16 feet of wall space

with paint and call it photography

I'm gonna need you to fill it with pictures.

- I will I promise.

I'm almost finished I'm just tweaking.

- Tweak faster.

- Joan I wanted to thank you for

this opportunity you're giving me.

Ever since I started to work here

I've dreamed of having my own show.

- If I wouldn't have given it to you my competitors would have.

Madison you're very talented.

One of the best I've seen in a very long time.

Well since me.

But seriously.

Sometimes you just need to mat it and frame it.

- I just want it to be perfect.

- Perfection

can be petrifying.

Come on let's get to work.

- [Madison] Thank you.

- Ooh Madison I made some coffee, want some?

- Do you even have to ask?

- Coming right up.

(acoustic guitar music)

- 16 feet.

(phone ringing)

Saved by the bell.


Yes this is Madison Gray.




(acoustic guitar music)

- The best part of waking up.

Madison what is it?

(acoustic guitar music)

(Madison crying)

- Jesus said I am the resurrection and I am the life.

Those who believe in me even though they die

yet they will live.

And those who live and believe in me will never die.

Let us live our lives with the certain hope

of being reunited with our sister Mary

and all believers at the end of time.

And may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit

be with you now and always, amen.

(acoustic piano music)

I'm very sorry Sam.

- It's time to go Sam.

- In a minute okay.

(acoustic piano music)

- Madison again I am so sorry.

- Thank you Pastor James.

- It was so sudden.

Is there any word on how Mary died?

- It appears to be a heart attack.

(acoustic piano music)

Sam found her when he came home

after his job at the grocery store.

I just don't know why God would let this happen to us.

- God's reasons are not always clear in the present.

- And everything works for the good of God's plan.

I've heard the sermon before Pastor.

But what good could come from this?

- Well I pray that you and Sam find peace.

- Yeah.

Me too.

- Really Madison?

Are you praying?

- What does it matter?

- We'll miss Sam around here.

Our church has a sister congregation in Fort Barber.

Here's the contact information.

- Thanks.

I better go get Sam.

Sammy, it's time to go.

- Time to go.

(heart beating)

- God be with you Sam.

- Pastor James my mom is dead.

- I know Sam.

- These are my moms shoes.

- [Pastor] They are very fine shoes Sammy.

- Mom is

in the big shoe box.

- Well yes Sam she is.

Her body is but her soul is in Heaven.

(heart beating)

- Bye Pastor.

- Goodbye Sam.


Sam doesn't like change.

- No kidding.

- Consistency is important to him.

- Yeah well looks like God took care of

there being any consistancy in our lives didn't he?

(heart beating)

- Let me out.

Let me out.

Let me out.

- Sam what's wrong?

- I can't open the door.

- Here.

Simple things within my reach

- Where are we?

- We're at my, we're at our apartment.

Come on I'll show you.

Stretched beyond what I believe

The edge of the story

All my mind all my strength

I long to hold you close

- Well here we are.

- I see you're still messy.

- I see you're still honest.

I gotta get out of these clothes.

I'll be right back.

Oh here.

Make yourself at home.

Running in a field of green under the blue skies

With open arms and trusting hearts

We danced beneath the sun

What joy to walk with you when we were young

- Home?

And oh how I loved you

And oh the moments we have shared

- Love stinks.

And oh how I prayed for you

That the good Lord would bring you where we're safely home

- Hey another on time arrival.

You ready for another day at the grocery store Sam?

- Ready Mom.

- Good now remember let your light shine.

- So that they may knoweth the hope that we have, I will.

- Good I'll see you later.

Bye Sam.

(calm music)

Up and down this winding road

We'll see where life takes us

You're older now and the pen is yours

You write on new pages

The story now becomes your own

New chapters without end

Will you come to own this gift that you been given

- Don't even think about it.

- I wasn't.

- Yes you were.

- No I wasn't.

- Sam don't.

Don't touch my camera.

Gonna have trouble enough getting my photos done in time.

- In time for what?

- The gallery show.

- Well let me help you.

- Sam no, Sam, Sam!

- Now look what you did.

- What I did?

Sam just get away from the camera.

Just go, just sit.

- How is it?

- It's fine.

- You're lying.

- I think I'm making it worse.

- I know how you feel.

I do that a lot.

- You know what?

Don't worry about it.

I have other lenses.

What in the world?

(door creeks shut)

You can have the spare bedroom.

- Fine.

Hope you don't mind sleeping on a pull out sofa.

Just 'til we get your bed here.

- I don't mind.

- So what do you want to do?

We could watch a movie.

- Your movies stink.

- What are we a film critic now?

Alright, we could play some cards, go fish?

- I'm hungry.

- Hungry, I guess it is past dinner time isn't it?

Okay well let's see what we got.

We got some carrots, no.

Tomato soup.

I'll tell you what.

How 'bout we go pick up a pizza and grab a movie?

You could pick out any movie that you like.

What is the matter with that door?

Sam what are you doing?

- Open.

- [Madison] What?

- The door it needs to be open.

- No, there's no reason for it to be open.

- Open the door.

- No.


(muffled voices)



(muffled voices)

Stop it.

- Open the door!

- Sam no.

- What is going on up here?

- Okay it can stay closed.

- Hi Roy.

Did we disturb you?

- Disturb me?

You could have woken the dead.


I am very sorry to hear about your mother Madison.

It's awful just awful.

- Thanks.

This is my brother Sam.

Sam this is Roy my landlord.

- Well hello Sam.

- Nine.

- What?

- [Sam] Nine.

- Nine?

What is he German?

- No it's your shoes.

- [Roy] What about my shoes?

- They're a size nine.

- What's that to him?

- Shoes are kind of his thing.

- Why?

- I have no idea.

We'll be more quiet, right Sam.

- See that you do.

- Goodnight Roy.

- Goodnight.

Why me, why is it always me.

Oh how I've loved you

And oh the moments we have shared

And oh how I pray for you

The good Lord will see you where we're safely

And the good Lord will see you where we're safely

That the good Lord will bring you where we're safely home

(alarm ringing)

- Good morning.

- Sam, what are you doing in here?

- It's time to get up.

- It's 7:00 a.m.

Did you mess with my phone?

- You've had the same password since you were 13.

Come on we're gonna be late.

- It's Sunday, what are we late for?

- Church.

- Church?

- The service is at eight.

I'll let you get ready.

(church bells ringing)

Come on we're gonna be late.

- I'm coming, I'm coming.

- [Phil] Good morning.

- Thank you.

- Here let me take your backpack.

- What?

- Sam it's okay.

- I'll take good care of it okay?

- Come on Sam.

- This doesn't look like my church.

- A church is a church, come on.

Excuse us.

(calm music)


I'm so sorry.

Sam why didn't you follow me?

- She smelled funny.

- Sam that's not polite.

- Like stinky flowers.

- It's perfume.

- It's giving me a headache.

- Okay fine.

(music stops)

- I'm Sam.

- Hey I'm--

- No turn around, pay attention.

- Good morning everyone and welcome to our service.

- Thank you pastor.

- We begin our worship in the name of

the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

- Amen.

- Amen.

Let us join together in singing our first hymn.

Number 334.

(organ music)

- Sam.


- Why are they closing the doors?

- Sam it's okay.

- What's going on back there?

- Open the door.

- Sam sit down.

Sam look at me Sam.

(organ music)

- I have to go to the bathroom.

(organ music)

Praise our Father Lord that we

(breathing heavily)

- Sam.

You alright?

- I'm hungry.

- Okay.

We don't belong here, let's go.

(acoustic piano music)

- Another glass?

- Yes please.

Actually you can just leave the bottle, thank you.

- This brunch is great, thanks Madison.

- Sure.

So, what did you think of church?

- Not like home.

- What do you mean?

- Different.

- Church is church Sam how is it different?

- Worship at the cross.

- I don't understand.

- Worship at the cross.

Pastor James had a service.

- We were just at a service or almost at a service.

- No a service for me and my friends.

- A service for you and your friends?

Oh a service for--

- Yeah a service for slow people.

- Sam that's not what I was going to say.

- That's what you were thinking.

That's what everybody's thinking.

- Sam.

- It's like wearing your insides on your outside.

When people look at me they don't see me

they see my problems and they don't look me in the eye

because then they might have to admit I'm an actual person.

Sometimes I think what I've got is catchy like the flu

and if they get too close to me

they might wake up with what I've got.

Then the short bus will come for them too.

I miss home.

- I know you do.

But this is our home now.

Trying to make it work for us.

- Why do you drink?

- Everybody drinks.

- Why do you drink alcohol?

- It's just a little bubbly with brunch.

- It's your third glass.

- What is this?

I'm a big girl Sam I can take care of myself.

- Can you?

- Yes I can.

- Good morning Madison.

- Joan how are you?

- The question is how are you?

- We're adjusting.

Oh this is my brother Sam.

Sam this is Joan my boss at the art gallery.

- Hi Sam.

- I like your shoes.

- Thanks.

- You're welcome.

- Well you passed inspection.

- Good.

That is good right?

Madison I've been thinking.

With everything going on in your life

I think maybe we should cancel the gallery show.

- Cancel the show?

- Postpone it just until things level out a little.

- I'm almost finished.

- Really there's no need to postpone.

- I just think you need time to regroup

and get used to your new situation.

- But I'm planning on coming in tomorrow.

You can see my progress.

- What about Sam?

- Sam's great on his own.

He does it all the time.

There's plenty for him to do at the apartment.

Right Sam?

- No.

- He means no problem.

- Well I'll hold off for now.

Let's see what you have and then I'll decide.

- Thanks Joan.

- But it can wait Madison.

- No.

It can't.

- It was very nice to meet you Sam.

- Bye.


(acoustic piano music)

- I'll be right back.

(acoustic piano music)


- Some people wear their problems on the outside

for everyone to see, some keep them hidden.

- Really?

And who would that be?

- You.

- Well Doctor Sam I'm fine.

Just leave me alone.

- I can't.

- How 'bout this one Sammy?

- Yeah she likes yellow.

- Just who are we picking these for anyway?

- Madison.

- Your sister, how sweet of you.

- Maybe she'll like me again.

- Sammy Madison loves you.

- But she doesn't like me.

- What do you mean?

- She's never home anymore unless you make her.

- Being 11, a girl in middle school isn't easy.

- Neither is being nine, a boy, and being stupid.

- Sammy you are not stupid.

- Madison says.

- When did she say that?

- Yesterday on the phone.

She was talking to one of her friends.

She said she couldn't go to the movies

because she has to baby sit her stupid brother.

- Sammy sometimes people say things without thinking.

She didn't mean that.

Besides you watch someday Madison

is gonna see just how smart you are.

- But I'm not.

- Yes you are very smart.

- I know I'm smart but I'm not a baby.

- You will always be my baby.

- So which one should we pick next Sam?

- Sam.

It is Sam?

- What?

- Your name, isn't it Sam?

- Yes, Sam.

- Oh good.

Thought I was gonna have to address you by your shoe size.

Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna help?

- I don't know what to do.

- Of course you don't.

That's the trouble with kids today.

They don't how to do anything but book their face and twit.

Get over here, come here.

Come on.

Now put these on.

They'll keep the manure off your hands.

- Manure?

- You know animal dung.


Oh don't give me that look.

It's perfectly natural.

Look the plants need nutrients in order to grow.

And plants get nutrients from what animals eat

and that eventually turns into manure.

And without it plants don't grow

and you my friend don't eat.

Where did you think produce comes from?

- The grocery store.

- The grocery store what a.

What do they teach you in school?

- I worked there.

- Where?

- The grocery store back home.

- Oh yeah, I see.

Well now you know where the groceries

that you bagged came from.

- From poop?

- Yeah and they also need water so get to work.

(bell ringing)

- So Sam how's your ice cream?

- It's good, thanks Roy.

- It's well deserved.

We had a very good morning in the garden.

- Sorry about cutting the zucchini vine.

- You had to bring that up right?

Don't worry about it.

It could have been a weed it's an honest mistake.

- I make a lot of mistakes.

- Sam who doesn't?

The key is to learn from them and then move on.

- Everyone's so much


- Oh Sam is that what you believe?


Oh no no.

You like to watch thunderstorms right?

- I guess.

- Now when a thunderstorm is rolling in

first you see a flash of lightening.

And then a few seconds later you hear the boom right?

- Right.

- Well that's because light moves faster than sound.

You see it before you hear it.

And the way I look at it the same thing

could be said about some people.

I mean some people may appear bright.

Until they open their mouths, boom.

Then you know the truth.

Your cone's dripping.

- Come on pick up.


Sam where are you?

Just give me a call back now.


- Still no answer?

- No and I said I would call.

- Why don't you just go home?

- No no I'm fine.

He can take care of himself.

I've got to get these done.

What do you think of this one?

No this way.

- It's nice.

- Nice?

It's not finished yet.

- Frankly it's missing something.

- Missing?

What's it missing?

- I think you not knowing what's missing is the problem.

- Joan I don't have time for your riddles.

- Madison ever since I've met you

what's impressed me about your work

is that when I look at it I see you,

your feelings, your heart.

It's missing you.

(doorbell rings)

I'll get it.

- Heart?


Want to see me?

You know want to know what I'm thinking?

I'll show you.

You want to see my heart?

There, finished.

- Madison you have a visitor.

- I can come back another time.

- No it's okay, come in.

- Call if you need me.

- It's nice to see you again.

- I'm sorry do I know you?

- Oh yeah, I'm Pastor Jason Bridges from church.

- Oh right.

Sorry I didn't recognize you without the...

- You mean without the uniform.

- Something like that.


- Hi.

- Oh sorry.

Let's have a seat.

- Oh thank you.

This has a dadaist quality to it.

You know a little bit of futurism

with the destruction there.

- What did you need Pastor?

- Oh I'm sorry.

I just wanted to follow up on

your visit to our church on Sunday.

- Oh right.

Look I'm sorry that my brother disrupted service

but please know that it won't happen again.

- No, no actually I want to apologize

that we didn't make the service easier for you and Sam.

I didn't realize that he's--

- He's what?

Is he a special needs person?

- No, no.

That he's a person with special needs.

Pastor James filled me in on

all that's happened to your family.

I'm so sorry about your mother.

- Isn't it a sin to gossip?

- Look he, I, both of us just want to be able to help.

- That's nice but we're okay.

Everything is good.

- I see.

I hope you'll consider coming back to worship with us again.

- I don't think that's a good idea.

At least not right now.

- Well it's an open invitation.

- Pastor.

Don't read too much into the evidence

left by moments of frustration.

- I won't.

And I hope you won't read too much

into the failed attempt of a congregation to well

welcome someone the way Jesus would have welcomed them.

Well thanks for your time Madison.

Have a blessed day.

(sighs deeply)

(police radio chattering)

- So here's a list of everything they took.

They took my laptop.

They cleared out our coolers.

They took all of our cash.

- It's the same M.O. that we had

with Don's hardware store last week.

- Fort Barber just isn't what it used to be.

- Brittany Wells, Channel Seven News.

- Oh hey Roy?

- May I ask you a few questions?

- Oh hi Bill what's going on?

- Looks like another gang related burglary.

- Again?

- Yeah it's the fifth one in the last month.

- Any ideas who?

- No but I got to tell you.

The chief is getting a whole lot

of anxious about this going on.

- Yeah I bet.

- Excuse me son.

You need to be on this side of the tape.

- Sam come away from there.

- Pro Wind sport shoe.

- Excuse me?

- This shoe print it's a Pro Wind

sport shoe men's size eight and a half.

- Really?

- And this one is a Dash high top men's size 11

with a slash or a cut running across the

sole from the big toe down the center.

Like those shoes.

- Let's get out of here.

- You two stop.

Grady those are suspects.

711 my partner's in foot pursuit.

- [Radio] What's that cut through?

- [Bill] Yeah I'm running over there now.

(siren blares) (Sam grunting)

- Excuse me, Brittany Wells with channel seven news.

May I ask you a few questions?

- I'm Sam.

Nice shoes.

- Thanks.

So Sam how do you feel about solving the crime spree?

- I'm hungry.

- There's your scoop.

Alright good.

Hamburger number two for our growing young man.

Here you go Sam.

You know it's been a long time since I've seen

this apartment look this clean and neat.

- I doubt Madison will notice either way.

- Yeah probably not.

So how was that first burger?

Was it to your liking?

- Perfect.

- Good 'cause I made the second one exactly the same.

So tell me Sam what is it with your interest in shoes?

- Shoes don't lie.

- What do you mean by that?

- Boots, flip flops, deck shoes, loafers,

pumps, sandals, sneakers, wing tips,

steel toe, no toe, polished or unpolished shoes,

loose laces, no laces, Velcro,

they all tell me what a person's like.

- Really?

- I can tell where a person's been.

Sometimes where they're going,

how old they are and what they do for a living.

- What do my shoes tell you about me?

- You step in poop a lot.


- Well that's an understatement.

- What do you do for a job?

- Job, oh no I'm retired.

I did work for the federal government.

- Were you a politician?

- Absolutely not.

- Were you a spy?

- No no nothing like, well there was that...

No no I worked for the United States Postal Service.

- What?

- The Postal Service.

- You were a mail carrier.

- Well not just a mail carrier Sam.

I have you know I was the Postmaster

right here in Fort Barber for 32 years.

- Cool I guess.

- Cool you guess?

Your right, postal service is not what it used to be.

You're too young to know but

the postal service used to be glamorous.

- You're kidding.

- No no really.

Used to be in the old days people would wait

for the mail carrier to come to their house.

I mean when they saw the mail carrier on their street

their heart would race, their pulse would speed up.

- Why?

- Why?

You never knew what they might

be delivering to your mailbox.

I mean it could be a hand written letter

from a friend or relative you haven't seen for years.

You know people used to write letters.


Maybe it's a postcard from someone

visiting an exotic or far away place.

Maybe it's a Christmas catalog from your favorite store.

Or even a note from someone expressing their undying love.

Now nobody mails anything of importance anymore.

Just bills, and junk mail and more bills.

People are too busy texting, and facing, and twitting.

Say I'll tell you something.

You know your shoes, you know your shoes.

I bet you can't do this, name a town.

Go ahead name a town, any town anywhere.

- Green Bay.

- The zip code in Green Bay, Wisconsin is 54313.

That was too easy give me a hard one.

- Branson, Missouri.

- Branson, 65615.

Is that all you got, come on.

- Yakima, Washington.

- Oh good one Yakima is 98901.

Not bad huh?

I tell you I was the MVZ in region

five for eight straight years.

- MVZ?

- Most Valuable Zipper.

Come on try to stump me.

(upbeat music) (metal banging)

(Madison grunting)

- Sam?

Sammy are you home?

- Guess who's home?

- Sam.

Where's your phone?

- In my room.

- In your room.

I've been trying to call you all day.

- I didn't want to lose it.

- Sam I told you I was gonna call you and check up on you.

I've been worried sick.

How do you expect me to get my work done

if I'm sitting there worrying about you?

For all I now you could have been in Toledo now.

- Toledo, 43601.


- What's so funny?

- Oh nothing Madison.

- Madison.

- Wisconsin or Alabama?

- Alabama.

- 35756.


(Madison clears throat)

I'm sorry it was my fault.

Sam was with me all day.

- What were you two doing?

- Nothing much just hung around.

Just hung around huh?

- Earlier today local resident Sam Gray

solved a crime spree by identifying shoe prints

belonging to local gang members.

The crime took place here late last night.

- Hey Roy we made the news.

- [Brittany] This is Brittany Wells reporting for channel--

- So solving gang related crimes now is just hanging around.

- Well yes it is if you're a shoeper hero.


- Just keep up the jokes.

- Sorry, listen why don't you sit down?

You want something to eat? - No.

- How 'bout a drink?

- Sam don't start with me.

And Roy how 'bout the next time the two of you

decide to pair up as the dynamic duo

how 'bout you give me the common courtesy

of calling and letting me know where Sam is.

- I can take care of myself.

- Oh really?

Then how 'bout you prove it.

I'm sorry about the trash can.

I'll replace it okay.

- That's fine Madison.

- Goodnight.

- What do Madison's shoes tell you about her?

- She's high maintenance.

- Fair enough.

Hey listen I think we had enough fun for one night.

I'll help you clean up.

- I got it Roy.

- Okay.

Goodnight Sam.

- Goodnight Roy.

There will be times

When you don't know where you're going

There are times when you don't where you've been

But in all times there is one thing you can count on

And that's the love our savior gives to all

So may he dry your tears

May he calm your fears

His love will carry you through all your deepest trials

And as you walk that road and press on to that goal

May you live your life just one day at a time

(acoustic piano music)

When life has filled your waking hours in shadow

And when that road only seems to run up hill

Turn to the one who will stand with you for all time

Whose sacrifice has made our lame feet run

So may he dry your tears

May he calm your fears

His love will carry you through all your deepest trials

And as you walk that road and press on to that goal

May you live your life just one day at at time

(acoustic piano music)

And may he dry your tears

May he calm your fears

His love will carry you through all your deepest trials

And as you walk that road and press on to that goal

May you live your life just one day at at time

♪ 'Cause worry carries away the hopes you have today

Put the burdens and the worries of your life

Into his hands 'til you know

It's by God's grace that you'll go

Living out your life just one day at a time

- I would say an eight.

- Nope eight and a half.

- Well I was close.

- Not close enough.

- Sam you are gonna clean me out.

(phone beeping)

- My phone.

My sister wants to know if we are behaving ourselves.


- So much for bungee jumping off the City Hall clock tower.

Don't tell her that.

- I'm not.

- What are typing?

- That we're spending an afternoon in the park.

- Good.

- [Sam] Gambling.

- Gambling.

Rambling should do well in the football--

Don't tell her that.

- Why not?

- Well we're not gambling we're

doing research.

- Research?

- Yeah yeah tell her that.

Now concentrate what about her?

- A five.

- A five?

You're kidding.

- No a five.

- Wrongo, she is definitely a 10.

- No way.

- Hey pal I don't make the rules.

- Excuse me.

- No no Sam.

- [Sam] Lady?

- Yeah.

- My friend thinks you're a 10.

- Really?

- I say you're a five.

- Really?

Where's your friend?

- Oh he's right over...



I can measure you.

- Sam.

- Roy?

- Sam get over here.

What are you doing?

You can't tell a woman she's a five.

- Why not it's true?

- Let's get out of here.

Wait you actually own one of these things?

- Yeah why?

- Nevermind, nevermind let's go.

- [Sam] Roy look.

- Sam I am done looking for one day let's go.

- But Roy.

- What's so important?

Oh a shoe drive.

Sounds like a job for Shoeperman, come on.

(clears throat)

- Sam.

- Good morning.

- No.

- No what?

- No I'm not taking you to church.

- But it's Sunday.

- But nothing.

You remember what happened last Sunday?

- I was a little awkward in my new surroundings.

- Awkward yeah.

Well I for one don't need awkward I need sleep.

- But Roy said he would help.

- Fine then have Roy take you to church.

- But Mom and I would go together every week.

- Well in case you haven't noticed I'm not Mom.

- I've noticed.

- I'm sorry to disappoint you.

I can't fill her shoes.

(acoustic guitar music)

- Ah well?

- She's not coming.

- Oh okay then.

Madison doesn't know we won't give up does she?

Come on we don't want to be late.

- Good morning Roy.

- Morning Phil.

You remember Sam here don't you?

- Yes, good morning Sam.

Say I saw your picture in the paper.

Nice job catching those hoodlums.

- Thanks.

- Say Phil you don't mind if Sam

hangs on to his backpack do you?

- Oh no that'll be fine.

- Great thanks, come on.

Sam Sam why don't we sit over here?

- Good morning.

- Morning.

- Joe.

- Roy?

- Yes.

- Now?

- No no not yet.

- Good morning.

- [Both] Good morning.

- We begin our worship today in the name of

the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Let us join in the singing of our first hymn, number 221.

(loud organ music)

(muted organ music)

You remember I made the same reference last week

so for those of you who were awake last week

you'll see how this week fits in to that.

And so my friends--

- That's the cue.

- What cue?

- Whenever he's getting ready to end

the sermon he says and so my friends.

- Created in Christ Jesus to do good works

which God prepared in advance for us to do.


- See.

- Now Roy?

- No no no, hold on, hold on.

- Congregation you may rise.

Now we have just a few announcements.

The youth group will meet for pizza

and a movie on Friday evening in the fellowship hall.

And also the stewardship committee meeting

was changed from Tuesday to Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

Any other announcements?

- [Sam] Now?

- Now.

- I have one Pastor!

- It figures.

- Yes Sam.

- There is a shoe drive being held in our town.

Kind of like a shoe-a-thon.

- There's a python loose in our town?

- I believe he said shoe-a-thon.

- What?

- Nevermind.

- Shoes are being collected for the needy.

If you have shoes that are in good shape

but you no longer use them

please bring them to me next Saturday.

I will be at River Park from noon until 8:00 p.m.

Thank you.

- Thanks Sam.

I think that's a great way for us

to get involved with the community.

- Who's doing the eulogy?

- It's okay.

- Nice job.

(upbeat music)

Started out life had to have it my way

Don't tell me to wait

I found the world just doesn't revolve around me

Created for the glory of the King of kings

I sure missed my call

I'm here to live out my life for his name

♪ 'Cause in Jesus I find grace

You are my joy

You are my peace

You are my hope

My savior God

Carried along by the winds of my day

I don't always see him

The moments in my life where my soul turns gray

Blowing like a reed swaying in the wind

Give me a strong foundation

I need to find a shelter again

♪ 'Cause in Jesus I know I can

You are my joy

You are my peace

You are my hope my savior God

You are my joy you are my joy

You are my peace you are my peace

You are my hope you are my hope

My savior God my savior God

In the manger you were born

A path to calvary was formed

To save the world from death and sin

That all might find truth and forgive

Yay though I walk through the shadow of death

I will fear no ill

You walk through the valley beside me

When the road is long and the sun is dark

- [Mary] What time is it?

- Quarter to five.

- Sammy why don't you join them?

You love kickball.

- No thank you.

- Why not?

- I'm not very good.

- Who says?

- They do.

- I see.

- Mom why don't I matter?

- You matter very much.

- You have to say that you're my mother.

- No I have to say that because it's true.

Sammy God doesn't make mistakes.

God made you just the way you are for a reason.

- No one sees me.

- They will.

What do we say?

Let your light shine--

- So that they may know the hope that we have.

- That's right.

It's almost dinner time.

Are you getting hungry Sammy?


- [Roy] I said are you hungry?

- Hi Roy.

- Hi Sam.

Got you a hot dog.

Hope you like mustard and ketchup.

- Sure thanks.

I thank you God for this food amen.

- Amen.

So how's business?

- Not so good.

But there's still three hours left to go.

I think everybody's just waiting 'til the last minute.

- Oh yeah probably.

Pastor Bridges did bring over a pair of his running shoes.

- Ooh those are bright.

Oh I see another pair over there that's good.

- Those are mine.

I was trying to prime the pump.

- Smart entrepreneur.

- Doesn't seem to be working.

- Oh that reminds me.

Here you go Sam.

- These are great.

Men's black dress shoe size 11 and a half.

- What's wrong Sam?

- You wear a size nine, these aren't yours.

- No no their Tom's.

- Tom?

- My brother.

- I didn't know you have a brother.

- Had.

You see Sam I haven't lived in

that big old house all by myself.

That's the house where I grew up with my brother Tom.

And then when my mother and father passed away

I inherited the house complete, complete with Tom.

You see Tom was...

- Like me.

- Yeah in many ways like you.

And he lived with me in the house

until he died and that was eight years ago.

Since then it's just been me rattling around

in that big old house so a few years ago

I decided to convert the upstairs to an apartment

and a year ago your sister moved in.

Honestly Sam I don't think I have had

a dent free trash can since.

- What about a wife?

- What?

Oh no I never married.

- Why not?

- Well.

It wasn't 'cause I didn't want to

or didn't have the opportunity.

I mean back in the day I was one of

Fort Barber's most eligible bachelors.

Bobby Collins and me.

See Bobby had been the quarterback of the football team.

But what I lacked in brawn I made up for in brains.

I remember there was this one time I tricked him out...

Anyway I just decided it would be better if I didn't marry.

- How come?

- The truth?

- I didn't want to have children.

I was afraid that if I had a child

he or she would be like Tom.

- Like me.

- Yeah.

- You're smart Roy.

- Oh no Sam, Sam I am not smart.


far from smart.

And you know why?

Sam I would have been blessed beyond belief

to have had a child just like you.

- Thanks Roy.

- No thank you my friend.


Why don't we head home?

- No I said I would be here until 8:00 p.m. I should stay.

- Oh okay I'll wait with you.

- No no I got this Roy.

- Okay.


Goodnight Sam.

- Goodnight.


- Yeah Sam.

- Thanks for the hot dog and for Tom's shoes.

- Bye Tom.

(all talking at once)

- What do we have here?

- Looks like we got a hero.

- Yeah?

We got us a real hero?

Lucky us.

Good thing you guys got out in time

so we could congratulate him.

- What do you got in the box hero?

- Shoes.

I've been collecting them for the poor.

Do you want to make a contribution?

- Yeah we got something for you.

- Yeah, Sam was it?

- Yes.

- Yeah well Sam you know the way you

ID'd these guys from their shoe prints wow.

We were thinking that you should have their shoes.

- You shouldn't steal.

- I know I know, it's societies fault.

Wasn't I just saying that?

- All the time.

- I mean kids what are you gonna do right?

I mean they're constantly doing things they shouldn't.

Like you for instance walking around here alone after dark.

- Or putting up signs all over town telling everyone

that you're gonna be in that park collecting shoes.

- [Thug] It's a shame.

- I have to go.

- Yeah.

You do.

Sam that trick with the shoes though that was impressive.

We want to help you.

We want to help you identify us later so

we're gonna leave you a few more shoe prints

all over your body.

(punches landing)

Hit him go on.

Get him, get him.

Alright get him up.

(spray paint can rattling)

(paint spraying)

(horn honking)

Lets go.

(club music playing)

- [Mary] Sammy?

- I'm here.

- [Mary] Come here.

(heart beating)

- [Madison] Sam.


Sam can you hear me?

- Let's proceed to room four.

We'll be with you in one moment.

- I'm sorry you need to wait here.

- I want to go with him.

- We'll come get you as soon as possible I promise.

(somber music)

- Sam I'm sorry.

So sorry.

(somber music)

(monitor beeping)

- [Roy] How is he?

- Doctor says he'll make it.

Couple of bruised ribs.

Knee is pretty messed up.

Slight concussion.

They don't think there's any internal bleeding but

he'll be here just a few days just to be sure.

- And how are you doing Madison?

- When we were kids Sam needed a lot of attention.

- Sometimes at your expense?

- Our mom loved us both.

She did the best she could under some

really difficult circumstances.

- But?

- But I had to...

- Take a backseat?

Go with the flow?

Step aside?

- What were you there?

- You could say that.

- I rebelled.

- Oh I see.

- Not in the way that you think.

I didn't do anything bad.

In fact I tried to be good, really good.

- At what?

- Everything, you name it.

My grades, art, sports, dance,

the student government, ag club, drama.

- Driving?

- Okay maybe not everything.

(monitor beeping)

Not that it seemed to matter much.

The grades, the first place medals,

the applause, scholarships, whatever it was.

Oh that's nice Madison but did you see what Sam did today?

Where Sam went today?

Oh Madison listen to Sam tell you

the story about the shoes he saw today.

I hate shoes.

One year I went barefoot for an entire summer

just for the hope that Sam wouldn't be able to recognize me.

- But eventually you had to put your shoes back on.

- Yeah.

Made it easier to run though.

- And enter Fort Barber.

- And freedom.

Finally I had control.

I made the choices, the decisions right or wrong.

I had a life.

'Til one day I answered the phone

and was sentenced to being my mom.

- Without the hope of parole.

- I was gonna have to be her for the rest of my life.

(monitor beeping)

On my way up here I caught myself thinking that

maybe it would be better if Sam died.

After all he'd be better off in Heaven right?

- Well we all will be someday.

- Someday.

But not today.

When I saw him I realized how foolish I had been

to think that Sam was God's curse on my life.

Sam taught me that it's not all about me.

- Well now that is freedom.

- Actually Sam has been a blessing in my life.

- Yeah yeah I have to admit it.

I've been feeling blessed myself.

And not just because Sam is in my life.

But because you are there as well.


- Yeah right.

- It's true.

Well except for the loss of

the occasional garbage can or two.

- [Madison] Or three.

- Okay fine but I'm very serious Madison.

You have a brought a breath

of fresh air into that old house.

And it is one that I would greatly miss.

- This seems like a good time to

ask for an extension on my lease.

- Oh it could be.

- At a reduced rate?

- Let's not get carried away.

(knocking on door)


- Excuse me.

I'm sorry sir but visitors aren't allowed.

- Oh okay.

- It's okay he's family.

- Very good then.

- [Intercom] All nurses to the nurses station.

- Thanks Roy.

- For what I didn't do anything.

- You're here.

(monitor beeping)

- Maybe today wasn't so bad after all.

- Maybe not Sam.

- How long have you been awake?

- Long enough to hear you wished I was dead.

- That's not what I said.

- I know.

Besides there might have been a few times

I wished the same thing about you too.

- Really?

- Where's my backpack?

- It's right here Sam.

(acoustic piano music)

- Scripture says love your God with your whole heart,

soul, and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Now it would be very easy to go through life

if it was all about our outward actions.

But it's not just about our actions only.

It's about loving your neighbor

and taking care of their needs as much

as you take care of your own.

Roy what's wrong?

- No no I'm sorry to disrupt the service everybody.

- That's quite alright.

- No on second thought you know I think

we've all kind of gotten used to

having our services disrupted especially over

the last couple of weeks by a young fella named Sam.

Let's carry on the tradition.

I'm late because I was visiting Sam.

He's in the hospital.

- Roy what's wrong with Sam?

- Got the snot beaten out of him by some kids in an alley.

He was in the park collecting shoes for the needy.

Remember he told us about that last week?

He didn't get a lot of shoes but he did get

a lot more than he bargained for.

Hey look I'm not telling you any

of this to make you feel guilty.

I mean we all know that God has done

and is doing more for us than we ever

do for him or for any of our neighbors.

It's just that I know that I for one

have fallen into the trap of thinking

that if I sit in a pew in church every week I'm good.

And I realize that coming to church alone

makes me a Christian just about as much as

standing in the garage makes me a car.

Yeah Sam is a person with special needs that's true.

And that might make us uncomfortable.

But I'll tell you I've lived in this town

and I've been a member of this church

for a long long time and I can't think of

a single person I've met who didn't have a special need.

It's just

like a wise young man once told me some of us

have our special needs on the outside for everybody to see.

Some of us bury them deep in the inside.

I'm sorry I've said too much forgive me.

But I do want you to pray for Sam.

And pray for me too that because

the love that God has shown me I can find ways

to share that love with others.

And I'll pray the same for all of you.

- Amen.

(acoustic piano music)

- Are you comfortable Sam?

- Yes thank you.

Madison where's Roy?

- I don't know.

I told him you were being discharged at 10.

- He said he would come right?

- That he did.

Don't worry Sam he's probably just stuck in traffic.

- In Fort Barber?

- Good point.

- My backpack.

- Oh, here you go.

Think I'm just gonna call real quick.

- Hi guys, it's a beautiful day why don't we walk?

- Hey Roy?

- Hi, or wheel?

I'll take over.

- Take care now Sam.

- Where are we going?

- Wherever the trail leads us.

- Trail?

- Look Madison.

- [Madison] Roy what's going on?

- Let's find out.

A journey of 1000 miles

Begins with a first step

The finish line seems far away

The road keeps going on and on

♪ 'Til it seems to touch the sky

Will I have the strength to climb

When all I really want is to climb above the clouds

To rise above the-- ♪

(whistle blows)

- Thank you Officer Bill.

- Howdy Sam.

- Join us.

- Okay.

Beyond these childish ways into your guiding light

Oh give me the strength to climb

Climb the mountain higher up

In the guiding hands of Jesus

You will see him lift you up

This life's uncertain but we know for sure

That our faith in Jesus Christ-- ♪

- Hello, mind if I join you?

- The more the merrier come on.



(upbeat music)

As you climb this mountain side

And you tremble at the-- ♪

- Look Madison the doors are open.

- [Madison] Why yes they are Sam.

- Hi Pastor.

- Hey Roy.

Hey Sam.

I know it's not Sunday but

would you mind coming in the church for a minute?

- Well what are we waiting for?

- Stay right there I'll wheel you around to the ramp.

- No I want to walk in.

To put aside your foolish pride

To stand and run the race

To look for me in every need every moment of your life

I will give you the strength to climb

Climb the mountain higher up

In the guiding hands of Jesus you will see him lift you up

This life's uncertain but we know for sure

That our faith in Jesus Christ

Will lead us to the father's door

We sing hallelujah


(acoustic piano music)

- Sam.

Your friends got together and decided

they'd like to make a little contribution

to your shoe-a-thon if it's not too late.

(acoustic piano music)

- Bye Mom.

Thank you.

You're all very special people.

- And all God's people said...

- [All] Amen.

(all clapping)

(knocking on door)

- You still up?

- Madison did you know that we collected 832 pairs of shoes?

- 836 pairs.

I just went through my closet.

- Thanks Madison.

I love you.

- I love you Sam.

Hey Sam. (laughing)

- Really?

- Sorry.

- Hey Madison?

- Yeah Sam?

- Can you close my door?

- Are you sure?

- Yes.

- Okay, goodnight.

- Hey Madison.

- Yes Sam?

- Maybe leave it open just a crack.

- Sure thing.

(camera clicks)

Climb the mountain higher up

In the guiding hands of Jesus

You will see him lift you up

This life's uncertain but we know for sure

That our faith in Jesus Christ

Will lead us to the father's door

He's climbed the mountain higher up

In the guiding hands of Jesus

You will see him lift you up

This life's uncertain but we know for sure

That our faith in Jesus Christ

Will lead us to the father's door

And we sing hallelujah


- Madison I don't know how you did it but you pulled it off.

These really have...

- Heart.

- Yes heart.

- Well I was inspired.

- How is Sam?

- Strong.

Do you know what he said to me

when he first saw the photographs?

- Ever heard of color?

- No.

He said you have opened the door

to help people see the pictures inside my head.

- Wine.

- Thank you.

- Cheers.

- What was that about?

- You know Madison I don't think Sam

is the only one who could benefit from

taking a look inside themselves.

- Joan--

- Do you remember when I told you that

I haven't seen talent like yours since me?

- I remember.

- We have a lot more in common than just our talent.

Let me help you okay.

- Okay.

Thank you.


- Joan did you tell her?

- Not yet Sam.

I was waiting for my speech.

- Tell me what?

- It's about your photographs.

- What about them?

- They sold.

- Really which one?

- All of them.

- Pastor Bridges who can't keep a secret apparently.

- Sorry I'm used to sharing good news.

- Will someone please share it with me?

- Anonymous buyer wants to keep the collection together

and has offered to buy them all.

- You're kidding.

- And he's paying full price for each one.

- Congratulations Madison.

- Thank you.

- Madison I pray that they make a difference

in peoples lives as you have in mine.

- You have in mine Sam, thank you.

- You know what?

- What?

- I'm hungry.

(all laughing)

- Come on Sam, let's go fill up.

- Look.

No no don't look.

Neil Sterling, he has a vacation home here,

but more importantly he has galleries

in New York, Chicago, L.A.

Time to mingle and Madison start making copies.

- Okay Joan.

How about a numbered limited edition?

- Great idea.

- Neil it's so nice that you came.

- I wonder who bought them.

- Well obviously somebody with very good taste.

- It means the world that you came.

- Of course.

- I know you had to deal with a less than ideal tenant.

You listened to Sam when no one else would.

Including me.

- Madison I just did what anybody would do.

- You did what everybody should do.

- Yeah well tell you the truth I had an ulterior motive.

- You did?

- Yeah you see I thought that if I was nice to you

maybe you would consider going into business with me.

- Business?

- You see I've come up with this design

for a really mod and trendy flower planter.

But the problem is I can't produce it all by myself.

I need your help.

- Really?

- Really, I made a prototype.

You want to see it?

It's right over here.

- Sure.

- Now keep an open mind but...

Isn't that great?

I mean the vessel may be imperfect but

God's works are always perfect.

- Well I'm pretty sure I can provide you

with some more imperfect vessels.

- And I'm sure that God will provide the rest.

- Thanks for taking me to lunch.

- My pleasure.

I didn't know Fort Barber had so many great restaurants.

- Well see what you've been missing?

Stick with me kid and we'll hit them all, often.

- Well in that case this walk was a good idea.

I am stuffed.

- [Roy] Thank you very much.

I'm sure we'll see you again.

See you.

(engine cranking)

- Come on.

- Oh hey guys come here.

Where have you been?

I have big news.

- We can see that.

- [Sam] Open house?

- Yeah yeah.

I realized it was finally time for

this old place to see a new purpose.

- You should have told us if you're thinking about selling.

- Selling?

I'm not selling.

- Than what was with the Real Estate people.

- Oh no those weren't realtors.

They were from the agency.

- The CIA?

- No.

- The FBI?

- No don't jump to--

- Roy what's going on?

- And you bring the CIA and the FBI.

- Roy, Roy what's going on?

- Oh this is what's going on.

I've decided I'm going to open up a day center

where people with special needs could come

and I was hoping spend time with me

and my now Program Assistant Sam.

And maybe take some classes with my new

in house Art Director Madison.

So what do you guys think?

Come on kids I'm kind of out on a limb here.

What do you say?

I can't do it without you.

- I'm in.

- Oh great, alright that's one.

- I'm in too.

- [Roy] Alright terrific.

- Two Shoes Day Center?

- Yeah sure see two shoes, T and S.

As in Tom and Sam.

- Roy--

- Come on in the house I want to show you two something.

Now watch it's still a little wet there.

But this is where we're gonna be doing

the arts and crafts Madison.

And then I thought I'd make this into our game room.

What do you think?

(upbeat music)

- You bought them.

- Well sure those pictures need to stay at home.

- It's time we opened the door.

I wonder if you ever tire of hearing from me

And all my wants and my needs and my pride

When I walk past so many opportunities

Because they're not what I want for my life

Ask and receive

Though I don't always ask for what's right

Help me to seek you

And finally step into the light

When you open the door I pray that you find me

As a child that is seeking your face

When you open the door please give me the courage

To walk through with your mercy and grace

When you open the door

Seek ye first his kingdom and his righteousness

And all your needs will be given to you

As I struggle with the worries and the plans of life

Help me believe in this promise and truth

Seek and I'll find the road that will lead me to you

And the path that will take me

To the doors you want me to walk through

When you open the door I pray that you find me

As a child that is seeking your face

When you open the door please give me the courage

To walk through with your mercy and grace

When you open the door

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

When you open the door I pray that you find me

As a child that is seeking your face

When you open the door please give me the courage

To walk through with your mercy and grace

When you open the door I pray that you find me

As a child that is seeking your face

When you open the door please give me the courage

To walk through with your mercy and grace

You open the door

When you open the door

So open the door

(upbeat music)

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