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Goooood morning Parasol

It's 7:30 in the morning

Since it's early...

and I have no make up on

so please bear with me

if I don't show you my whole face LOL

YO my face is so puffy

So my cousin came to Korea

few days ago

She wanted to see how I record things

and also visit the studio

so I'm gonna take her around

doing some fun stuff together

I'm gonna film her version of

a video with most views on my channel which is


My lovely cupcakes

(Yo what she talkin bout)

(How should I know)

On my way to the studio

Weather's so nice

This is where I record my covers

I'm using this room

*That friendly BGM*

It's more simple than you thought right?

Came here to buy green contact lenses

I dind't have one the last time I was filming Rapunzel cover

Daily color contact lenses don't stand out

under bright studio lights

so I usually wear super colorful lenses for cosplay

I chose B-YG, the brighter one

and Luna Green for daily use

OMG these cosplay lenses are suuuuper colorful

I'm def gonna buy all of them one day

I'm now on my way back to the studio

Tada! So now I'm all prepared for the shooting

This outfit is for Rapunzel and for the evil twin...

since we don't wear same size,

I got something in bigger size

(which I wore in cover)

Lights are on

green screen's ready

and these are my make up stuff

Now all I need is my cousin

so let's go meet her!

I totally forgot to film the moment when she showed up

This is my cousin! Hashtag proudunni



Why are you acting so shy LOL

Say Hi to my subscribers

Say "Annyeong"

Annyeong (about to cry)

Let's finish this up and get started with the cover

Entering the holy sanctuary, my studio

It's so cozyyyyyyyy

LOL she's so funny

What is this?

Is this your microphone?

Yup this is the reflection filter

You think this is the right size for you?

You mean this one?

You only need to fit into the arms

cos the rest of it is stretchy so

Let's try. Just cut it off if it doesn't fit

Wuuttttt XD

Is this for the evil twin?


Recording the hardest part

So think of it this way

you keep chewing each pronunciation

so that they can hear every word

Ohhh I think I know what to do now

Can I try one more time?

Well done! That's how you sing "was"

I'm gonna keep that part...

You sure I did well?

It was a good was

actually the best was among all was

And now I know how you stared at me behind my back


That girl is busy taking selfies

but we gonna move onto make up

Okay it's not make up

it's make OVER


Wear the thing like this

pull it down to your neck

and pull out all your hair

Unni you gon take this out from the video right?

Of course wink wink

But unniiii

these wigs make me look

Do it alreadyyyyy

Do it alreadyyyyy X2

Look who's starting to get cranky

Cos we really gotta pull this out

You know what to do right? You've worn wig before?



Uh... you're not gonna film all this, are you?

Of coursee!!!

I have to wipe it all out?



You mean I'm gonna show the world my bare face?

Yeap :))))


Don't worry

It's gonna be fast forwarded lol

You'll transform in few seconds

Wipe them! Wipe it all out

Time to go back to nature

Mediheal/ Pillowsoft Eye&Lip Cleansing Duo Super strong

Gotta work on the base make up for that silky smooth Rapuzel look

MAC/ Strobe Cream Silverlight

We're gonna brighten up a bit

VERITE/ Prism Cover Cushion no.21

I... I was being used by this unni

*sob sob*

Watch it XD

I was tricked by a few sushi and now I'm doing this

No wonder why she was buying the priciest

Smooth out the glowy part for powdery look

Innisfree/ No-sebum Blur Pact

B-YG lenses were to big so she wore Luna Green

O-Lens/ Luna 3 color Green

Color eyebrow using less sparkly, dark gold color

Since we're not gonna use eyeliner,

I put some shadows using

The Face Shop/ Color Contour Eyes No.2

Her mom made the blusher so there's no name for it


This is your original skin tone

So for her skin tone,

we should be using MAC's contouring product

But since you're brighter now,

we're now using Toocoolforschool's contouring

which most Koreans use


So are you gonna make my boobs? LOL

No? I'm gonna shape off your jawline

Give 3 dimensional look by contouring faceline and T-zone

Toocoolforschool/ Art class by Rodin

Instead of eyeline, volume up your eye with mascara

Kiss me/ Heroin make Volume&curl Mascara

To compenate the matte face makeup, gloss your lips

Apieu/ Juicy Pang Tint - Apricot

Finish it up with Front lace wig

Finally! We're done with Rapunzel make up

Let's go check out the cover

THE Haptic lenses are here

It took me like an hour to wear this for the first time

Today my goal is 20 mins lol

That long?

It took me 1 hr for real! No kidding

Just to wear the lenses?

Yeah they keep falling off

Now's the time for the evil twin

Guys it's so hard to wear these lenses you know

LOL you sound like that scary unni who give you hard time

Wrapping up the last part of the scene

These are for thumbnail

Finally we're going home

I didn't appear much in today's video

This look is evil twin's upgraded version

Upcoming.. my cousin's Rapunzel cover

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