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I did not think that I were to stand infront of the camera again yet here I am.

A lot of stuff have happened this past year but that is not anything I will talk about in this video.

The thing I will mention though is the thing you see behind me which is the new project for the channel.

I am going to cover some things that is going to be done as an introduction.

Therefore I will try to make this video as short and informative as possibile even though I know it is hard.

The car behind me is an BMW E46 330i

This is an BMW from 2002 that has an 3L straight six. (M54B30).

This is also one of the reasons why I bought this car.

BMW's M54B30 is somewhat easy to modify and has a lot of opportunities.

There's a lot of power compared to the work having to be done.

This is one of the reasons I wanted this car. Even though there won't be any mods to the motor this season.

It is now the 24 Januari and I'm planning to be done at latest 22 May for the BimmersOfSweden meet.

I'll try to come to as much meets as possible.

If you'd like to see something special during the build make sure to tell me.

I'll cover collabs and such both here and on my instagram Jfredrik_ .

I hope this isn't too long but I hope you are as hyped as me on this new build!

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