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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Would You Rather!? | In Real Life!!

Difficulty: 0

*Rock Music* CREDITS: JAYANIME L (Love Team Edge)

*Team Edge Intro*

[ Bryan burps ]

What's up you guys, welcome to Team Edge. This is the "would you rather" challenge?

But the thing is, we're actually doing it in real life!

So it's like "will you rather", because we will.

And you guys, we got some dope new merch on our storeeee

*Bobby ooohs*

Check it out. We got the Bony Jerk Shirt. It's like a long tee

And we got the Bobby shirt. "The Sunrise". But this one, you guys, is only available for a limited time...

So you only have two weeks to get it because when we're taking it down...

And never see it again!

We're burning all of our inventory after that!

*fire crackling*

Brian goes first!

No! I don't wanna go first. I forgot that we have to do these.

You know what? I'll do it first!

Bryan goes first.

Okay, for three points

Would you rather, get a mousetrap to the foot

Or for four points

Dye your hair pink?

*J-fred fart noise*

You mean like... permanent dye?

It's not permanent. Gimme the dye! That's more points? Yeah. Gimme the- gimme the dye! His hair is black!

Bobby is a licensed-uh-cos cos cosmetologist.

Cosmopolitan. I'm a dentist. Dude. I'm doing this for Rich

Aw! Such lushious hair.

That's not a punishment!

I'm gonna walk around with pink hair!

Brian does this stuff on the weekend.

That's not dying your hair anymore. It's hairing your dye.

I know what you're talking about

*soft laugh *



OOOOOH (oh my god)

I just realized I'm going to my daughter's class party today


Are you serious?

Would you rather for five points get a paper cut to the tongue?

*Disgusted sounds*

Or for three points, feel inside the mystery box.

Oh no... Now you have to feel inside the mystery box


Gimme the dang mystery box because I want to enjoy my food for the next week. This is gonna sock (suck)

Sock? Sock

All right, guys, don't mess with me Bobby.

We're not gonna mess with you, dude

*suspenseful music*

So Bobby you gotta stand

I have to stand up. Oh...


No, I can't smell anything but I don't want to


Dang it guys. Come on!I

Okay. Come on here. Is it is it alive? No, is it dead? Yes

Bobby - So, it was alive! J-Fred - Don't tell him, no ANSWERS (whinning)

Whitney - Just, just go! Bobby - Isn't an insect?

It's an apple, Bobby.

The most awkward stance I've ever seen in my life.

Ahhh, this sucks....

Aw, Um, Awww, this sucks...


Get off *cut*

God, you can't do this to me.

No, I can't oh, come on. Somebody's wussing out man

*Suspenseful music*

Aw, WHAT! *surprised*

Bobby - You can't do that, Whitney - You can't not do it. You have to do it

Why is everyone staring oh because we're filming a video.

We're running behind schedule because of YOU!!


Did you please put a robotic bug or something in here because...

Did you please?

Put your arm in there

Oh God, come on!

Why is it wet down there?

Oh gosh. Oh, why is it slimy?!

Bobby's about to cry right there


Dude, I can't do it. We don't have time for this, Bobby. I can't do it

Aw that was sweet

Well, why don't you just put your hand through and then Joey can just pull your hand to it?

No, because he's gonna go like *baby noises*

I'm not going to look.

*J-Fred scaring Bobby*

See that's what's gonna happen

*mutters gaw*

-It's just a heart -Oh GOSH!?

Bobby freaked out for a solid ten...

plus minutes

if you guys want to see him freaking out, there's a link at the end of this video or down in the description below.

Just the deleted scenes.

Bobby's gonna sue us for psychological torment... *laughter*

Okay, Joey. Would you rather for two points get shot with a paintball gun?

Two points for a paintball gun?!


For four points put a tarantula on your face.

Is it alive? NO!

I'd put a tarantula on my face.

This is such lightweight stuff, I'll do both. Can I do both? Ohhh....

*Bryan freaking out*

Well that's not dried, that's like a...

Is it in liquid?

So what do I have to do? Like just...

You just gotta to put it on your face.

Oh, its arm came off!

A tarantula on my face, who thought of this weirdness?

*suspenseful music*

I'm fine with this.

*suspenseful music*

*Disgusted remarks*


It's looking like acetone or something.

Oh look at those fangs! Oh that's a fang! Team Edge is getting weird, man.


This was the challenge?

Why can't I get something like this? Bobby, I would've been fine with yours, too

You wouldn't have known what it was!!

I still have a tarantula on my face! (hahaha)

*Disgusted Remarks*


My turn! Would you rather, for three points...

let another player choose three items to blend together and you drink the mixture or...

For three points, feel inside the mystery box.

I'll feel inside the mystery box!

Show you how it's done, Bobby!

I hope... it's probably just like a rock

*Bobby complaining*

It's The Rock!

Shout-out to Rich, Richy Builds

See, see

Um...if you go straight down you will touch it.

*J-Fred's inhaling laughter*

I love my job!

Three more inches, two more inches

*montage of Bryan freaking out*

*Laughs* Shh! your gonna scare it

You're right on top of it.

(French accent) He's right on top of it.

*Horror sound effect*

*J-Fred Laughter*

Bryan - Oh, that's something hard J-Fred - Oohhh, awww!!

*J-Fred farting noises*

Hey Bobby, would you rather for three points eat a whole banana with the skin on it?

I have to swallow it??


For two points eat a sushi burrito.


I g et less points, but the sushi burrito though.

I'm pretty much already gonna lose...

All right. Is the banana washed it

Nah, they sprayed extra pesticides on it for... you.

Extracides. Yeah, wash it. I'll do the banana. Let's blindfold him

*Monkey sounds*

Look at that face!

Not bad.

I guess it's fine.

You know what it tastes like? Banana

Sorry, I'm a little tired from all that anxiety of the time. I thought my daughter eats a banana, Bobby.

She eat the peel?!

SHE would, if we didn't stop her.

Alright, so it's my turn then. Would you for five points?

Rather get a lifted wedgie

Or for three points get a swirly.

A wedgie, for sure

Ready on three, lift on three

One, Two, Three

*screams and laughs*

It hurts!

Five points, you're not gonna rip it


He got on his tippy toes

It's like ballerina shoes, Joey!

It gave me like a rug burn or something, *Joey feeling pleasure*

All right, it's Brian's turn. Would you rather for two points, hold the electric flyswatter completely

Or for four points, cover your face with temporary tattoos for the rest of the day


You're going to the party tonight


wait, wait, let me see these. These come off, right????



Avengers tattoos, huh!

Miraya is going to be like, what the heck is wrong with your face?

Let's get a *Thanos* in there. *Joey correcting Bobby

What did you say, a "Thanos"?

Thanos (wrong pronunciation)

*Epic Music*




It looks so... GOOOD

OHHH!! A lot of it came off!!

Next! Dang

That was good. That was good.


It's on your lips

Now the forehead, this looks like a bird poop. That's good. This is your idea, Bryan

This is not my idea, i'm getting all jacked up today.

*scares himself*

It's in my h.. eyebrows now,

I want to see myself, are you kidding me? I look like an absolute fool!

An absolute fool, not much has changed

Next, this horrible game. Oh, my face is like all crunchy and sticky!

*Disgusting sound effects*

Every time I make any expression, I feel it. Bobby!

Would you rather for three points...

Let another player choose three items to blend together and you drink the mixture

or for three points "bob for apples" in a mixture that we made

"Bob for apples" in a mixture that you... "Bobby for apples" Bobby for apples, I'm looking for Bobbies?

Come on, like I'm getting the most grossest stuff

like oh, let me tattoo stuff on my face. I would do this all day!!

GOD, you can't do this to me. All right, Bobby five four three

Two, one.

It looks like we're doing a throw-up castoroll here for Bobby. We've got baby clams, Manwich

Lobster bisque

Caviar, jalapenos, calamari

This is gonna take a long time to open.

I think I'm gonna choose *something Spanish*

Stuffed calamari, for me.

Don't cry Bobby. Caviar, Calamari

It's all seafood. *Exhaling* I'll take the roasted garlic Alfredo

Lobster musk...


I'll take the ahhhh...

Spagetti! Really?! All right...

Right when I pick it, you're gonna to be like everything, five cups of it. Stop WHAT....

I'm gonna put a lot! *Vomitting sounds*


Look at these, Bobby.


*Disgusting sound effects*

I told you it was bad, dude. Wait, what about this?

*More disgusting sound effects

The eggs In there!

*gags* Poppy seeds!

*Epic Music*

Did I see calamari guts all over this...

Oh god.

Waf-waf somebody bring in the Academy Award

* laughs*

He is not liking you right now.

I'll drink some of it right now


It's not bad that actually should make....


That wasn't a big enough sip (hahahahaha)

Sorry Bobby!!!

His lip. OHHH! His lips were like

Give up?

All right, ladies and gentlemen, it's my turn, Joey

Would you rather, for three points,

Feel inside the mystery box.

Or for two points, belly flop in the kiddie pool?

Mystery box. No, there's gonna be like a furry kitty in there.

What does it matter? There could have been a furry kitty in yours!

That was the most SLIMIEST furry Kitty I've ever felt!!!!

You were freaking out for ten minutes before you even felt anything!

*Funny J-Fred Sound Effects*

Ohhh ohhh *laughs* I'm so worried.

Bobby's just mad right now!!!


I got a little anxiety on me, just a little bit. What are you stirring there?

In my cauldron *witchy accent*

Is it moving around? no

It's a rattlesnake rattle. Nope, wrong... and the tail. I'll be in my trailer

It is now time for Bobby's punishments today

Since he is today's amazing....


Bobby hasn't spoken in like five minutes

Let's just get this video over with.


I call this the ratapoopie *laughter*

*The sound effects though, yuck*


Oh, there we go

-He's redeeming himself -Finally

*Screaming Mumbling*

Okay, okay, that's good.

niceeeee.... Oh

it's spicy, it's spicy

You guys, if you want to see some deleted scenes from this video

Watch this right over here

and if you want to watch a video that YouTube recommends to you

and Larry and Megan

Watch this video right here and go check out our merch store right there. We can pick up some of our new Merch

-I'm losing my voice -There's no Avengers on there

Peace, Peace, PEACE

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