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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 再见还在说Bye? 10句超美式、超正宗的再见英文

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Maggie are you tired of just using buy

or goodbyes and every conversation today

we're exploring many other options to

add to your vocabulary so you can sell

more casual and fun you can follow me on

social media all the handles it's in the

box right here or here this is a new

setting I'm not sure where yeah like I

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and now let's get into the video first

one is definitely more suitable for guys

but girls can use it too later dude

later dude woman don't should I'll see

you later

yes should say see and they use some ah

you oldest your home you don't carry

backpacks Janice your Chun later alright

later dude or later Gator woman don't

try yo you got ya in the show faster see

you later alligator

I don't drip on Crenshaw in a while


non you creepy and see a child later

Gator mean why are you going to

creatures issue up later to eat chilli

manatee out du Chun DUT again later

later dude

psych up alright I gotta run catch you

later alright I gotta run catch you


woman don't you da man ETS with Iranian

Poconos Shimano push off my Jean James

I'll see you later

what is your bye you see I'm an exciting

time yeah but it's all I gotta run I

gotta run

so just you're not in control I got a

bounce I gotta bounce bounce

well no drama I should take a

allegedly not to you like sorbet

what's all that ELISA I gotta bounce see

you later

catch you later I gotta bounce

I gotta bounce catch you later shotguns

are the feet ha ha

alright it's getting late now we should

probably head home

it's getting late we should probably

head home

it's getting late we should probably

head home now jae-joon on you bleeding

finish your backs on that luck getting

late nice out what's usually occur you

me up the road man Fallon yeah sure but

he's so he not teach you not from hop

your side

party dish we really don't you ban this

Johanna okay y'all it's getting late I

should probably head home now

yeah me neither nice wig off tell either

for five you could show up all right

see you on the other side I'll see you

on the other side yes you're a short

don't what Ballentine sitting where like

Simon's Eileen epeans yeah yeah you're

sure what batteries and don't laugh

where I want sights yet so you want your

chicken extra how they go show fam I

will see you on the other side I see you

on the other side bro leave my allowance

on so far Nadia sure Peter sweet peas

are casual that you can show peace or

peace out on your own well Zola

bye-bye peace chill out okay hold your

shirt deuces deuces Jacob is a boob I'm

in house you should check out the ISA

thanks for watching Bush Lala thank you

not how you clean baby out so sure by

the ISA deuces

keys 70 good night yes with you how hard

is your fat woman Cano yep you see

bigger sure adios to your shirt Spanish

version adios amigos Chile I'm girl see

you dancing on soy Omicron dojo back

your shirt tighten up on your man adios

amigos adios amigos I'll see you guys on

the other side adios amigos quarter nine

o'clock cheerio now hope they found that

a teacher could weigh Spaghettio

Cheerios spaghetti oh gee now but you

should though sure didn't go chewed up

don't you know you're clean when I type

outside tender you sir cheerio

spaghetti oh I like this one because I

think is really cute

cheerio spaghetti oh do I got yet King

County on that yeah - sure alright stay

safe stay safe kiddo stay safe kiddo

or stay safe drive safe be safe JC and

I'm a queer nehi oh yeah oh sure -

Yantra Chicano minima yes hiya - you

gotta attend the ISA

stay safe kiddo stay safe you know

reading finisher to a functional kiddo

to function children you crazy asshole

stay safe be safe drive safe Tokio Hotel

on yoshua stay out of trouble

stay out of trouble I hope you found a

clip with a will

- she should take a night in County na

Georgia I appeared Oh Martha - can you

wear short huh

Jude Allah stay out of trouble

will do sorry gonna create how you'll

know to ship you're urging upon any

butonce yet

now an animal or beast you win you can

show off all right

until next time guys until next time

guys no mr. Daisy I'm back alright until

next time until next time alright that

is it for today's meal I hope you guys

had fun stay tuned till the next one bye


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