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When I walked in the door and took the interview, everything just seemed fast-paced

and fun and evolving, and that's what I waslooking for.

To be able to put technologyand AI into industrial processes, I just saw that as a perfect fit for me.

It's always funsaying that you work at an artificial intelligencecompany, because immediately

you know anyone says,"Oh that's really cool, what do you do?"

The realfun part is helping customers solve problemsthat we

haven't come across yet, because the realm of AI is truly endless.

Why I came toSparkCognition in the first place was reallyaround learning

and my own personaland professional development.

Everyone had such adesire to learn about the full customer experience,

from the very first time they see their logo to when they're signing a contract.

That's whatreally sets us apart.

Here it just feels likeeverybody really is trying to work together

to improve our processes, just how we work, and really make SparkCognition a better place.

The peoplehere at SparkCognition are really wonderful, they're just mind-bogglingly smart but they'rehumble.

We have different backgrounds-- like I have a petroleum chemical engineering background.

We have astrophysicists, operations research, we have computer science.

We've gota fairly diverse team.

I really appreciate workingwith not just really intelligent people,

but a good mix of young hungry people, to people that are well-seasoned.

I was working on front-end development of web applications, and I've grown into becoming a full-stack engineer.

I've made great progress in my career by workinghere at SparkCognition.

Whatever you want to makeof yourself here you can make it.

I try to aligninterest with career opportunities and getting to see that excitement

and folks doingresearch and deploying new solutions that impactthe entire company.

So giving them something thatthey can really sink their teeth into, I think they'regoing to produce their best work.

Just knowingthat you're working with the best in the businessis a really fulfilling feeling.

I just seeSparkCognition making a difference in AI, but also

in the industries that we support.

It's goingto be disruptive really to every vertical, from healthcare, to energy, to manufacturing.

We've got great problems that we're working on, and it's an exciting time to be at SparkCognition.

If you get a group of really motivated peopleand get them focused--

I mean, that's amazing. Andthat's how I would describe everyone hereat SparkCognition.

It's really changing the world, you know. It's saving lives, it's reducing waste.

I mean, we're not joking around here, you know? We've got this vision, we're gonna make it happen.

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