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You know what? I recently discovered this amazing VR music game and I just wanna share it with you guys

Just look how great it is for drumming.

[BTW I used a cover from someone else (link in the description) for the guitars and did the drumming myself.]

Wait, isnt this a graffiti game?

TJ, what are you doing here?

Well, Im just stating the obvious.

And you asked me to collaborate, so

Yeah, I guess that makes sense.

I was already wondering why these guitars are so big.

Okay, the intro is over now, you read the title, you know what this video is about:

Im gonna animate in VR with graffiti.

Getting this to work was actually pretty easy.

You just draw all your frames and take screenshots... And yeah that's it.

King spray, thats how the game is called, even has camera presets you can use so the

camera stays in the same place while you're making the screenshots.

Than you just gently drape those jpegs into your editing software of choice and bada bing

bada boom you just spend a whole week alone in your roomfor only 5 seconds of animation.

Yep thats how long it took me to make it.

And I enjoyed, cause Im an introvert and I just like animating okay.

Well , lets start making this animation shall we.

Im making this little astronaut guy whos gonna do a backflip and then land on top of

the red cube thing behind him.

Yeah, it will make sense in a minute.

This idea is inspired by the music video from Let's Go by Stuck In the Sound.

The animation is incredible, actualy way better than what I will be making here, but this video

has bad puns, so I think you know which you should be watching now.

Its mine, cause Im just pun-stoppable with these jokes.

Im sorry.

As you can see I started off with making the background and I made it really simple, because

I thought than it would be easy to redraw the background from a different perspective

later in the animation, but then I ended up just keeping the same background until hes

in the air and then its even easier its just black, but I also put a gradient, so

it doesnt look that bad.

Then I moved on to making the part where the astronaut is doing some squats and the red

cube is coming towards him.

This was pretty easy animation wise, but it was also really tedious and there was a problem

with the way I tried getting onion skinning in this program.

Look I tried doing this by using the projector thats in the game.

You just take this file and put it into this folder and then you get this sh*t.

And you might be thinking: whats the problem?

This look perfectly fine.

And go ahead say it.

I know youre thinking of it.

Oh... whats the problem?

This looks perfectly fine.

Well the problem is that it isnt scaled and moved into place and you have to do this

by moving it with your hand and if you arent your local Operations champion, who has the

steadiest hand in the goddamn universe, guess what?

This sh*t wont align and with every frame your animation shifts a bit to the left,

or the right, or maybe it gets bigger.

I dont know it depends on the way you f*cked it up.

But if your just using it for its intended purpose it works fine.

Well yeah, but...

I guess youre right.

But its still kinda shitty even for its intended purpose.

I just want to say that when Ill show you guys the end result in about [3.95] minutes

you will see that the red box moves all weird to the right and left.

And now you know why.

But when you save your work by taking a picture of it, it also saves the position of the projector,

so luckily I only had to position it ones.

So I mean it isn't that bad.

Im now done with the first half of this animation and besides animating the red cube

I also made this astronaut guy look up.

That was pretty easy, but then I also needed to make this part where he jumped up into the


And that was also pretty easy.

I mean I could have made it all fancy ,but this animation already took me really long to make,

so I just reused previous drawn frames and redrew the arms.

I also added one new frame, but that's it as far as this part of the animation goes.

Now it was time to move on to the part where hes in the air.

For this part I really wanted to make a lot of frames where hes at his highest point

and less frames when hes going up and even less when hes going back down.

Okay I just explained how basic motion works, but I really wanted to emphasize that here.

And while Im working on that lets talk a bit about this game.

If you look on the official King spray website you can see a quote from a review of this game

that says it has a smooth and easy user interface.

And I disagree.

Dont get me wrong I really like this game, but when I keep almost deleting my work then

I dont think that could be classified as good user interface.

I even once actually deleted a drawing while working on it.

Anyway lets move


What are these dots doing here?

I didnt do that right?

I dont know I guess Ill just spray over it.

Lets just make the next frame.


There are dots on it again.

Let me just go one step back.

A Smooth and easy UI you say!?

Well to me it seems like the only thing thats easy here is to miss click!

I'm just so f*king done with this game

Hey guys its me JRC and not TJ Toons like at al.

Lets just make some frames you know.

And then we can make some in-betweens or something.

And also something about unions?

Yeah, that's right.

I accidentally wrote down unions instead of onions.

So the joke was that I'm always talking about onionskins, so onions, but my dyslexia had other plans.

So TJ if your watching... now you know why that weird line was in there.

Okay, let's continue the video.

By the way do you guys want to hear a joke that goes on for way to long?

Okay thats enough.

Thanks TJ, but Ill take it from here.

Youre welcome.

And by the way Im JRC remember, not TJ.

But then Id just be talking to myself now.

That doesnt make sense.

I dont know.

You wrote this.

Anyway lets just move on, cause that kinda was a joke that went on for way too long itself.

Now I only need to make the part where he comes down and lands.

For the landing Im gonna draw a sort of superhero pose, cause it emphasizes the effect

of him moving down really quickly.

And it just looks cool.

Now lets draw those frames and in the meantime lets talk about why I chose this game.

I just always thought graffiti was, like, the coolest thing ever.

I dont really know why.

Its just one of those things I guess.

Just like skateboarding, but come on havent we all had that phase where you just watched

a little bit to much Zeke and Luther and youre like Im gonna spend a 100 euros on a skateboard,

just to find out that youre really bad at it.

No? just me?

By the way I didnt do that with graffiti.

I didnt by a lot of supplies and then totally sucked at it.

I got to do it at school and there I sucked at it.

But Im now a lot better at spraying graffiti.

Cause I can just undo my mistakes

Well look at that.

Were almost done, but at the second to last frame the astronaut and the red box are

drawn way to much at the bottom, so Im gonna have to redraw the whole frame, but

at least I can use the projector and just trace over it.

Okay lets see how it looks now.

It looks like were done with this animation.

So lets look at the end result.

But the second last frame isnt right.

I said lets look at the end result.

All joking aside I think its pretty cool.

I mean the animation is pretty basic, but I sort of did that on purpose, cause graffiti

isnt the best medium for complicated animation.

Using the projector as an onion skin was pretty annoying and drawing something took really long.

I dont actually know why, I guess just because you have to spray an entire wall.

But it was pretty fun though and I really enjoyed making it.

And yeah the second to last frame does kinda suck, but this frame too.

I mean on in context of the whole animation it looks... fine, but on it's own.

I don't know, the anatomie is just all over the place and it's kinda bad.

Anyway thats almost the end of this video, but first I have to thank TJ Toons for being in it.

Definitely go subscribe to him if you arent already, but I mean if youre watching this its

probably because TJs name is in the title.

So maybe its a better idea to say that you should subscribe to me.

Or subscribe to both of us.

Anyway Ill see you guys in the next video.

And... Bye!

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