Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Doctors undercut Trump on coronavirus treatment drugs

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-They're already approved, as the president said,

for other diseases.

As an example, many Americans have read studies

and heard media reports about this drug chloroquine,

which is an anti-malarial drug.

-Chloroquine -- now, this is a common malaria drug.

And it's shown very encouraging -- very, very encouraging --

early results.

-But the information that you're referring

to specifically is anecdotal.

It was not done in a controlled clinical trial,

so you really can't make any definitive statement about it.

-Right now there's no drug that looks like it's proven

so overwhelming in early-stage clinical trials

that we can say it's highly promising.

-We're going to be able to make that drug available

almost immediately.

-I don't want to speculate about a timeline at this point.

-So, this will take some time.

I think the good news coming out of this press conference

is that they're prioritizing looking into those drugs

and studying them so that, hopefully, someday soon,

we can know if they're useful.

-We want to do that in the setting of a clinical trial,

a large, pragmatic clinical trial,

to actually gather that information.

-They've gone through the approval process.

It's been approved.

-It's already approved, as the president said,

for the treatment of malaria

as well as an arthritis condition.

-It's helpful that some of these drugs

have been out there already so we have a much better sense

of their safety profile, but we don't know

how they act in people who have COVID-19 infection.

-We may have the right drug, but it may not be

in the appropriate dosage form right now,

and that may do more harm than good.

-There are promising therapies produced by Gilead,

and that's, uh, remdesivoir.

Remdesivoir. -Remdesivir.

-And that drug also has been approved

or very close to approved in that case by the FDA.

-It is currently in clinical trials.

-Right now, the reality is you cannot go into any hospital

and expect that you will be treated with remdesivir

or with hydroxychloroquine if you have COVID-19 infection.

-Remdesivir is going through the normal process.

We need to actually know about the safety

and the effectiveness,

and that's done through the clinical-trial process.

-So, you have remdesivoir and you have, uh,

chloroquine and hydro-- hydroxychloroquine.

So, those are two that are out now,

essentially approved for prescribed use,

and I think it's gonna be very exciting.

I think it could be a game-changer and maybe not.

And maybe not.

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