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A DEQX Preamp/DAC provides a superbly transparent sound.

Moreover DEQX also calibrates your speakers and room

so your system achieves its full potential

with absolutely no down side.

Speakers, being electromechanical devices,

never accurately recreate the sound as intended -

theyre Hi-Fis weakest link, and with HD media, even more so.

Apart from inaccurate volume at different frequencies,

they delay many frequencies more than others

distorting timing coherence

we call these impulse response errors.

these graphs are from an actual measurement of a loudspeakers

the familiar frequency response graph shows

how the speaker play some frequencies too loudly, and some too softly

the less familiar group delay graph

shows how some frequencies are delayed, compared to others

the vertical axis shows time delay

the horizontal axis shows frequency

DEQX corrects these amplitude and timing errors in detail

let me show you why this matters

our brain relies on volume and timing cues to form a realistic sound stage

at a live concert we can close our eyes and hear where each instrumentalist is

sound travels about one foot or 30 centimetres in a millisecond

we visualize the position instruments

by the tiny delay their sound takes to reach one ear compared to the other

just fractions of a millisecond

Now lets rotate the timing graph so time is on the horizontal axis

as sound travels about a foot in a millisecond

we can designate timing delays in units of distance

an ideal speaker would have a perfect impulse response

meaning any delay it introduced would apply equally to all frequencies

which would also play at exactly the same volume

now imagine a soloist playing a cello

the sound image as recorded is undistorted

unfortunately speakers delay some frequencies more than others

causing the sound image to be smeared

the image created in our mind appears like this

DEQX corrects impulse response errors by delaying the earlier frequencies

to preserve the original live timing coherence

while frequency response errors also corrected.

finally DEQX provides Room Calibration

especially focusing on room resonances that also "mask" detail.

The changes are not subtle,

you will perceive individual performers and other instruments much more distinctly

to see if DEQX is right for you

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