Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hans Rosling - The History of Wealth and Health in Tunisia and Algeria since Independence

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let me tell you the history of tunisia and algeria in just two minutes

using this graphics

these two bubbles are the two countries here i show the income per person in

dollar, in purchasing power parity dollars

one thousand dollar per person ten thousand, it means rich this

direction poor this direction

and here i show the health of the population, the length of life

forty years, sixty years, eighty years 1956 both tunisia and

algeria were poor and sick in this corner, let's see what happened after

independence, here we go i start time and you can see how tunisia start to get

healthier, this was the war of independence in algeria but then algeria

follows towards a healthier life

and algeria is a little richer than tunisia

but here tunisia is doing a fine in health

and algeria is following, algeria is starting to sell more oil but not getting

so much richer, these are the tragic decades of civil war in algeria

when tunisia improves a little in the economy

and gets much healthier than the algerians but now of the algerians

start to follow into the future and the economic growth is going on in the country

is not too fast and there they are today

an amazing

twin journey of the two countries

now going into the future

let me compare these two neighboring countries with the rest of the world

i will shown that the bubbles

for the rest of the world

and there are some companies

in west europe, north america, the colors of the countries show where

they are situated

these are the richest countries, forty thousand dollars, they live eighty

years, down here are the poorest countries in africa and this is afghanistan

look tunisia at

independence was as poor and as sick as people are in the tragedy of afghanistan

today, what an amazing improvement

tunisia and algeria have done

reaching this high health level

but not so amazing economic growth

who are the neighbors today

well of course the big bubble here is china

Tunisia is like the average of China

and the ones ahead of Tunisia is Thailand

it's Peru

and it's Turkey

you are just a little bit behind Turkey

and you can follow into the future

but be careful

be careful here because these are the average for countries, the best of

one-fifth of the population in tunisia they live up here

the live a long life and they are quite rich

i've seen it on the streets in tunis

and the poorest

one-fifth of the population are down here at the india level

so the inequity within the country is almost as big as thirty, forty years of

the journey of the country

diminishing equity at the same time

as your increase economic growth

that's what China have done that is what Turkey is doing this will bring you into

the future good luck

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