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This is your Vaishnavi,

Welcoming everyone to "You can Cook Too"

Here I'll make varied delicacies and showcase it everyday.

So come on, let's go!

Now I'm going to make Organic Veg Cake,

This is Vallarai paste,

and this is Karslangani.

Everything being used here are herbal products.

Once I'm done baking the cake, will upload the recipe.

Tada! and the cake is ready!

Didn't I mention how easy is to bake a cake.

I hope you guys will try this at home and enjoy the same.

So tomorrow it's a new day and a new recipe,

I'll meet you guys once again.

Until then this is Vaishnavi, signing off with loads of love.

Ok, Bye!

I'm done with just drooling at her on You Tube.

I'm going to directly attack.

Bobby, Yes!

Where's that Organic Cake?

I'm going to ravish it.

Can't be found.

Oh my God!

Oh no!

It's like a new slab of Black Forest cake.

I'm going to eat it.

I haven't brushed my teeth.

You've been giving me sleepless nights.

It's my turn...


Came for Black Forest, but this is a Black Ghost!

Who's that?

Who's this standing in middle of the road?

Oh God,'s a witch,

please someone save me.





"Birth and Death are the reckoning of the God"

"Wife, Husband and Shiv are the reckoning of the Humans"

"It'll cross over the Seven Seas"

"Been waiting for years together"

"That evil spirit and its dominance"

"That Evil Spirit's dominance..."

"Will come looking for you"

"It's been wandering for centuries"

"The spirits which have been prevented and trapped,

will come looking for you and people are going to die."



What are doing outside so late?

-What happened? -Huh!?

Who was that?

It's nothing Dad,

some random person.

Nothing, let's go.

Vaishu, we got a new order for the cake,

enough with the suspense and tell me Balki.

On a birthday cake, instead of the cream...

...they want to put their name and age mixed with poison on it.

Balki stop kidding.

I'm not kidding.

The order is from your friend Ambujam.

Go and ask her.

Hey Ambujam!

Hello Sir, it's been long since you've visited...

Why are you crying?

Look here,

tell me what's the problem.

I got permission from my family,

also have fixed the date for engagement.

Then what's the issue?

Is he demanding a fat dowry?

Nothing of that sort.

He's got a job in London.

since he got the Visa, his activities are weird.

If I call he disconnects the call,

and is avoiding to meet, whenever I tried to.

I suspect that he's having an affair in London.

I'm really scared Vaishu.

I'll die if I don't get him.

I'll beat you to death.

Failing in love is not the end of the world.


Where's he right now?

Excuse me!

Uh!...Excuse me!


Oh god her!

Hey Cotton!

Is it you!?

Did you expect Thala Ajith or what?

You fell in love with this pig?

Don't insult him Vaishu.

He's sweet!


-Are you out of you senses? -Why?

-You rather die than marrying this Hippo. -Water Elephant!

Vaishu, it takes a while for him to grow on you.

Hey Ambujam!

Why did you bring her here? Take her outside.

-Don't get angry. -Lower your voice.

Here on, she won't speak, I'll speak for her.

I won't speak, 'cause I'm really busy.

So you won't speak to me?

-Ya! -You'll be in relationship for 4 years.

Then you'll start avoiding calls.

If asked for reason, you won't speak.

Didn't you do the same?

Do you think women are so easy to you.

Hey...It's neither easy nor tough,

this is my personal issue, mind your own business.

I'm busy and I have to go to the toilet.

For what? Are you going to clean it?

How do you know that?

I'll whack you and tear your face apart.

To you it's personal,

but to her it's life.

Can't bear looking at your face for 4 minutes,


But she's been in love with you for 4 years.

It's 'cause of my personality.

Rightfully she should've avoided you.

Hey I'm warning you,

if you dump her

will skin you alive.

Skin me alive uh!?

Thought she was sane, but sounds insane.

Fine, what do you want me to do?

Agree to the engagement.

-And apologize to her, -Me!?

that too right away.

in front of me.

Before that, let us discuss something in private,

and come to a settlement or a compromise.

Hey, you get out.

Why should I go out?

She's here for me.

I'm responsible for her security,

I can't leave her alone.

Hey...just calm down.

Don't think too much of him, he's not worth it.

How is that she knows?

You get out, I'll deal with him.

Didn't you hear, get out!

If you don't get out, I'll bash you with the computer.


I've switched off the cameras,

I won't upload any pictures on Facebook.

You're a Girl and I'm a Playboy.

I'm going to do something now,

-Vaishu! -Hmmm.

If you let people know about it.

It'll be embarrassing to you.

Ok, shouldn't let this out.


What...What are you going to do?

I'm getting ready for it.

Stand still, I'll come closer.

Now you'll see.

The leg is moving up,

I'm not worthy enough to get slipper-ed, Vaishu.

Vaishu, for God sake only you can save me.

Only you can help me with this.

I won't get up, I will get up only after you swear on God.

Tell me.

Ok Promise, get up.

Fine then.

What's it!?

She must've mentioned I got a job in London.

Ya, she also mentioned you got the Visa.

That's when all these issues started.

I applied for work after stealing your recipe.

I got the job and the Visa.

Then what's the issue?

I don't have and issue, it's my friend who does,

I don't understand.

Just like I did, even my friend used fake certificate,

went on and joined a cake shop in London.

The owner found out he can't bake.

After which he complained to the Police,

and they arrested him.

If I go there, I might get caught too.

If I'm here, would've lied and got married to her,

and would've lived my entire life with guilty conscience.

That's why I made the decision.

And dumped Ambujam.

-Bloody sinner. -What's it?

Then what about her?

As if it's something new to you.

She'll get someone better.

-Hey! -Eh!

Don't stare at me.

If you co-operate we can get a solution to this issue.

What can I do in this?

Can you come along as my assistant?

-Damn you! -Eh...Eh..Eh!

To others you're an assistant,

I'll be your assistant in real.

Is that fine?

It's 'cause you're good at baking cakes.

With that, I'll take the credit for baking it.

This is just for 2 months,

after which I'll pick up on things.

And will become a great Chef.

You can get back to India after that.

Ambujam will be happy too.

What do you say?

If you agree to this, I'll agree to get married.

If not...

...I have to take up the alternate.


I won't allow this.

A girl going alone all the way to London,

do you know how far that is?

When we don't send a girl alone in our own city,

look here Vaishu!

He's like a dried up river,

why do you have to go to London for his sake?

Balki stop talking nonsense.

Ambujam is a poor thing.

Her marriage shouldn't hit a bump.

Mom, you tell me...

...are you scared?

I'm not scared...

It's fine if its only for few days,

but staying away from you for months is quite tough.

Mom, I can understand your feelings.

Now that we have internet,

I'll make a video call daily and speak to you.

You won't get the feeling that I'm far off in London.

I've also appointed someone to manage the Cake Shop.


Who's more important, Mom or Ambujam?

Listen to what I have to say.

You're well aware, that Ambujam got in Medical University of Delhi,

she rejected it for my sake.

She rejected studying Medical just for my sake.

If I don't do this, her marriage will be called off.

Dad, you tell me now...

...Vaishu you're very bold.

I'm fine with your decisions.

Thank you Dad.

Just 'cause your Dad is fine, doesn't count,

I won't agree to it, you shouldn't go.

-Not allowed -He's right.

-Balki! -Uh!?

You're coming to London with me, the Visa is ready.

Is it confirmed? then fine.

Women have reached moon,

London is right here.

Just 10 hours away, why can't she go?

Tables have turned.

Vaishu, you're going to London.

Not just you, were going together.

Time has come

A village has come together

new beginnings are dwelling.

Engagement is done.

Time has come

A village has come together

new beginnings are dwelling.

Engagement is done.

Oh my Dear...!

Doldrums on YouTube, flowers shower on Face Time.

That's not very far, times are changing.

Relatives come over to bless you in person,

but these aren't relatives, but the smileys speaking on Whats App.

That Dorimani with the Matrimony.

Stripped jeans are seen with dupatta on their heads.

Technology has been ripped off here,

beyond the barriers, two hearts are ready to come together.

Oh my Dear...!

Doldrums on YouTube, flowers shower on Face Time.

That's not very far, times are changing.

Relatives come over to bless you in person,

but these aren't relatives, but the smileys speaking on Whats App.

we'll shower love, with great hospitality.

contractor has forgotten to add dessert to the menu.

Guests are waiting outside with hunger,

if you serve on plastic will be sent to the grave.

When the Groom is ready, everyone is happy.

happiness is not a guaranteed 100%

if there's a dance floor, put down your moves.

If you run out of luck, get married online.

Doldrums on YouTube, flowers shower on Face Time.

That's not very far, times are changing.

Time has come

A village has come together

new beginnings are dwelling.

Engagement is done.

Beautiful conversations became an experience.

I'm done here, it's up to you guys now.

Time has come

A village has come together

new beginnings are dwelling.

Engagement is done.

Time has come

A village has come together

new beginnings are dwelling.

Engagement is done.

Ganesh, we're late, they must be waiting.

-Go faster. -Don't worry baby we're on time.

We reached on time.

That's my driving.

-Come on, quick. -Coming Baby!

The entire city is cold like an air conditioned room.

Hey it's Vaishnavi.

Look here, Vaishu!

Hey Madhu!

A chick coming with tow monkeys.

Who's that? Looks like a janitor.

-Hi Madhu! -Good to see you.

-Hi Vaishu! -Welcome to London.

Vaishu you look way prettier than we saw you on Skype.

People say the same about me.

-Who are there people? -This is Balki and Cotton.

What!? Did you say cotton?

Hey my name is Panjabikesan.

In short Panju...

if swag added then it's Cotton!


That's why your face looks like that,

dummy face.

Shut up!

Take a selfie and upload on Facebook.

Check in London!

Many will be jealous.

Come on, come on, come on.

Vaishu don't listen to him, you'll end in trouble.

Vaishu, let's visit New York on the way.

Oh God, Balki New York is in America.

Did you see that, they scrapped it from our country,

and have decorated theirs.

It looks awesome.

That building looks like a cooking pot.

That building is really tall.

Look here, this London's famous Tower Bridge.

Nothing can beat our Cooum Bridge.

I'm really happy that, that you guys are staying at our place.

-You will regret hereafter. -Thank you Ganesh.

Uh...still how long, until we reach?

We're here.

Vaishu this is our house.

Balki and Cotton get down.

-This is our Sweet Home -Wow!

Wow, is this where we're going to stay?

This place doesn't have big trees,

-What's he looking for? -It's quite urgent though...

Hey Cotton, there's a stream behind the house.

Once we're done with morning business and bathing,

we'll be fresh as the dew on the flower.

So Shall I get the Soap and towel?

Get a washing Soap too, have wash my underwear.

And you'll be locked up in the jail wearing those undies.


It's not just the morning business,

if you even try a bit to dirty the place, they'll lock you up.

Did you get that? Better be careful.

Looks like no one takes a bath just like you don't.

I just love the interiors.

-Come on guys... -Move on, we'll come.


Madhu, the prayer room is so well maintained.

Thank you Vaishu.

She's not maintaining this.

A Iyer comes down every Friday,

he's the one who looks after this room.

So you're just a dummy!?

Even she's maintaining me as her Husband.

-Thought as much. -Shut up and come.

Vaishu, you guys freshen up...

...meanwhile I'll order take out.

Why do you have to order?

I'll cook.

-Show me your kitchen -Sure I will.


Don't dip your face into it.

It smells soooo Good!

It gives the same aroma as the food from Maami Mess.

Brinjal fry, Rice fries, Spicy curry

Beans fry, Curd curry and Papads.

Awesome, what a combination.

Hey, have you taken enough rice?

Fine, no one should come close to this cooker anymore.

Are you planning to wash it after the meal,

or will you just lick it entirely?

Hey get lost.

It's not that,

We put rice and curry on the plate to eat.

But he puts the curry in the pot and eat.

As if this is rocket science.

Thanks a lot buddy.


Eating the food at this house,

my taste buds have died long back.

I've eaten things which a human being won't.

Hey get lost from here.

-Hey cotton? -What's it?

He doesn't seem like her Husband nor a cook...

...what else his role could be?

May be he sweeps...

-Ah! -Ah...!

Hey what are you saying?

I meant he must doing the janitor's job.

Oh you meant that.

Ey! what were you thinking?

-Mind voice... -You heard it as well?

Yes I did.

Whether it's Mind Voice or Open Voice?

It doesn't matter to me, as I'm not offended at all.

Didn't I say, that he's a shameless.

No he's beyond that.

-Why is he laughing? -Funny Guy

Who are you calling a pig?

If I throw that on your face, You'll be upset.

I'm insulting you, and you're being shameless.

Hey, why did the Ice Cream truck come inside the house?

Stop ringing the bell.

Oh God, it's a Ghost!

Bloody it's that Whats-App Saint.

Can't find his seeders along with him.

You look like a ghost from behind.

First tie that hair up.

Your face looks like a ghost, damn it.

-Where's the Ghost? -Ghost! where's it?

Where's the ghost? Where's the Ghost?

I mistook Iyer for the Ghost.

Oh God!

You can continue with the chants.

I'm going to be chanting just one Mantra,

-Madhu!? -Ah!

You had mentioned about an Iyer who maintains you on weekly basis,

is that him?

It's him, shameless bugger laughing.

He's insulting your wife right in front of you,

instead of giving him a punch,

you're excited and laughing as if you've heard a punchline.

If I give you another slap, you'll find yourself at your Mom's place.

Don't come inside.

Isn't that should be his line,

It's all in the game ya...yeah!

It doesn't hurt...It doesn't hurt!

Don't pretend as if it doesn't hurt.

Vaishu, I've told the owner that you guys are my assistants.

You should do a great job.

You won't change, do you?

-Hey Balki! -What's it?

Don't be a loose mouth and get me caught.

May be I won't.

The owner is here, don't do something stupid.

Don't keep repeating yourself,

I'll forget then.

Wonder what kind of meeting he's going to hold.

Hi Buddy!

First day looks like a bleak one.

This the man you were looking for.

-Hi! -Nice to meet you.

Asta Limba!

Ok, Ok Mr.Cotton.

They're here to order a very special cake.

Your first order on the first day at this shop.

Damn he's done.

-Understand!? -I don't get, what Stand he's mentioning

Ok, tell me what you want to order?

-We want something different -Ya Ya!

Did he say YG Mahendran?

Sure, we would like a 3D Cake.

What's he even saying about 3D and CD?

Vaishu, save me from this clown.

You mean a 3D cake with 3 layers of cream,

one with the fruit and one with the nuts.

That's right!

Can be done.

You're aware of my formula right?

So get the gas running and boil the milk.

Oh hold on! Hold on!

Did he find out?

Aren't you the Chef?

Why are you telling her to go?

No no, he's just giving me the instructions.

She's right, they're my assistants.

This 3D one is a small cake,

I'm a Big Cake player.

One Tonne, Two Tonne, Three Tonne...etc...

-Oh Really!? -Sounds good.

I do everything.

Vaishu, if we keep speaking, they'll find out the truth.

Go and do your job.

Sir, this lady Police officer is pretty.

Where's the kitchen?

Around the corner.

Ok, thank you.

Stop wandering and cut the onions.

Wonder how he ended up here.

Not capable of anything but can talk well.

Vaishu, if anything you have to handle it,

We'll handle it.

Stab him with that.

Just for fun.

Once you've emptied it that give it to me will use the box to store tablets.

Are those white gems?

Did you think it's from Church?

Is this sugar free, will come in handy for him.

Awesome, Vaishu you've made a belt.

Tie it around your waist.

It'll look better around your mouth.

Do they add these too?

Vaishu if the owner comes to know, I can't bake,

He will whack me.

-Shall I inform him? -Can't you just shut up?

Wow Vaishu, you made it exactly as I would've.


Just for fun!

Oh God no!

Hey, what are you guys doing?

You guys are doing an idiotic job.

Why aren't the Apples washed yet?

What have you guys been doing?

Keep a plate on his head.

Why are you pouring Tar on the cake?

Isn't honey to be poured in the mouth?

Keep that egg from your mouth on top of it.

Doesn't seem to leave.

What's wrong with this capsicum?

Can't it be bigger?


You guys are embarrassing me.

Don't stare, mind your work.

Owner is looking at us.

Make it, put it all in.

Very Good!

He doesn't seem to move at all.

Phew he's gone.


Owner was looking here, so was just faking it.

Don't take me wrong.

If not I'll lose the job.

If he wants something, he'll beg...

...if not he'll trip us down.

Seems like he's planned on doing something.

Don't trust him Vaishu.

Vaishu, you need a brain to plan things.

I don't have that.

My entire lineage doesn't have.

You're right about that, he's a poor thing.

Fine, the cake is ready.

Let's deliver it to them.

Shall I deliver it myself?

Please don't stare at me.

Keep the game face on.

Only then they'll believe I made it.'s your cake.

Asta Limba!

Oh Wow, you were really quick.

I made it, please share it wisely.

-Sure Thank you. -Hold this.

Wow, smells lovely.

Ya smells beautiful.


Shouldn't come back again, if not will boil you along with the water.

You're so good.



See you, Bye-Bye!


-Uh! -Thank you.

For what?

I think that foreigner is in love with me.

Oh no, this is too much.

What did you say?

Didn't you see that hug and the kiss?

Damn you!

This is their culture and they say thank you like that.

Culture can be taught to a human being,

how would this hippo understand?

Hey, go and wipe those tables.

Ok damn it!

Hey, that comedy is old now.

So are you...

-get lost! -Ok!

Don't know who's it that stealing the dry fruits from the cakes.

If I get hold of him will mince him.

He's been here since we're open.

Hey, Chef...Chef!

-What's it? -Please come here.

-You're calling me? -Yes...Yes!

He looks like the male version of Hansika.

What do you want?

I would like to order a cake for my wife.

Oh! What's your wife's name?

To put it on the cake.

Ok, Kardashi Ramiah!

Did he say Kuthu Ramya?

How do you know Kuthu Ramya?

May be they're Facebook friends.

Is your wife's name...

...Kuthu Ramya?!

Kardashi Ramkiah!

What kinda name is this?

It'll take a week for me write this on the cake.

Please wait here,

I'll go and send my assistant.

What do you want to eat?

-Vaishu! -The rodent is here.

Always bickering.

There's a Jersey Cow sitting there, he's irritating the hell out of me.

He wants to put his wife's name on the cake.

Then write it!

I don't understand what he's saying, that's why asking your help.

Cotton I can't just leave now.

You be calm and write it down.

Hey, won't you listen to you Chef?

-Hey! -Sorry sister!

It's not that Vaishu.

Listening to him speak English, I'll forget the little I know.

Please go.

-Why are you lying? -What do you mean?

That you know English.

It's not the time for it.

Vaishu, I beg of you.

Please the owner might be here

Hey what's wrong with the car?

Fine, which table is he at?

He's at Table No.5

Give me that notepad

You go!

That was a close one.


I'll call you back.

Why am I not able to stop this noise?

-Hi -Hmmm!

Can I have you wife's name please?


Can I, Can I have your wife's name?


Why is he saying Sorry, when asked for Wife's name.

Laughing like a dumbo.

Don't you know your wife's name?

My wife!?

He's so arrogant,

bloody monger, bloody monger

fool, idiot, con and stupid of the first kind.

-Don't you know your wife's name? -Are you talking to me?, I was just singing.

I was just singing in my head.


Tell me Mom.

What's it?

Damn you Vaishnavi!

Did you say Kumudham!?


I'll pick it up on the way.

Ok, bye!

I'm really sorry.

I didn't know you were a Tamizhan...

Hi, I'm Sandeep.

Please to meet you.

Hi I'm Vaishnavi!

Ah!...It's weird.

Nice to meet you.

I'm very glad to have met you.

Thank you!

The joy doubles when you meet your people.

One Cappuccino please.

Sure 8 pounds.

No cream!

Thank you!

-There you go. -Thank you.

Welcome Ma'am.

Hey Madhu!

I met an interesting guy yesterday.

You usually don't talk about guys.

I don't, but he spoke in Tamil.

Is he from our place?

I think so.

Usually they're all good.

I think so too.

Bujji Dear!

I didn't know he was Tamil and mocked him.

My dear daughter!

Bujji Dear!

Bujji Dear!

Bujji Dear!

Next let's go to the other side.

Bujji Dear!

It's already the closing time.

Bujji Dear!

Who's that?

Is she calling you?

-Madhu over here -Oh ok!

Bujji Dear!

Tell me more about him.

Except for his name, I don't know anything.

Bujji Dear! Bujji Dear!

So girls like the mystery these days.

If you come to know more about him tell me.

Sure I will.

-Come this side. -Why?

Want to check which train is arriving.

Bujji Dear!

Please look at me.

Bujji Dear!

Who is she calling out to?

Oh no! the train is here.

The train is here let's leave.

This is the most convenient means of transport here.

-Let's sit here -Ok.

Bujji Dear!


You were here first, please go ahead.

No it's fine, I'll leave.


If you don't mind,

can I drop you?



You know what, I don't believe in co-incidences.

But I believe now.

Actually it's interesting,

Monger head, Dumbo....etc...

Oh no!

Con! A Con!

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

I didn't know that you understand the language.

But it wasn't intentional.

It just happened,

didn't mean to.

But a mistake is a mistake.

And I'm really sorry.

Hey...hey all well!

I'm not angry, it's ok don't worry.

Thank you!

Hi! It's me your Vaishnavi.

What I'm going to do today will be thrilling to you guys.

what we're going to do is, how an Italian dish

will have an Indian flavour.

I'm also a big foodie.

I'm your fan too.

-Thank you! -You're welcome.

You're such a...

How did you get my number?

Your Facebook.

Hey...your eyes are speaking to me...

Hey...a lightning has struck! heart is starting to bloom.

Hey...that's pouncing on to me.

Baby would you dance with me all night?

Baby would you hold me really tight?

Baby would you dance with me all night?

Baby would you hold me really tight?

Hey...your eyes are speaking to me...

Hey...a lightning has struck! heart is starting to bloom.

Hey...that's pouncing on to me.

Hey lover I need you forever.

Eyes have been searching for you.

Don't you worry now, tell me where to go...

until you hold my hands my love, you know.

you're that beautiful bird who has stolen me way from myself.

You're now into my arms on this beautiful evening.

you've uplifted me, and made me lost in your thoughts.

I've been living just dreaming about you.

Even when you're right there, I look into the mirror.

when I lean back on you, I stagger with love.

Come on, oh my dear!

I swear

I'm now in this state 'cause of you.

I care

you've making go around.

I swear

I'm not sure what's happening now...

Baby would you dance with me all night?

Baby would you hold me really tight?

Baby would you dance with me all night?

Baby would you hold me really tight?

Baby would you dance with me all night?

Baby would you hold me really tight?

Baby would you dance with me all night?

Baby would you hold me really tight?


Would you wanna go around with me?

Would you wanna go around with me?


Would you wanna go around with me?

Baby Girl come around with me, how's that?

Hey...your eyes are speaking to me...

Is it just your parents live in this huge house?

No just Mom lives here.

My parents got divorced.

I'm the only child, I chose to stay with my Mom.


-Mom. -Come in, Sandeep.

That's Vaishnavi.

-Greetings Mom. -Greetings!

Come in Vaishnavi, sit down.

Feel at home.

Sandeep had mentioned...

I've downloaded all your programs.

But never tried making even one dish.

Not an issue, I'll make it for you.

You just have to taste them.

Oh no, it's fine. Just sit down.

-Mom!? -Hmmm.

Do you like Vaishu?

Food is the only thing which we makes our heart content.

But when a girl, who can make that with great taste for the entire life,

is going to be my daughter-in-law, I'm very happy about it.

My son is very lucky.

-Thank you Mom. -You really are lucky.

Ya I know Mom.

Should I drop her and come back.


-Bye Mom. -Let's go.

-Ok dear. -Thanks Mom.

-I'll see you. -Take care.

-Bye. -Bye.


-She's really sweet. -I know.

Come in Sandeep, I'll introduce you to my friends.

Sorry Vaishnavi, can I meet them some other time.

I'm going to Austria tonight.

But I'm back in 15 days.

Is it really important?

Business calling.

-Ok. -Ok.

Alright then.

-Take care -Bye!

Be good.

-See you -Cheers!

Wow beautiful flower.

How would you know the worth of it?

Hi Dog!

Why are you disturbing him?

That isn't Dog, it's Doug.

Why is it all decorated?

Today is Queen's birthday.

Oh so today is Queen's Birthday?

-Bro! -What's it?

What's your routine on Sundays?

A quarter in the morning, then one in the afternoon along with a pint of a beer

finally in the night a half bottle with Biriyani and get sloshed.

-So you're same as me. -How did you find out?

It's written on your face.

-So tonight let's have a drink. -Vaishu, look how they got along.

Madhu, cut an apple for Vaishu.

Where's the apple?

How come a truck is on the water?

You guys were raving about Thames and London,

This looks like our local boating house.

Oh so do you go there as well?

We do it every weekend.

Oh no I dropped my chain.

Vaishu, my chain fell into the water.

Wedding chain fell into the water?

When did I ever wear one?

It's my wrist bracelet.

You can instead die, rather getting insulted.

Hey, you're being disrespectful.

Your wife doesn't seem to respect you.

I bought that in Paris, it was blessed by Venus God.

It's a very lucky one.

Vaishu I want that bracelet back, Vaishu.

It's a sentimental one.

Don't worry.

Ask him if he has something to stop the boat.

What's that in English? What's it called?

-Anchor! -Anchor, please.

Ok wait I'll give you.

Give that to me.

Hey don't shake the boat.

-Give that. -Anchor it.

Put it there.

Right there.

Exactly where he says.

Vaishu right there.

One, Two, Three.

Ya we got a catch, put it in your pocket.

Move the boat a bit.

-Hey! -What's it?

Shouldn't we check where we lost it.

Just a miss!

Vaishu, you carry on.

-Oh we got it... -Tada! it's here.

Thank God.

A shell is along with the bracelet.

What else? For the obvious.

-Vaishu -Hmmm

what's this dirty thing? Throw it away.

Hey this is found only in Indian Ocean.

This is called Conch Shell, a rare kind.

Keep it safe, Peter be careful with it.

-What happened? -Vaishu!?

What happened Vaishu?

I cut my finger on the sharp edge.

I did tell you.

It's just a cut.

You never listen.

It's ok, I'm fine.

Tie your finger with this.

No issues, It's ok.

It'll be fine, If I wash it off.

Vaishu, what's so special about this?

You're being so particular about it.

The specialty of this Shell,

is that if we keep it in the prayer room,

the house will stay blessed with happiness.

-Is that so? -All good will happen.

I think, finally I'll have my wedding night.

Shall I put turmeric.

Try saying the same to your wife and see what she does to you.

Why don't you just shut up.

It's been well cleaned.

No no, give it to the elders.

He's scared of the Shell.

-Keep this in the prayer room -Uh!

He looks exactly like the guy from graveyard.

I'll throw this milk away.

Where is she taking this?

Keep that aside, we can use it make coffee.

Ganesh, were you discussing about the wedding night?

Go and clean that table.

-Can you bend over? -What!?

Can you bend over and get me that cloth.

That's better.

Lord Perumal, save us all.

Where's the water?


-Ganesh! -Hmmm!

-Ganesh! -Are you fine with it now?

Go and get me cold water from downstairs.

Will you do it after I get you some water?

Hey get lost!

Hey...It's going to be fun.

I'll be back.

First I'll fill the bottle with water.

Then will have to impress her.

Ah! Ghost!

Ghost! Ghost!

Ganesh, what happened?

Ganesh, what happened? Ganesh.

Ganesh why are you screaming?

What happened Ganesh?

Where are you now?

Ganesh, what happened?

Oh it's you.

Why are you screaming like this?


It's sitting right inside the Fridge.

Are you dreaming?

It's nothing but the leftover chicken which is inside the Fridge.

Not the Ghost.

Oh no! I swear there's ghost inside.

You go and check.

Did he really see a Ghost?

-Ah! Ey! -Don't try to escape.

Come and show me the ghost.

Fine, you go in the front.

If at there's no Ghost in there,

I'll make mango chutney out of you.

If you don't believe, check inside that Fridge.

Inside that Fridge?

-I'll look -Please do.

Where did the Ghost leave?

Where's the chicken missing now?

You had the entire chicken inside the fridge,

leaving the bones. And fooling me with Horror stories.

Bloody, I'm going to...

Hey, I didn't hit you, why are you screaming?


The Ghost is inside.

The Ghost is out there.

Hey! Look closely that's your shadow.

Take a good look, wave your hands.

Is it for real?

Wave it properly.

That's waving back at you.

Now do you believe it's your shadow.

Just a glimpse, shook me up.


-Did you call me? -Yeah!

I'm really scared.

Please hold my hands and take me from here.

Why just hands, will put my arms around you,

hey you're taking advantage of the situation.

Hey who stopped the running water, while I'm taking bath.

Hey, who the hell is taking a bath at this hour?

Oh no! It's a Ghost!

Ghost! Ghost!

Oh no!, it's holding my pants.

It hasn't left I believe.

Cotton is screaming.

Cotton is done for now.

I'm coming damn it.

Hey Ganesh!

Vaishu! Balki!

Hey, come on.

Hey Balki, come and save me from the ghost.

Hey Ganesh!

Hey Ganesha!

Hey Balki, run faster.

-Hey -Ghost is holding me from back.

-What happened? -Cotton!

What happened Cotton?

-It's the Ghost -Ghost is in the bathroom too?

-Where's it? -It's inside.


Flash the light and check.

Come outside.

Why aren't you coming outside, is it pulling your hands?

Bloody, shut up!

Hey, there's nothing inside here.

Move away.

Nothing!? Look it's been holding my pants.

Nothing it seems.

Hey idiot!

Your pant is stuck to the hook.

A hook!?

Ghost is pulling him it seems.

This ghost thing is becoming too much.

Go and sleep.

Look at your mangled face.

Have to call for the Iyer in the morning get the house blessed.

Go on!

Did you really see it?

How did the light go off?

It's confusing!



Lord Ganesha, bless us all.

God please bless my wife with good wisdom.

God of courage, save us.

I've never seen such a prayer till date.

If you've done it, will know about it.

This is the first time for me.

Yes Vaishu.

I haven't seen Madhu inside the Pooja Room before.

This is the first time, I'm so happy.

Drink without spilling it.

Now that Vaishu is here, the house will be filled with joy.

Vaishu is a very lucky girl.

It's 'cause of her, I'm going to get married.

-Oh! -Yes Vaishu.

If at all your luck blesses us with a child,

I'll be really happy.

What do you say Madhu?

What's the hurry? Just shut up.

I've been useless all this while.

Fine, today is an auspicious day.

Can someone blow this shell?

-Give it to elders. -Give it to him.

-Balki you do it. -Sure I'll do.

Hey tighten it and blow the shell.

If do that, will lose my breath.

Let it go!

He doesn't seem to blow it, just the air hissing out.

I'm not able to, why don't you try?

I've never blown a shell.

So you've stopped now.

You did, so did I.

Vaishu, you please blow the shell.

He's old, so you do it.

Do it Vaishu.

He doesn't look like a local guy.

We definitely need to get these people out of here,

they're tampering with crime scene.

No one can deny that.

Excuse me Sir! I have a bad news.

-What!? -Alex is no more.

-Somebody murdered him. -What!?

Police is looking for them.

They'll find the killer soon.

Before police gets to the killer,

I need to know who committed this murder.

You personally follow this case.

-Sure Sir. -Ok!?

-Ok Sir, I'll take care of it. -Go!

So I was saying....


Come in Swami.

Ganesh has made all the arrangements.

You can start the prayers.

Swami, why are you looking at this house, as it's your first time?

There's some kind of change in the house.

Ah! What! What are you saying?

Who else is inside the house?

Gather everyone.

I need to see them.

-Ganesh. -Uh!?

-Ganesh -I'm coming.

He's omnipresent.

There's something which is not right in this house.

You're right Swami.

We haven't even brushed our teeth for two as we're scared.

Did you run out of toothpaste?

Hey shut up.

Swami, what's not right.

There's an evil force inside this house.

I think he was talking about you.

You guys have to be really careful.

Oh no Swami, I thought my wife was the evil force,

but I've seen worst ghosts than her.

-Hey! -Did you see that?

He's right Swami.

Looks like something has been scaring us in the house.

You should help us with it.

Don't worry, I'll hex a thread and give it to you.

Ok Swami.

Tie them in the four corners.

Until it's around you guys won't be harmed.

Ok Swami.

Thanks a lot Swami.


I'll hex and give it to you.

Tie them in the four corners.

Until it's around you guys won't be harmed.

Ganesh have you closed all the windows?

I came to bed only after closing them all.

Remove them all.

Is it working out?

Remove the string...

looks like my darling is in great mood.

How can I say no, when you have asked.

I'm here, and have removed them.

I'm ready...Oh God!

Stupid, what are you doing buffalo?

-You were the one asked to remove -What!?

When did I ask to?

I asked to remove the string,

but you guys are not removing.

Ganesh this sounds like a different voice.

What if this is the Ghost?

How can it be when you're here.

I asked to remove it and you're kidding with me.

-Oh God! -Now you want to fall on my feet.

Open the door, open it!

The latch doesn't seem to come off.

Why are you pushing me away.

Hey the ghost is getting closer.

Hey help me too get out.

Oh God!

Look at her run stepping on me.

There's a ghost inside another is here running

I'm stuck in between them.

Someone please help me...

You guys look scared, like you've seen a ghost,

Ghost is inside.

We're not running scared, but running to escape the beating from the Ghost.

You must've been watching a horror movie on TV,

and in that a ghost might have slapped, you guys are scared looking at it.

Oh God!

Now you must know how it feels to get beaten by a ghost.

Hey it felt like someone beat me up.

it's the same ghost which whacked us both.

This is called the Ghost massage.

Remove the string, damn it.

Can just hear the voice, but can't see it.

Oh this string.

I removed it, I removed it!

Madhu is this fine?

How dare you removed your shorts in front of my wife.

Hey, the Ghost asked to remove it.

I can't take more beatings from the ghost.

Hey remove that string given by Swami immediately.

Which string is that?

Bloody asking for a doubt,

remove that string damn it.

She has started.

There's a reason for the Ghost to beat me,

Why the hell is your wife, beating me up?

Let's ponder on this later,

first let's finish this Ghost business.

Remove that string and throw it away.


The one which Swami gave.

Oh this one.

Look here,

lift it up and show it to the ghost.

Just like you said, I've removed it.

Here on for any reason, you shouldn't just beat me up...

We threw it to the Ghost and this Troll caught it.

Hey Cotton throw that out.

Hey, what's this?

You're playing the string given by the Swami.

We're not, it's the Ghost who's playing.

Didn't he say if you wear this Ghost won't come near you.

Then why are you throwing this away.

Useless buggers.

Hey, why are you guys getting worked up?

Ghost! It's behind you.

Hey, I used to play basket ball with Ghosts.

And you're scaring me!?


Is it behind me?

Let's see if it can face me?

That was quick.

What is your name?

Oh God!

Once you used to play basket ball with the ghosts.

Now it played you as a football.

I just played one game.

Who knew it'll kick me in the air.

Cut those strings and throw it away.

-Hey, What!? -Throw them Damn it.

Hey no bad words.

Can you please show me your back?

How can you talk so low to me?

Hey everyone is misinterpreting my language.

It's on your back, turn around.

Look there!

On top of it this ghost.

Remove it quick.

Why are you scratching me for that?

Hey, remove and throw it away.

Hey throw that string away, throw it away.

Throw it sooner.

Hey, where's the another string.

Another one!?

One, Two, Three...

Hey, where's your string?

Where's it?

My waist chain was tight so I used it to extend it

disgusting grown like a buffalo and still wears a waist chain.

It's not here, it's in the cupboard.

Bloody what are you doing here, keep that in the cupboard.

Go and take it.

Go faster...

...not sure where I kept it.

Hey where did you keep it.

I kept it in this cupboard.

It's a fridge, not a cupboard.

Said that out of panic.

I kept it somewhere around here.

I kept the empty bottle here.

then removed the shorts and kept it inside the fridge.

What are you guys still doing?

Ey! this is soooo good.

Beautiful, hold me tighter.

Hold your horses, let me enjoy

either ways you're not doing anything.

-You continue -Madhu!!!

Damn, can't believe I hugged him.

Didn't know you liked me.

What's with the romantic look.

Fearing the Ghost, I hugged a wild buffalo.

Damn, shouldn't trust these women.

I imagined a different scenario when you'll vomit.

but you're here vomiting in this situation.

Disgusting, how worse your imagination is.

I found out.

-Where!? -Here!

Here uh!

I meant to say not there.

then where is it?

It's on my waist, who asked you to come jump in haste.

Come on get up.

Throw it away.

Hey come on, take it and go.

-All the strings are thrown -You've become a nuisance.

If you comeback again, will break your jaw.

Just watch a pig coming out the grill.

Oh God, it's a PIG roast.

He's been praying for an hour.

If the ghost has beaten you up,

Then it must be really angry.

It's very aggressive.


The Ghost and I have no problem.

I watch a lot of horror films.

I don't fear the Ghost, as I like them a lot.

-You like them? -Yes father.

He's the chief of Ghosts Fan Club.

-What's it? -Both of you just shut up.

Father, you should help us drive the ghost away from our house.

Can you please help us with something.

If that's the case,

we have to find out, who it has possessed.

Father, we know how to go about blood and urine test.

How do we test, that who it has possessed?

Hold on a minute.

Hey, where's he going?

I think even he's scared.

He's the best among the ghost-busters,

so he will demand a higher payment.

What is he bringing in that cup?

-Take this. -What's this Father?

There's powder in it.

Father, we wanted to drive the ghost away and you're giving us powder.

What are we going to do with powder and the Ghost?

This is holy powder.

If you apply this to the person who's possessed

it'll reflect it's real image.

Then why don't you do it right here.! -Are you scared father?

Take this and put it, where the ghost is actually present.

Only then we'll know who it has possessed.

Great escape.

Only after that, we can think of driving it away.

Then ask her to apply it first.

She's the one who always wears powder on her face.

Hey, what's it?

How can you be disrespectful?

I'm being nice, 'cause Father is here.

Don't be!

Ask sorry to Madhu.

How can I ask for one, she wears jeans all the time.

Hey, can you guys please shut up.

Look how she's managing it

Give me that Father, we'll try this on everyone once we get home.

Jesus, God bless you!

Father you're on my feet, take it away.

Hey Man, last night I met this girl at the party

she was damn nice.

we were just hanging and had fun all night.

Hey look at that.

I've seen her somewhere.

Hey that girl I know her.

Oh yeah!?

I've seen this girl from somewhere.

Hey come here...

...stop, stop, stop.

Don't worry,

we just going to have some fun come on babe,

hey are you horny honey?

Don't touch me.

Come on babe.

Hey...Hey...let go off me.

Help! Help!

Have fun buddy.

-Leave me -I'll wait for my turn.

Let me go damn it, let me go.

Oh you're so light.

Help! Hey just let go off me.

Help! Help! Help!



Who do we start testing on?

Put it on your husband.

I'm really scared.

We'll close our eyes.

and apply the power on our faces.

We'll find out who the ghost has possessed.

Fine, Ok.

Put it on!

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!

When I open my eyes, I wish I'm not the ghost.

Why are you guys screaming?

Ghost, you're the ghost.

Hey why are you screaming?

You're a Ghost! You're a Ghost! You're a Ghost!

So all four of us are not possessed.

If none of us are possessed,

then who's the ghost?

Oh my god!

-We need to call for back up -Ok we'll do it.

and record the statement.

Oh my God it's horrible.

So these are the two guys.

let's see what we can get out of them.

Hello chaps, you alright?

Alright Sir!

Can you tell us what you saw?

I'm actually pretty good at drawing.

I remember what she looks like.

I can make a drawing.

While he's doing that, can you tell us more about her.

I think she's Asian or Indian.

I don't know exactly.

They've given me such a huge bible.

It's in English and I can't understand

Oh God, please somehow save me from this Ghost.

We've checked the entire house with the powder.

The ghost doesn't seem to be here.

Don't get too relaxed,

I'm still not convinced.

-On who? -The Ghost.

Don't be talking nonsense.

Don't keep scaring.

What's your doubt?

What if the ghost was under the sheets sleeping,

If we put the powder during that,

how it would've fallen on it.

You and your stupid doubts.

Come on Madhu let's wash our faces.

Grown up to be useless.

Damn it's still in my hands, Madhu I'm coming too.

Does anybody else knows about this, in this area?

No I don't think so.

Take a look.

This is the girl!?

Ya that's the girl.

-Can I have a look? -Ya sure.

No that can't be right, I know this girl.

She went missing two years ago.

No no, that's her.

It's not possible.

Are you Sure mate?

I'm positive, I worked the case.

Tell me exactly what happened?

Help! Help!


-Help! -Come on.

Come on Baby!

If you don't, then I'll show you the blood.

Bloody come here.


What are you looking at?

What's happening, it keeps changing.

Oh God!

Is she the ghost?



I'm not Vaishnavi,



Sir, we're not able to bend down,

please sir, only you can try and save us.

You're saying a ghost is making a trouble?

Yes Sir!

Ghost is a big trouble.

One girl, two character roles.

If she whacks us, it feels like 2 tonne

It keeps beating us, please help us.

Why don't you go and see a church father?

It was him, who got us more in trouble with the Ghost.

He took the money though.

He's a biggest fraud.

-Really!? -Help us, Sir please.

I'll buy you drinks, please arrest that ghost.

Ok, Ok, come let's go.

Come on everyone sit inside.

Drinks work everywhere.

Welcome to Ghost House Sir.


Where's the Ghost?

Ghost is inside, Sir.

Inside!? Come inside, show me the Ghost.

No, No, No...we'll be here, right here.

Come show me the Ghost.

You bloody get in, why do you want us to get more.

-You get in. -Get in Damn it!

Even they're scared I think.

-Hello Madam. -Hello Madam.


I guess some people are scared of Ghosts.

-Ghost!? -Ya.

-In this house? -Yeah!

Impossible, there's nothing I can assure you.

Can we have a look inside?

Ya sure why not, come on.

Trust me it's fake.

-We've been wasting our time, -Sorry Ma'am

-Thank you for your time -No problem.

-Thank you. -That's Ok.

I thought they'll get beaten up, but they seemed to be smiling.

There's no ghost in there, only a beautiful lady inside.

Hey, she's the Ghost, and you were drooling at her.

Don't waste our time again.

-Waste of time uh!? -They're leaving

Hey Balki, come inside.

Balki she's calling you, come on go.

It's not that Vaishu,

I'm sweating inside due to the cold,


and outside, it's like raining wind and seating too.

Hey didn't you wanted to use the rest room?

Come on get inside.

I'm practicing Jalsa dance, shut up

What are you guys blabbering?

Madhu at least you come inside.

Madhu uh!? Who's that?

Hey Ganesh, save me damn it.

Is this Pakistan? Are your selling explosives?

-Hi Guys, -Who's that?


Welcome, Ghost's boy friend.

Why does everyone look so worked up?

We were playing a game.

We do exercise,

jogging and Ghilli Dhandu

That's nice.

Nice!? Only when you experience it you'll know.

I don't get time for all of this.

-Come dear. -Oh Hi.

-Hi! -Are you free now?

Why do you ask?

Nothing much, there's a surprise party.

So came to take you for that.

Vaishu is free as a bird.

For God sake take her along.

Please take her.

It'll great if there's a party daily.

Why not!

Just give me 5 minutes, I'll change and come.

-So wassup, -This shirt is nice on you.

You're wearing nice shoes yourself man.

That's my selection.

It was taken off the platforms.

You were talking about the shoes right?

Hey can you guys shut up?

-Shall we go? -Yes.

she's coming.

Why don't you join us?

It's ok you carry on.

Cotton and Balki, you guys come along too,

for what?

Food in these parties will be great.

You both are fond of food,


My stomach is upset and making noises.

Why don't you take him?

Hey Vaishu, I've prepped to make Pongal, when you return can have it

Why are you getting me caught?

I said come on.

The tone is changing.

Sandeep can we go shopping before the party.

Of Course Vaishu.

Vaishu for us too.

Balki and Cotton, shouldn't steal the cutlery from here.

Wasn't he with us, but is all suited up.


Balki, keep your bumper mouth shut.

Hi Vaishnavi!

-How are you? -I'm good.

Sandeep introduce to everyone.

Get the Ghost introduced

I can't find my brand here.

Guys, let's have some fun.

Come on!

What's this? he invited us to the party and just offering a bun.

That's not bun, it's Fun.

He's asking us all to be happy.


Hello Friends!

-Who's this Dog Voice? -Who's that?

I have something really important to share with all you people.

Did he forget?

I'm going to propose.


Will you marry me?

He'll be the first to propose to a ghost.


Sandeep, my family is very traditional

all of a sudden...

Vaishu, I already spoke to your mother over Skype.

You mother likes Sandeep a lot.

I told you it'll be a surprise.

Vaishu say yes!

-Yes! -...Yes!

Bomb figure baby, Tamilnadu lady

I came looking for you.

Let's get this party ready steady.

Bomb figure baby, Tamilnadu lady

I came looking for you.

Bomb figure baby, Tamilnadu lady

I came looking for you.

Let's get this party ready steady.

Bomb figure baby, Tamilnadu lady

I came looking for you.

Let's get this party ready steady.

You put ice on my, on my heart, on my heart

Also you've been creating a hype across the city.

You put ice on my, on my heart, on my heart

Also you've been creating a hype across the city.

If not Trisha then Divya.

Am I your boy or a Toy!?

If a guy goes crazy, you'll know they'll be screaming Hosanna.

Bindi on forehead, Silk from Pothys, tie that Saree, oh Damn!

Get that beauty, smile, and curve to the point.

Your curves and moves are like Mick Jagger on point.

On Point! On Point! On Point!

Bring it back!

I got hungover looking at your stilettos.

Still I managed to stay steady without falling down.

Even if I wake up without make-up on,

I'll make sure we don't break up.

If it's Saturday night we will party.

we'll bother looking for our address only at 6AM.

we'll increase the bass and keep playing the music

The sound we'll create, entire London will dance with us.

Hey Sandeep!

Hi Dad!

Great party.

Thank you Dad.

Having lot of fun uh!?

Why so late?

Sorry dear, couldn't make it on time.

I'm glad you made it.

Vaishu this Dad...Dad this is my fiance.

Hello how are you?

-Hello! -Hello.


Excuse me!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have a big announcement to make.

What's he selling?

Ayurvedic paste, bloody listen to what he's saying.

Until now,

whatever and whichever means

that I've earned this entire wealth,

After I'm gone,

Will be my Son's.

These are its documents.

To my Son,

this will be his wedding gift.

Thank you Dad, you're the best.

-Take it. -Thank you.

Sandeep, you're going to be a life changer.

I'm getting too high, did they mix our local liquor in it.

Great that you guys are having fun.

My eyes have gone blurry.

Check how my wife looks when you're drunk.

You call that a face? comments.

My Madhu looks really hot!



You can see that he's bumping in, should've moved away.


-Bloody Buggers -Same to you.

-Get lost! -Senseless fellows.

Bloody fool, he's scolding us., hey baby come on...

Let's chat up, until he's back, how many drinks down?


what happened?


somebody was trying to kill me.

Somebody tried to kill me.

Somebody tried to kill me!

Someone is here.

Dad there's no one here. see no one is here.


You're way too drunk.

Come on let's go.

-Come on! -Somebody tried to kill me

-you're just too drunk dad -No Sandeep.

We've been drinking Orange juice instead of alcohol.

Dad I'll go to Canada meeting instead of you.

When I'm back, I'll take you to the doctor.

Somebody tried to kill me.

They tried to kill me, tried to kill me...

Dad you're just drunk.

Vaishu has tried killing Sandeep's Dad.

Wonder what's the reason, that Vaishu is about to kill her Father in law.

Don't know why she's so angry with him.


-Hi Mohini -Hi!

-Good Morning Mohini -Good Morning.


This is our dream project.


One Hundred and Fifty Million Pounds worth.

One of its kind in this country.

It's my Dream Project too.

So I need your 100% co-operation and dedication.

Sure Sir!

-And uh... -Sir!

Oh Sorry...Sorry, Sorry, Sorry...Really Sorry!


all the details are in the file.

So friends, go through it.

And God bless all!

-Congratulations Sir -Thank you!

Wow! Did you hear that, 150 Million Pounds.

-Alex! -Coming Sir!

Idiot you just barged into the meeting.

-what was the emergency? -Sorry Sir!

You haven't selected a kid to sacrifice for our site Pooja.


-This one! -Ok sir!

-Excuse me -Uh!

Sorry I left my pen drive.

-Thank you. -Welcome.

This kid is fine for tonight's Pooja at the site.

Ok Boss, if there's anything else, let me know I'll be in Chinatown.

She's near Manchester.

Lara you said this pile work of SEC-D will be completed last night

Why it isn't completed?

The night shift didn't work last night.

They asked us to leave, as they were conducting a Pooja with School kids.

That's why we couldn't, will get it done today.

-Get it done. -Sure Ma'am, bye.

Hmmm, bye.

Thank you!

You haven't selected a kid to sacrifice for our site Pooja.

-Excuse me -Uh!

Ok Boss, if there's anything else, let me know I'll be in Chinatown.

Hey I need two children for my construction site.

What I don't know.

I'll give you more money than you demand.

I don't know get lost.

Come Along!

Hey Danny someone's looking for you.

-Check her ID. -Ok I will.

I need two kids.

Who are you?

Here's the customer.

Have a seat please.

What do you want?

I need you to supply me with few kids.

Checked her ID, all good.

Give me your address, I'll send some kids.

I'll come and select myself.

Let's' go!

-Hi Man -Hey Man...

Hey Jack, open the door.

Yes Boss will do it.

Ya alright man.

Come select what you want. can select from this lot.

Watch them Danny.

We don't want to be here, they're hurting us.


It's hurting Madam, please give us some water.

No, No, No!

From the information given by Architect Mohini,

Alex the head of child trafficking gang,

was arrested by the England Police.

Human Sacrifice, Violent killings,

Human Trafficking and many other illegal business

In order to sell them

the kids who were kidnapped from all over the world,

were recovered and saved by the Police.

In addition to this, all the construction sites of KVR,

the remains of the kids who were sacrificed

arrangements are made to dig them out.

Come on, Come on.

Go, go!

Doctor, you've done an extensive research on Human Sacrifice,

what's the nasty thought process and motive of this horrific act,

The sole reason for human sacrifice is superstition.

Growth in business.

To live longer.

To gain wizardry,

finding a treasure.

Like this, everyone pick one such reason,

to perform such act.

What nonsense!

Such beliefs in this age.

It's not just now, this has been happening for ages.

back in days to win a war, human sacrifices were given.

In fact, to gain victory in Kurukshetra,

Aravan, Son of Arjunan who was blessed with 32 chiromantic features was sacrificed.

Kala Bali!?

God Sacrifices, Human Sacrifices

In the name of such actions, at Quarries, construction building...

also many other places.

These kind of atrocities are continuously happening.

Recently in India at a stone quarry,

an investigation is going on such a case.

What's the solution to stop this barbaric actions?

Social Awareness.


We have a warrant for you arrest.


You have the right to remain silent.

Mom he's that Rascal.

Dear, why do we have to indulge in such issues.

God will take care of it.

Mom, all of them were small children.

They've killed them without mercy.

He doesn't have any fear for God.

He's a beast, a barbaric beast!

Don't get angry dear.

The defendant Mr.KVR,

who is charged with cruelty to persons,

under 16th Section 20/1 of Children and Young Persons Act 1968

I know that we will win.

Sir, the Press is here.

I was sure this is going to happen.

Sir, what do you have to say about the allegations against you.

Ok, Ok, Ok!

I'll tell you.

Justice Prevailed!

You know I'm innocent.

It's a fabricated case.


That's why Honorable Judge,

just released me.

I'm innocent and thank you.

Not guilty!

Anyways thank you, no, no, no more questions.

Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot.

Mohini you worked so hard to convict him,

he got released like it was nothing.

I'll kill that bloody dog.

Bujji Dear!


people who talk about principles and justice,

either will be poor...

...or will be a revolutionary.

But you're a woman.

Hey, what's your problem?

People who sin either will be in power,

or will be the richest.

Just like you.

So, you won't stop. Right!?

You wish!

I have to go to Prison,

hanged till death.

For which you've met Supreme Court Attorney General.

You've met Parliament MP,

and you've sent a lot of emails to UNICEF.

You have mentioned a lot of details about me.

I said the truth.

Do you think I'm going to Jail?

Definitely, of course you're going to jail.

No, no, no way!

Ay Mohini, there's a price for everything in this world.

No matter how big my crime is,

will get released in no time.

But you can't buy the God, who's up there.

You can't easily escape the punishment he'll have for you.

You! The God you've mentioned,

has created those children as well.

Who are they? They're born into this world,

grow up,

what are they going to become?

Doctor, Engineer, Scientist?

Or a Big Leader.


If they don't have money, doesn't matter if they're dead or alive.

they're just like properties.

They're no use in any manner to anyone.

That's why I used them for my business.

That's all.

They say God and Children are the same.

And people like you, who kill those children are never going to change.

You'll never be forgiven.

I won't let you do this.

If we have desired to win,

the ones who stand up against us,

has to be killed like this.

Kill her!

You're going to die a gory death splattered into pieces.

You're committing a crime, let me go.

Let me go!


...I did it for the good of those children.

You're going to die without anyone to give you last rites.

You're doing a mistake, a very grave mistake.

Even if you kill me, I'll come back.

I will return.

I will come!

Die! Die, damn it!

Dispose her.

Goodbye Mohini.


Without a doubt, she's Mohini.

How's it possible, even the Police couldn't find the body.

Then how?

You killed her body not her soul.

Body is different from Soul.


You're saying that Mohini has returned as a Spirit?


To kill you.

She has possessed a body which looks just like her.

Are you mad?

How's that it waited for 2 years,

and found a body which exactly looks like her.

I can't, I can't believe this.

Can't get this ridiculous bloody absurd theory.

The soul of the dead roams the earth for a year.

Once we finish the final rites,

their soul rests in peace.

But Mohini died a violent death,

she's waiting to avenge with violence.


Let it be.

Even if Mohini returned as a spirit,

she could have chosen another body.

why did she choose a body which looks just like her,

waited for 2 years

How's that?

Even I have the same confusion.

For these questions, answers can be only found in Dharma Astrology.

I have a friend in India, who's an expert in this.

We'll ask him.

Greetings Monk, this is Kannan Bhattacharya speaking.

From the details you've given me,

around 200 years ago.

Tirvandarum of the Travancore territory,

Mohini hailed from a family of cooks.

As the time went by, Mohini's family went in different directions.

From that one family went overseas.

And in that family, Mohini was born.

Five generations ago, Vaishnavi and Mohini were born as twins.

In that life, they died in a very gore manner,

due to which the spirits turned violent.

Beyond that, when the blood of their lineage was spilt,

the spirit which was around Vaishnavi acquired great powers

re-entered into the body which looks exactly like her.

And will fulfill its desire to avenge.

-Thanks a lot. -You're welcome.


In 21st century, Spirits coming out and avenging,

It's hard to believe in all this.

It sounds really funny.

You've done PhD. and still believe this.

You didn't believe in Astrology.

But will believe in science right?

Of course.

KVR, have you heard Genetic and Epi-Genetic theory?

-No! -Take this.

Look at this.

In simple terms,

if the son seems to be short tempered,

it's sad he is just like his Dad.

they'll say my daughter is just like her Mom.

Scientists went on and did a research on it.

It's called Trans generational Epigenetic Inheritance Theory.

The ones who did research on this are from Emory University,

two scientists called Brian Diaz and Kerry Russell.

The result of this research,

even if you come past the generations,

the relation to their DNA will remain and will not change.

And that is true in Mohini's case.

Vaishnavi's body DNA connection has given Mohini full powers.

That's the reason, Mohini waited for 2 years,

and made Vaishnavi come to London.

Now you must've understood.

That Vaishnavi who has turned into Mohini,

will definitely come looking for you.


Why were in such an hurry to meet?

I'll tell you, who's that Vaishnavi and how did she get here?

What's your aim and the plan?

Come on tell me.

Vicky what are you talking about?

I don't understand.

You don't?

When we got divorced, I made a settlement of 100 Crores.

Wasn't that enough for you?

To clear the old scores and with the intention of avenging,

you're trying to swindle my property.

-Am I right!? -Rubbish.

What's wrong with you?

-What court said... -Hey!

I don't want to listen to the bloody explanation.

Where's Vaishnavi,

just tell me that. Tell me.

Why are you looking for her?


I don't have time to explain Meneka.

-She wants to kill me. -What!?

She wants to kill me.

Where's she, tell me.

Tell me!

Tell me!

I'll tell you.

Did you expect this? You wouldn't have expected to come alive.




Oh no Vaishnavi, what are you doing?

Let him go.

Didn't I tell you?

That it'll be me who'll return.

Vaishnavi, what's all this?

Let him go.

Please let him go.

I beg of you Vaishnavi.

Please let him go.

Didn't I ask you to let me go the same way?

Did he let me go?

Did he!?

If you kill me,

my son, will not let you go that easy.

Even if it requires the entire wealth, he'll destroy you.

Come on!

The moment you said your son will be successor to your wealth,

I decided to kill him too.

Now you, later it will be him.

Mohini will definitely kill your son.

Why should my Son die for no reason of mistake,

What you're stating is Dharma.

But Mohini who has come to avenge is a Spirit and a ghost.

We can't expect any kinda of Dharma from it.

Please do something about it.

There are so many religions,

there are many Gods.

Isn't there even one God to save my son.

There's a way to save your son.

Tell me what is that?

Mohini is so powerful, because of Vaishnavi's body.

We have to separate the spirit from that body

What are trying to say?

On the 13th,

there will be a Solar Eclipse,

exactly when the clock turns 6:52,

the eclipse which is going to form,

Avittam Star will be seen in India.

At that time,

Namboodri will perform one of the crucial prayer.

That's when,

I'm going to separate Mohini's Spirit from her body.

So you're saying, Vaishnavi...

That's right Menaka, Vaihsnavi should die.

Only then Mohini won't get Vaishnavi's body.

To kill your son,

Mohini needs only that body.

Vaishnavi should die.

Are you kidding?

We didn't come here so that Vaishnavi can be killed.

Your idea doesn't amuse us.

I'll be different person if we're not inside a Temple.

Let her stay alive, we don't mind getting beaten up.

You're giving up on the ones who have entrusted you.

Vaihsnavi is not my daughter in law, she's my daughter.

I won't agree to this.

I understand all your problems.

I have no desire to kill someone.

But there's no other way to go about it.

Hey, Balki.

He seems useless, let's Take Vaishu to our town.

You can't do anything now.

Vaishnavi is now Mohini.

She won't listen to anyone.

It's the fate that one life has to be lost.

In order to save your Son, we have to do some prayers.

Believe in God,

Be brave.

everything will fall in place.

But there will be a sacrifice of one life.

No one can stop that.

Who's that?


I'm Sandeep's mother.

-Can I come in? -Please come in.

Did you happen to see a girl who looks like Mohini?


But...that happiness was short lived.

I wasn't able to decide whether it was dream or reality.

That was reality.

But that's not Mohini.


I've come down to speak to you about that.

I didn't believe that my daughter was dead.

That's why I haven't put flowers on the picture.

I'm so sorry.

Can you help us save Vaishnavi?

I will definitely help you.

If I think of her now,

we feel really proud.

We live with one notion and he has another plans for us.

There's nothing in our hands.

-Let it happen if it has to. -Don't cry.

Doesn't matter if my Son dies, Vaishnavi should be alive.

Don't say such things.

Even if Vaishnavi is alive,

that ghost will never let her live in peace.

It'll kill your son, and will stay inside my daughters body.

We both will lose our children.


God has given Vaishnavi an opportunity to save a life.

Have to console ourselves.

There's no other way.

Just like the Swami from Buddha Temple mentioned,

we'll take part in Amman Temple Pooja.

And will pray for her.

I don't see another way.

You carry on to the Temple rituals.

I have to return to London as soon as possible.

And will take part in the Pooja happening there.

The monk has informed about it.


Where's Sandeep?

Only if he comes here, we can get Mohini to come here.

I've sent a car to pic up Sandeep from Airport

It's him calling.

Tell me Victor.


Sandeep went away with Vaishnavi?

Don't panic.


Call Sandeep right away.

Not reachable.

Where have you brought me, straight from Airport?

I have something to show you, please come.

After you,

how's the house Vaishu?

What's it Sandeep? you're speaking like an Real Estate Agent.

When did I say, that I wanted to buy a house?

You didn't...

...but I bought one.

Not for you.

But for Us.

It's my sweet dream house.

My choice of life, with the girl I like, I'm going to live here.

I always wanted to have a house like this?

House surrounded by Vineyard,

and you next to me.

Oh my God, I'm so blessed.

I'm really happy.

Whenever I'm around you, it's a thrilling experience.

Vaishu, what's wrong with you?

You dad tarnished my life.

Now...'re going to give me a life?

You said something about my father.

What did you say?

Yes damn it, I did.

The wealth which was built on unethical businesses.

you're going to enjoy them.




Sandeep, where are you?

Mom, Vaishu here is....

...she's different.

Oh no Sandeep, she's not Vaishu.

She's Mohini, a ghost.

What are you saying Mom? what are you saying?

She's there to kill you, you escape from her.


Stop it! Vaishu stop it!

Oh no, it's blood.

Sandeep what happened here?

Hey, you're pretending to be Vaishu.

Please take something and wipe it off.

-Don't act... -Sandeep let me see that...






In another 5 minutes,

Saturn will approach the sun 90 degrees charging towards it,

at that time the power of Saturn will fuel the Earth.

At that time, Sandeep should be within this grid.

That's when, we can separate the spirit.

Call Sandeep and check, where is he.


Come outside.

Come outside damn it!

Don't think you've escaped.

You'll come out by yourself.

Wanna see?

Just watch, what is going to happen to your Vaishnavi.

What are you going to do?

Let her go.


Hey don't.

Stop it!

Please, what are you doing?

Do you want to see Vaishnavi shiver in pain?

-Don't... -Watch now.

-Watch damn it. -No!

Oh no!


It's hurting.

I can't bear it.

Please take me from here.

If not please kill me.

Vaishu, what's all this?

It's better for me to die, instead watching you suffer like this.

That's what I've been telling you too.

Come on!

I'm telling this one last time,


Are you coming?

Or shall I kill her.


Don't...I'll come out.

Let her go.

You'll fear only at the sight of the blood.


Come damn it!

You're torturing my Vaishnavi mercilessly,

is this fair?

I will do that.

Even if it doesn't justifies, I will do it.

I won't let Vaishnavi live

I need her body.

That's why I made her come here.

I should've lived happily, but was killed mercilessly.

I have every right to live.

After killing you,

I'll stay forever in her body.

What about Vaishu then?

I don't care about anyone.

I should live.

Mohini should live!


Come on, Come on, Come on!


Come on.

♪....your words!

I'll give up my life, just for you.

I'll be there for you always.

Just for you, always!


I'm here for you always...

Just for you, always!


Sandeep where are you?

-At the church. -What about Mohini?

She's right here waiting to kill me.

Oh no!

Monk here, somehow manage to escape from her and get here.

No Monk,

If not she'll kill Vaishu.

She won't kill you.

She's acting

She needs Vaishnavi's body.

If you want Vaishnavi back, you've escape and come to Buddhist Temple.

If she comes chasing you to the temple,

I'll take care of the rest.

How can I handle her?

It's big deal even if I move few a steps from here.

There's a way.

If you see behind the church.

there's a huge waterfall.

That waterfall passes under the Church's foundation,

Due to which it turns into holy water.

If you swim through it, you'll reach my Temple.

Then Mohini!?

She can't get into the holy water.

She has to come through the forest.

You'll reach before she does.


Where are you running off to?

Don't you want your Vaishnavi?

You can't do anything to her.

You need her body.

Dheera Dheera Dheena, will she light the Bad on fire?

Is it buried in to the soil,

it's the time of eclipses coming together.

Dheera Dheera Dheena, will she light the Bad on fire?

Is it buried in to the soil,

it's the time of eclipses coming together.

Jaya Jaya Devi

Devi Namaha

Hara Hara Devi

Devi Namaha

Jaya Jaya Devi

Devi Namaha

Hara Hara Devi

Devi Namaha

Dheera Dheera Dheena, will she light the Bad on fire?

Is it buried in to the soil,

it's the time of eclipses coming together.

Warriors face is seen charging with a deceiving face

which changes in to a gory one as it comes closer.

the face turns red with utmost rage.

looks like a statue rising from a Deep Wave dancing on it.

No sin will go unpunished during their lifetime.

Our sins will latch on to us, in all our lifetimes.

with fear in the heart which scales the peak.

You will straighten the karma with the Dharma.

Wash away your sins with the blood.

you're battling with the mother itself.

hundreds of factors which couldn't contain the anger,

It's been wandering hopping from life to life.

no matter how much you run around the fort.

it's been chasing just like your shadow does.

Come as water, or as yourself...

there no room for escape not a hunt.

Jaya Jaya Devi

Hara Hara Devi

Jaya Jaya Devi

Hara Hara Devi

Jaya Jaya Devi

Sandeep come on faster.

-Oh God! do something! -Be calm.

Please go and stop it.


She's going to kill him.

Come on please do something and stop her.

At least now stop her, please.


No, no, no, don't go closer.

Please be patient, please be patient.

It's time!

Sandeep come here.

Come and stand here quick.

Come on!

Come faster, and stand inside this grid.

Go on, go on inside.

Come on quick

-Mom! -Come inside.

Come on!

Sandeep come into that Grid.

Stand inside it.

That's it!

You think you've escaped!?

Just five more minutes.

Then neither that Eclipse nor this Grid will save you.

I'll kill you, no one can stop it.





Come on guys, let us take her

fast, fast...she needs help.

Go, go,

Check the oxygen level.

Swami what happened?

I've been performing the Blood Ritual for 30 years for Amman.

When the ritual comes to an end, Amman's face will be calm and relaxed.

Today the case is not the same, looks like something bad is going to happen.

'Blood Ritual is on I believe

'But the sinned spirit is not the one you think it is.'

'It's not the usual perverse spirit,'

'Mohini is an extremely perverse Spirit'

'If you want to destroy it...'

'You have to sacrifice a life'

'Will you be able to give?'

'Will you be able to sacrifice a life?'

Doctor please somehow save Vaishnavi,

Please Doctor, please!

-Let me try -Please Doctor.

Show me the report...

-...change to 260 Joules! -Done Ma'am.

-She's not reacting -What are you saying?

I think she's dead.

What the hell Doctor!?

What happened to Vaishnavi?

When the heart stops functioning.

Using CPR, we can try and revive it within 15 minutes.

But that didn't happen in Vaishnavi's case.

If I knew this will happen...

...I wouldn't have agreed to this idea.

What idea are you talking about Mom?

Sandeep, in order to save your life,

Vaishnavi should die.

Once Mohini leaves her body,

Swami said can save Mohini.

That's why...

...even I for Vaishnavi's death

agreed to it with her parents permission to it.

What nonsense!?

Mom how can you be so selfish about this.

I could've rather died.

Could've rather died.

-Balki! -Uh!

It's me speaking.

Our Vaishu is fine right!?

She's fine right!?


...I think Vaishu will leave us all behind.

Doctor has given up.

She's lying there unconscious.

Oh no!

I didn't send my daughter to London to sacrifice herself.

All the Gods I pray to have given up on me.

Why should I lose Vaishnavi for a dead daughter?

Not only Mohini, Vaishnavi is a daughter to me as well.

DNA Connections has given Mohini the full power.

A life has to be lost, that's the fate.

'Will you be able to sacrifice a life?'

If that Mohini wants a life,

let Vaishnavi go, rather take my life.

Oh no!


She's back, do something.

-Vaishnavi. -Vaishu.


Vaishu you're alright.


Kids, tomorrow everyone should finish their homework just like Neha.

If not there will be no chocolate for anyone.


Stop, Stop, Stop...stop right here.

Bye Archana!

Come on kids get down.

Hi Mummy!

Neha, come on my dear.

You're my sweetheart.

Look at those cheeks.

Can keep loving you all the time, Neha dear.


Hey Neha!

No, Mohini!

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