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Hi, everyone!

We're at the villa.

We're at at the filming location.

Fajri is the main character.

No. It's UN1TY.

We know.

So, how do you feel?

I'm excited.

But, this house really fits the song.

It's really cool.

We imagine UN1TY lives here.


Luthfi is here.

Five six seven eight.

We sing along.

You're watching behind the scenes of 'Restu Waktu'.


We actually have a lot of night scenes.

But, we're already here since 10 AM.

So, we'll go back in between.

We only have two day scenes.

Which scene? / In the bedroom.

After that, we'll wait until dark.

So, we'll go back? / No.

We'll do photoshoot though.

It will be really fun.

It will be a new color to UN1TY's MV.

Wish us the best for today.

We have so much to do.

We have to make Tik Tok video.

We also have photoshoot.

I hope everything goes well.

Stay tuned!

We're at the MV filming location.

We're going to take antigen test...

with Bumame Farmasi.

(Antigen test with Bumame Farmasi)

We're done with the test.

The result will be out in 30 minutes.

Zweitson, we want to ask some questions.

Zweitson painted this...

for our sixth MV.

What's the concept?

There's a moon. And there's Ani.

What's the concept?

We'll auction this.


The concept...

Ani is cooking under the moonlight.

We're being serious here.

I am.

The idea was from...

In UN1TY's song,

there's a story about talking with the moon.

That's the idea...

behind this painting.

Rate this painting from 1 to 10, on the comment.

Rate Zweitson's painting. / One.

I would say... / One point.

Half point.

This is Wiro Sableng.

A warrior.

So, you left me for him?


You disregard all of my sacrifices?


Is this how you return my love?

I hope you're happy.

I hope you meet someone new.

Say hello to your parents.


Fiki is getting his makeup done.

After this, we'll do the photoshoot.

We have a lot of night scenes.


We're getting ready.


(Makeup and hairdo situation)

Hi. I'm getting my makeup and hair done.

With the great Rommy and Wiwid.

Hi, everyone!

I'm here with my mom.

Mom will appear in the sixth MV.

In the MV, Mom will send me food.

I'll eat the food...

with Mom virtually.

How is it, Mom?

Are you happy? / I'm very happy.


Stay tuned!

It will be exciting.


I'll talk about what I'm wearing right now.

Today we're wearing white, beige, and grey.

That's the color palette.

It's semi-formal.

Anyway, it's really good.

We wear white and cream.

We're wearing calm colors.

We'll do the photoshoot soon.

And we'll go swimming.

It's really bright.

You're too close.

I've just gotten my makeup done.

And I'm wearing the costume.

This is the first costume.

My makeup and hairdo...

go for a casual look.

I wear white.

And dress shoes.

The same as Shandy.

I'm also wearing jacket and scarf.

I'm wearing brown, white, cream, and peach.

Calm colors.

Since the song is calm.

After this, we'll still be waiting.

We'll do the next shoot at the evening.

(All talents and crews took antigen test before the shooting)

We'll shoot the first scene.

It's in the bedroom.

Let's go to my room!

Okay, guys.

You're back with us.

Ricky is doing his scene.

Luthfi and Vero are finalizing Ricky's actions.

It's fun, and it looks great.

Hi, guys!

We're taking a break.


I'll start filming at 9 PM.

That's for my scene.

The group shot will start at 8 PM.

So, there's still a lot of time.

Zweitson is sleeping.

We'll sleep first.

To be able to do the filming well.

Now it's my turn.

I'll do the scene with Mom.

Let's go!

Let's go!

How do you feel?

I'm really happy.

It's really close to the reality.

The scene in the MV...

really happened.

We support and pray for each other.

We eat together virtually.

Fenly won't end the call if I don't eat.

You're crying?

That's about it, guys.

The longing is healed.

Since we meet in person now.

If you still have time,

use your time wisely.

Spend your time with your family.

We're here with Luthfi and Fardan.

They are the director and DOP.

We'll talk with them.

We have Farhan too.


Looking at the script, you're the center.

What do you think?

He'll be the one asking.

I'll be asking you.


What's the reference for this MV?

Where? And how?

Vero had told me since the beginning.

The song was about longing.

But the longing was conveyed through the moon.

You don't say it directly to the person.

But you say it to the moon instead.

Even though we're not physically together,

we're looking at the same moon.


How do you feel working as the DOP...

in UN1TY's project for the first time?

I was nervous.

But, I was also nervous.

When Vero asked me to direct UN1TY's MV.

I was quite nervous.

But, we've known each other for quite a long time.

So, the filming was fun.

How is the mood of the MV?


What do you think, Fardan?

Since we're talking about longing and the moon,

we created the moonlight.

The light is mostly bluish, and we created moonlight.

I tried to make Fajri looked distinct here.

His look and mood would be distinct from the others.

The other members would stay inside the house,

but Fajri would be outside.

At the moon?

The storytelling will be the key of this MV.

Don't forget to watch the MV when it's out!

Don't forget to share it to your friends, if you like it!

And stream the song in your favorite digital platforms.


Hello! We're UN1TY team.

That's it, guys.

Thank you, Fardan and Luthfi. Bye!

Bye? We'll still be here.

We'll still be here until 3 AM.


We're wearing our homewear outfits.

This is the most casual outfit.

It's very realistic.

This is fake homewear outfit.

We wear something like this at home.

Underwear and T-shirt.

But we wear this for the MV.

We won't wear something like that.

After Fenly's scene,

Farhan, Gilang, and I will observe the stars.

Am I not invited? / No.

You're bad.

Okay, then. Bye!

Are you the housekeeper of this villa?

This is actually my house.

So, I just chill.

I'm at my own house.


How's the filming, Sir?

I like the place.

I'm satisfied with the villa. / Thank you.

Nice. But, the electricity went down.

(Hallucination) But, the villa was designed for the filming.

It really fits UN1TY's MV.

So, you built the house for it?

It was completed a while ago.

And now it's really used as the location.

I already knew UN1TY would do a comeback.

So, you built it right away?

Yes, I'm the owner.

How long have you been here?

I just talked about it.

Didn't you hear it?

I just built the house.

Specially for UN1TY's comeback.

It's specially designed.

If I may know...

Excuse me, how long have you been here?

You're starting to act like a devil.

Don't do that!

You're not the housekeeper?

You're the owner?

I thought you're the housekeeper.

(They decided to be the housekeepers)

Yo, bro!

Now, it's Farhan, Fiki, and Gilang's scene.

We have two telescopes here.

We don't know who will use it.

We'll do what Vero says.

This is for observing our soulmates.

No, we'll observe the moon.

We'll convey our longing through the moon.

That's a metaphor.

Let me observe your heart.

Wow! I see a lot of YouN1T in your heart.

Okay, then.

They're setting up the location.

Let's check it out!

I have a speaker here.

Zweitson is filming.

His painting is really cool.


He's my friend. His name is Zweitson.

He's painting.

Who is this?

A warrior.

She looks like a warrior now.

Because of this.

It's supposed to be the hairbun.

We're filming now. Bye!

Hi, everyone!

It's 11 PM now.

It's almost midnight.

We just took Zweitson's painting scene.

Next will be my scenes.

I'll be sitting in the living room and next to the swimming pool.


The smile looks good.

You're into the mood.

Hello, guys!

I knew I was being recorded.

I was just seeking for your attention.

You're happy?

We have two scenes left.

One group scene.

And Fajri's scene will be the last one.

It's 00.41 now.

So, it's Wednesday already.

We're still at the location.

We're doing our best.

Please stream, share,

comment, and like the video.

Please support us.

You can see how I'm still in good spirit.


I'm at the rooftop.

It's scary.

It's quite high.

It's for the scene.

I have to be professional.

I climbed up that ladder.

Are you scared? / Kinda.

But, I have to be brave.


The scene up there is done.

But I still have one scene left.

It's a wrap!

Hello, guys!

Thank God, the shooting is done.

It's all good.

It went well.

How do you feel as the center?

I'm very happy.

I hope you like the MV.

I hope the message will reach the listeners.

We want to thank our director, Luthfi.

And to our DOP, Fardan.

He'll go viral.

Did you have fun?

It's fun. What time is it now?

It's so much fun, it's 3 AM now.

Soon will be prayer time.

But, it was fun.

I hope you guys like it.

I hope the vision and the meaning of the song reach the viewers.


I hope all of you are always happy.

Thank you, Luthfi.

Thank you to... What's his name?


Thank you for watching.

Thank you to all the crews who helped the MV.

Rommy, Vero, Adit, Wiwid, and everyone.

Thank you.

Thank you to the cameramen also.

Rama, Bowo.

Thank you so much.

Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


Just give the cue when I should do the heart sign.

I'm shy.

I'll mute the video.


And... action!

Then, touch the phone.


That's good.

The phone is too close to me apparently.

That's fine. Send me this one.

It might be even tighter in the editing.

Bye, guys! / Thank you.

Thank you, all.

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