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when he was run over by a truck from behind

and the trucker didn't see his brake lights.

Yes. Wow. I'm so sorry to hear that.

So I should be, like, grabbing this, okay?

But I'm not hearing anything clear

or that gives me confidence that you can sell this thing.

So because I lack trust in that aspect,

which I think is more important than the product, I'm out.

Sorry to hear that.

I think Alex and I are both great salesmen,

and that's why we're here. -Yeah.

This, I see as a genius product. Thank you.

I think that it is fantastically done.

I think it looks terrific.

My only worry is, um,

when products have a liability issue that can go with them... Mm-hmm. know, it's much more challenging. Yeah.

I think it's necessary, I think it's needed,

but because it's not all worked out yet

and because there is liability potential,

for me, I just feel I need to sit this one out.

Sorry, I'm out.

Look, I love it. It's brilliant.

I think it's a great idea.

But just because it's a great product... It will be big.

...doesn't mean it's gonna get to market. So --

I think we have all the money we need to go to market,

and the money we need from you Sharks is to scale...

Maybe. But I think you need -- tap into that economic of scale.

I think you need the expertise to go to market with that.

And that would be great, as well, yes. Yes.

We are in this space. We know this space. Partially why we're here.

My friends are in this space.

One of my best friends owned Harley Canada.

We've connected with Ducati. We would love to be in dealerships, as well.

Yeah, I mean, I think you eventually have to go there,

but not today.

I'll give you $200,000 for 20%.

That's my offer.

This is gonna be on the back of every helmet out there

'cause there is a passion to riding motorcycles,

and this gives you that safety.

Absolutely. Thank you. With style to match it.

Absolutely. Corcoran: [ Laughs ]

Well, I'm gonna be using it, Henry, so...

What do you think of that offer?

I think Mark's been a little quiet.

Yeah, look, I mean, Robert, obviously, is more ingrained

in the motorcycle culture,

but I can tell you

I have a company, SURESTOP, Guardian Bikes,

that has gone online and just crushed it

with safety devices for regular bikes,

but it's changing the industry. Right.

Herjavec: Guys, I think I made you a fair offer today,

and this is what I do.

I mean, this is, you know...

Besides cyber security, this is what I do.

Mark's a great guy.

If you want to pursue a different route with him,

I'm happy to drop out.

But I think I made you a fair offer.

Would you guys want to collaborate together?

I think the brick and mortar and the online together -- Cuban: I'm open to it.

I'm open to it. I only have one condition.

When we're riding the bike,

Mark has to get on the back and hug me.

[ Laughter ] That's fair. That's fair enough.

That says a whole lot more about you than it does me, Robert.

[ Laughter ]

I'm open to it. Okay, let's go.

-Yeah, let's do it. -Nice.

-Alright! -Congratulations, man.

-Thank you so much. -Thanks, guys.

-Great job. -Thank you.

Herjavec: Awesome. Great job.

-I'm super excited. -Thank you, thank you.

-This is awesome. -This is amazing.

Aah! [ Laughter ]

-Oh, gosh. -Yes.

-Thanks, guys. -Thank you very much.

-Congrats. -Thank you, thank you.

Congrats, guys. Good deal. Great presentation.

Thank you.

[ Chuckling ] Yes. Yes.

Whoo-hoo! Flying, dude.

Yes. Whoo!

This has been our dream.

Mark and Robert, those are the two guys that we wanted.

I mean, this is, like, the game plan executed to the "T."

Like, this is a dream. I-I couldn't ask for more.

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