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- What up? Today I'm gonna talk to you about

the new pro model 2014 Jobe Hera flex series.

First of all, it has a blended core,

which means it's made out of flexible poulownia wood and PU.

Which provides the perfect combination

between flex and strength.

So it's perfect for riding behind a boat.

It's also for cable riding.

The tip and tail flex, makes the landing softer,

and makes it easier to press and rails.

The hip base is the best base you can get,

if you're planning to hit as many rails

and kickers as you want.

The hybrid rocker gives you the best pop and consistency

on the water.

It also has ABS wall, which makes it extremely durable

so you can ride as many kickers and rails as you want,

but it won't break.

So the board comes with fins, but personally I think,

it's better to take the fins off,

so it makes it easier for you to nose press,

or do any press on the rail.

This years pro model is so different than all the years

I had before.

Cause I used to have the max shape,

but I love the flex board.

It's really flexy,

and I just improved a lot of my rail riding,

and especially like with air tricks, very aggressive.

It makes you a better rider.

And I'm really stoked to have this one.

And even the design, it looks awesome.

I love the colors. And yeah.

So this is all I gotta say about my pro model,

but I hope you try it,

and I hope you let me know what you think.

Cause I sure love it.

(upbeat music)

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