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good time of the day viewers Also guests of my channel! Today we

consider the list of changes Miui 9. Also Miui 10 closed beta rom

miui 9 8.6.14 also came out for some devices

and now we will consider what is new I added links to the description below

for all of the topics what i use in reviews

We can see that this rom release for: mi 6, mix 2/2s, R.Note 5/pro, Redmi S2

I would like to note that on mi6 rom suspended for some reason

but maybe release in evening Rom 8.6.14! So what we see here!?

what we have in the global beta closed beta Miui 10 have same changes

like miui 9 global beta Browser optimization startup page

PWA Support improved search

also in the application shortcuts added a card about football

the rest is football match and their results and much more

fixed the localization for the Greek language when you had a 12-hour

format and PM displaying AM

change and now we directly see changes Miui 9 global beta 8.6.14

this is the same as in Miui 10

this is also a test function but also its want to test at the same time

global beta rom 8.6.14

I don't know what phone get this update information is not yet available on the forum

Changes: optimized the startup page

also PWA Support what is PWA Support!?

Progressive Web Apps are built on web standards called Service Workers, HTTPS, and Web App Manifests.

Service Workers let developers build websites that can work when theres no network.

The Web App Manifest lets users do things like pin the app to their home screens,

or interact with web apps as if they were native. The point is to create something that will work

when theres no internet connection, and make it possible to launch it right from the Home screen, just like a native app.

some browser like chrome can do this right now

Add football card to the shortcuts cards in the recent in our fast

shortcuts about football, that is, I wonder everything I think it will be useful

since here we have added what game will occur with which comand

than it ended but also tournament table and etc.

Fixed some bugs the first is that the settings sometimes

automatically restored to default settings.

The gallery ceased its work when it was open file manager that is also

some glitch, but it is not clear why this happened but now fixed

who received such an update global rom 8.6.14

write in the comments please which phone everyone will be interested what phone get!

However, the changes nevertheless touched upon this I have Chinese Beta Rom

I don't use global I wait miui 10! I think you too)))

Then we waiting together Thank you for your time

Thank you for your attention to all the luck Good Day for all!

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