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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We love Orangutans - "Release Coordinator, Ahmad Suyoko"

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Hi! My name is Ahmad Suyoko.

I am the camp leader at the orangutan release site and conservation forest,

Bukit Batikap, Central Kalimantan.

So far we have released 131 orangutans at Bukit Batikap.

This receiver captures the signal from a transmitter implanted beneath the skin of the orangutan.

If the forest wasnt being destroyed by people,

these orangutans wouldnt have to go through this lengthy process before they can be released.

We travel by plane from Palangka Raya to Muara Teweh or Puruk Cahu,

from where we continue by helicopter.

We start our day with a brief. We expect the orangutans to arrive by 10am.

The conservation forest at Bukit Batikap is a primary forest or still in good condition.

There are plenty of big trees.

This area is located far from human settlements.

We will continue to track the orangutans

to find out how they live in their new homes,

how they develop and grow.

And whether or not they have enough food.

I love being in the forest at Bukit Batikap!

I feel extremely happy when I see forest landscapes and hills.

Its because I have an adventurous soul that I want to explore every inch of this forest.

It's really that simple!

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