Practice English Speaking&Listening with: “吃鸡”跳伞飘进轰炸区,会在天上被炸死吗?一个很疯狂的测试!

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Hi guys ,I am beckham

Today ,let us test about the bombing zone again

Bombing zone is normal

But ,mystery

Did you see that missile model of bombing zone ?

Of course not ,because there arent

In the last test

We found vehicles was broken

When them in the sky

That mean,bombing zone can attack target in the sky

But I still confuse

If I stand at a high building

for example ,this

about 58floor

live ,or die ?

Will I be killed if I parachute in the sky?

If I in the sea ?

Lets find the answers

At first ,target is this building

My teammate go there

And I create a bombing zone at the ground


Let me see

Boom!My teammate is killed

In the same time

nothing happen where under my teammate

That mean

there are a missile

from sky to the ground

That very easy to understand

Next test will be interesting

Will I be killed if I parachute in the sky?

For accurate test results, I adjusted the bombing zone parameters

Significantly extended duration

more frequency

Now ,my teammate in the sky

height indicator on the left

it could be remind us how high when my teammate be killed

Let's go !

Unbelievable ! My teammate's height has dropped to within 200 meters

He should be killed

Look the bombing zone ,so frequency

No way ! Within 100 meters

it is so low !

Why don't he die ?

Maybe ,the bombing zone don't attack that player in the sky ?

oh !he die !

at the 6 meters

Why ?

I have not idea

Oh ! I get it !

There are a undisplay missile

from sky to the ground

they attack the sky target first

as like before we test

Because they allow be attacked

in the program

but ,player except

They they because them too nearly the ground

I say again

Player don't be attacked

they just too nearly the ground ,and the ground explode !

That mean ,the bombing zonehave a limit

They can't hurt more high stuff or people

Maybe is 10 meters

Next !

We go to the sea

Let my teammate dive slightly

Not too far from the sea surface

When the bombing zone came

My teammate is killed by the explosion on the sea surface

ok ,we don't surprise it

The second time, I let my teammates dive deep

When the bombing zone came again

Nothing happen where under my teammate

That mean it has a limit of underwater


That's all for this video

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