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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English Live - FRIDAY APRIL 7th 2017 - English Lesson with Duncan - English listening

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Did you like that tune? I wrote it myself well hello there excuse me a moment oh well hello there

and welcome it's okay i have a little bit of hay fever today apparently the tree pollen

has all come out over the past week and some of it has gone up my nose so where was I oh

yes hi everybody hello there this is mr. Duncan in England for a friday afternoon and what

a beautiful day it is turning out to be it is beautiful outside the sun is shining as

brightly as it can there are just a few clouds in the sky but it is a beautiful day would

you like to have a look outside and straight away let's have a look there it is look at

that just to prove it there it is a live view of the outside of my garden there it is that's

the side garden and a little bit later on I will be out there live talking to you so

as you can see everything is looking very lush at the moment I love that word lush it

means very very healthy everything is out everything is looking green and you can see

some of the daffodils there there are one or two daffodils still in bloom many of them

have died unfortunately they've withered away but wanted to have survived I don't know what

that was do you see the bird then there was a bird just flew by it went up into the bush

so here we go for those who are not familiar with all of this my name is duncan and i teach

english on youtube and i have been doing that for over 10 years can you believe it i have

been here on youtube for over 10 years this is my 11th year on youtube teaching english

on my youtube channel you will find lots of english lessons over 500 english lessons now

exist on my youtube channel for you to watch so if you want to check out my english lessons

there are lots and lots of them on my youtube channel there is the channel address so now

there is no excuse for not knowing what i am what i do and where I am well where I am

is in England and you are now watching a live stream broadcasting to the whole world at

just coming up to eight minutes past two on a Friday afternoon it is the seventh of April

this is my second broadcast of the week don't forget during April you can catch me not once

but twice a week so I will be with you on Tuesdays and Fridays during April just to

remind you tuesday and friday i will be live on youtube on tuesday you can catch me at

four p.m. UK time and of course i think you know this already you can catch me on friday

at two p.m. UK time so there I am look at that during April you can catch me twice a

week on Tuesdays and on Fridays as well oh my goodness here mr. Duncan you're being very

generous this month why I don't know why I think I'm just feeling very happy because

spring is here lots of things going on around my garden to do with nature of course a little

bit later on we'll be taking a look at some of the birds not live pictures these aren't

live video images but a little bit later on a little later we will be looking at some

birds and their springtime had it also coming later we have some excerpts from some of my

English lessons as I mentioned just I do produce English video lessons and I have been doing

this since 2006 so a little bit later on we'll be looking at some clips from my youtube videos

my full English lessons in fact one of them is to do with chores and the other one is

to do with technology because today I am going to ask you a question I am going to ask you

for your opinion on technology so here you can see in my hand I have my smartphone sometimes

this phone is smarter than me I don't like that to be honest so if you are an owner of

a smartphone or a tablet device or a computer do you tend to upgrade and renew your phones

every year so do you upgrade your phone's when the new model comes along because a few

days ago Samsung introduced their new galaxy s 8 this one I have here isn't a new one this

is actually over three years old this phone so in technology years this is actually ancient

so this is actually an ancient piece of technology it's over three years old people can't believe

it when I say that I have this phone for three years they say does it still work of course

it still works in fact it works really well so if you own a piece of technology maybe

a smartphone or maybe a tablet device or a computer do you tend to upgrade or update

it every time a new bottle comes along now the reason why I'm asking this is because

I am in the stage of thinking about upgrading this phone to the new Samsung but i'm not

sure if it's worth doing it there are two reasons why upgrading can be a bad thing first

all if you buy the phone on its own it's very expensive some cell phones smartphones or

tablet devices can be very expensive so that's one of the downsides also if you have a contract

so you have to sign a contract normally the monthly fees are very expensive you have to

pay a lot of money because over the contract you have to pay for the phone as well and

quite often nowadays if you have a mobile phone contract you have to sign up for two

years and sometimes longer now so there are some mobile phone contracts that require you

to stay with them much longer but the average nowadays is two years which is a very long

time to sign a contract for I think so what do you think if you have a mobile phone or

a piece of technology do you tend to upgrade it every time a new model comes out later

this year the new iphone is coming out and as I mentioned just a few days ago we had

the new Samsung Galaxy so I'm just trying to work out whether it's a good idea to do

it or not if I do upgrade I will have to sign up for a two-year contract and to be honest

with you I'm not a big fan of signing contracts especially long term contracts I'm not a big

fan at all so thank you for joining me today we just had a look outside we're going to

have another look outside this is not a live image this is something that's recorded I

have a tree in my garden and I've been trying to work out what the tree is so I'm hoping

that today you can also help me to identify the tree in my garden so here it is here is

the tree that is sitting looking very lovely at the moment in my garden so these are some

shots that I did a few days ago but what is this particular tree do you know what is because

I'm not quite sure it's a very strange-looking tree it doesn't have many leaves but it does

have flowers lots of purple coloured flowers all over it so if you can tell me what this

particular tree is because I'm not quite sure i'm not a big person that I'm not a knowledgeable

person about trees and on earth but I am a big fan of Ornithology so not horticulture

horticulture is when we talk all about plants and trap and trees and bushes and things like

that and then there's all ethology which is to do with birds and I do love birds so if

you can tell me what this particular tree is I would be very very interested to find

out you will have a chance to let me know a little bit later on because I will be opening

the live chat in a round about 15 minutes time so how are things where you are it's

been a very eventful week lots of things happening in the world as certainly over the last 20

hours lots of things have been happening if you've been reading the news you will know

that in the world at the moment quite a few things have taken place that's all I'm saying

for now maybe perhaps later you will want to talk about that I don't know but I think

you know what I'm talking about we have lots of people joining us this afternoon it's lovely

to see you thank you very much by the way for joining me on Tuesday don't forget I am

with you twice a week during April so I am with you on tuesday and friday during the

month of April coming up later on also I like to pick your brains on a friday i always like

to give you things to think about so here we go here is something i'm going to ask you

later i will show you these later so don't worry so first of all we have the mystery

tree so what is that do you know what it is because I'm not quite sure also I'm going

to ask you to tell me what these idioms are so here are some idioms but they are not in

word form they are in picture form so these are well-known idioms so there is the first

idiom and it is in the form of a picture and here is the other idiom do you know what these

idioms are can you name these picture idioms so there's the first one and there is the

second one so these are both English idioms but do you know what they are something very

mysterious and cryptic for a friday afternoon so I will show them again so there is the

first one and there is the second one do you know what these idioms are they are well-known

phrases in English but do you know what they are if you don't don't worry i will tell you

what they are later one more time there is number one and there is number two do you

know what those idioms are if you think you know you will have a chance in a few moments

time because we will be opening the live chat at around about two-thirty half past two we

will open the live chat so let's have a look at one of my lesson shall we we of course

enjoy English don't we all enjoy looking at English and reading about English and finding

out about english and i thought it would be fun also to have a look at some of my english

lessons and here is a series of English lessons that I've done called full English and I've

made 25 of these particular lessons so full English lessons they are available on my youtube

channel and right now we are going to take a look at one of my full English lessons so

this is just an excerpt from one of my full English lessons and this one is all about

chores [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] can you see what I'm doing here I'm hanging out some

washing this is one of my weekly chores that I have to do it must be done regularly to

be honest I do not enjoy doing chores they are such a tool yes we often use the word

chore to describe an unpleasant or laborious task something we despise or dislike doing

can be described as a chore there are many different types of chore that must be done

washing the dishes I hate having to wash the dishes mowing the lawn I hate having to mow

the lawn cutting out the rubbish I hate having to put out the rubbish [Music] vacuuming the

carpet I hate having to vacuum the carpet but for me the worst chore of all has to be

ironing my clothes I cannot begin to tell you just how much I despise ironing especially

when there are so many clothes that need ironing yes i'm pretty sure that my least favourite

chore has got to be doing the ironing do you enjoy doing chores which chores do you hate

doing the most delivered so there it is an excerpt from one of my full English lessons

that was one of my early full English lessons and it was all about chores do you enjoy doing

chores I don't know about you but I hate doing all of the tools even though they have to

be done as you saw in that video I hate washing the dishes I hate mowing the lawn I really

hate doing the ironing I think ironing is the worst look the worst chore in the world

it has to be what do you think maybe one week now this is just an idea maybe next week I

could do this maybe next week I could during my live stream on Tuesday perhaps I could

do the ironing whilst doing my live stream what do you think is that a good idea what

do you think about that I like to feature buzz words on my English lessons in my full

English lessons and also during my live lessons I love talking about buzz words a buzz word

is a word or expression that is used often in a particular period of time or something

that is genuinely popular among people so today I thought it would be a good idea to

have a look at a phrase that is being used a lot at the moment so let's go outside and

have a look at that phrase shall we would you like to go outside because the weather

is beautiful today it's so sunny let's go outside now did it alone give me just two

moments and I will be outside with you

I have to say it is an absolutely beautiful day today absolutely gorgeous the Sun is out

and everything is pretty good so here we go a buzzword as I just mentioned is a phrase

or sentence that is very popular during a certain period of time and today's buzzword

that we're going to look at is just visible because of course I'm in the shade so please

excuse me if you can't see it it is gig economy I hope you can see that gig economy so what

is gig economy the phrase 'gig economy' is an english noun the modern phrase gig economy

is an English noun that means an area of the job market where people work under short-term

contracts or on a temporary basis this modern form of employment has become commonplace

in both the UK and the United States the digitization and lowering of production time in certain

industries means that working hours and the actual work force needed to carry out tasks

has reduced the gig economy relates to employees being contracted for short periods and quite

often on low salaries so the gig economy means that lots of people work under short contracts

but also quite often for very little pay the word gig can refer to a job with an uncertain

future it can also mean a musical performance so there it is the gig economy so something

that many people are talking about at the moment here in the UK it's a new way of employing

people using very short term contracts as I mentioned just a few minutes ago I'm not

a big fan of contracts I don't like signing contracts at all

I'm back inside really is quite a splendid day the only problem

is that I didn't take into account that the Sun would be coming over the house so it's

very very bright and dazzling now just like on Tuesday when i was outside on tuesday it

was so bright outside i couldn't see a thing I found it very difficult to read off the

paper right here we go two minutes away from 230 I don't know about you but sometimes I

like to take a cream cracker and I like to squeeze a little bit of salad cream onto it

so let's do that now just before we open the live chat because I'm feeling a little bit

peckish so here we go there it is I love the cream cracker and some salad cream so let's

let's just give this a little squeeze

I love that sound this is specific hmm that's enough this is one of my strange eating habits

I do like occasionally to have a little bit of salad cream on a cream cracker because

of course cream crackers are designed for cheese and salad cream hmm very nice

very tan gig I need some water now mm lovely in half an hour we will be going into the

kitchen to make a hot drink even though the weather today is quite hot outside it's about

17 or 18 degrees outside at the moment but a little bit later I will be making a hot

drink in the kitchen but what will it be also I will be taking a look at a couple of words

that I mentioned on Tuesday sensor and think sure so a little bit later on I will be talking

about those two words as well as making a hot drink so that coming at three o'clock

UK time don't forget this is live I am now broadcasting live across YouTube this is live

english with me mr. Duncan right here we go it's two-thirty and I will now be opening

a live chat so you now can have your say by typing something in the chat box also if you

wish to make a small donation using super chat you can also press that button as well

and make a small donation it is up to you right let's have a look so live chat is now

enabled we already have people coming through wow thank you very much for that thank you

for joining me so many people already saying hello Victoire hello to Victor hello victor

and also an sonic is here as well hello and onic mr. Duncan I don't know the name of the

tree and the flowers in Spanish so in English I know the about the cake but not the other

one okay then ute r is here Mary Claude Vern is here as well welcome welcome

to the live chat my my snack that I just had it stuck in my throat that's not very good

is it James Wright is here hello James hi mr. Duncan long time no see Oh have we spoken

before really Lucy is here as well hi my dear teacher how are you I'm okay today but I am

choking on my cream cracker and salad cream so there it is you see I'm having my little

snack today because I'm feeling slightly peckish so I will have a little bit more this time

I hope I don't choke nice a little bit tangy so what is this tree called this is a tree

that is in my garden ah ok then I've already had some suggestions Pierre has said mr. Duncan

your tree looks like a Magnolia ok and maybe yes I think you're right and mica mica ode

is already on the live chat as well saying the same thing mr. Duncan the tree is a Magnolia

now a few days ago I was talking to someone about the tree and I described it to the person

I was talking to and they said we think it might be a magnolia tree but I wasn't sure

because i looked at some pictures on the internet and they didn't look like that particular

tree they look very different so i can only assume that there are different types of magnolia

tree so that is the one that's growing in my garden ute R thank you very much and also

mika has said it's a magnolia tree thank you very much for that I was wondering what it

was someone had suggested magnolia tree but they couldn't see the actual tree so they

weren't sure Frank is here hello Frank I'm very glad to follow your live session you're

welcome excuse me my throat is very sensitive today because

I have a touch of hay fever at the moment because the tree pollen is everywhere hello

mr. Duncan it is my second time to meet you Thank You Yvonne for that and also a dieta

is here as well hello to my favourite teacher best wishes from Lithuania thank you a dieta

for that victoria is also here hello mr. Duncan hello to you as well thank you for joining

me on this Friday don't forget I am here twice a week at the moment so not only friday but

also you can catch me on tuesday as well tuesday from 4 p.m. UK time a little bit later on

we are going to have a look at some of the habits and some of the types of behaviour

that birds have during the springtime because during the spring the birds like to build

their nests they like to raise their young and of course they have to lay their eggs

as well and they have to do it safely so a little bit later on we are going to have a

look at that but first of all something very interesting happened outside my house this

week would you like to see something very very unusual ok here it comes now [Music]

you [Music] can you see what's going on here a pair of long-tailed tits are currently trying

to build a net in this letter box unfortunately they are having a little bit of trouble getting

in let me go on let me and I'm trying to get into your house I want to build a nest in

your letterbox go on let me in so that was something I spotted during the week and I

decided to film it so there are a pair of long-tailed tits and they are at the moment

trying to build a nest in my letterbox also that we're trying to get into the house through

one of the windows as well which isn't a good thing I don't recommend having a bird in your

house for various reasons first of all they will fly everywhere and they will get very

distressed if they do that also they will probably do poops everywhere on your furniture

and on your carpet so I don't recommend having a bird loose in your house so there it is

thank you very much for your suggestions about the tree there it is again so it would appear

that everyone is saying that it is a magnolia tree I haven't seen many magnolia tree is

around here I don't think it's a tree you see very often in gardens in suburban gardens

but I don't know why this one is here I think the previous owner of the house must have

planted it many years ago but it is quite a beautiful plant I want to say it's a tree

I think it's a tree isn't it although Magnolia I was thought magnolias were bushes but that

one looks like a tree the one in the garden hello mr. Duncan it's the second time to meet

you Thank You Yvonne welcome Yvonne thank you for joining me today thank you for coming

back for more of this it's a great weekend the weekend looks like it's going to be nice

I was watching the weather forecast last night there he is there's Darren this is Darren

this is Darren you might you might have seen him on BBC news reading the weather sometimes

so there is Darren telling us that this weekend it's going to be very very hot can you see

23 degrees in some places and that is the forecast for Sunday but apparently also tomorrow

is going to be quite hot as well so I'm going off to a special place tomorrow as a way of

enjoying the sunshine so tomorrow I am going off for a nice day to a certain place and

it is a place that I featured many times in my youtube videos I wonder where it could

be I wonder where can you spot the idioms can you spot them here we go here they are

again these are two mystery idioms in the form of pictures well you have to do is guess

what the idioms are they are well known expressions as well can use the word expression so there

is one I've had one suggestion so far and also that one so what are these well-known

idioms they are expressions that are well known in English but do you know what they

are once again and don't worry i will give you the answer to all of those things a little

bit later on thank you very much for answering the question I think we have now decided that

this particular tree is definitely Magnolia so thank you very much for helping me there

I do appreciate your help so sometimes I help you and sometimes you help me quid pro quo

as they say we both benefit we both benefit from the things we do mr. Duncan hello to

my favourite teacher it is a very dull day here says be entertainment such Indra is also

here such Indra says hello mr. Duncan please pronounce my name hello satyendra because

that I got it wrong the other day I kept saying so kyndra but of course it's suchindram hello

mr. Duncan can you please pronounce my name i hope i pronounced it right today or else

I might get into lots of trouble mez petru SEC says it's a beautiful tree mr. Duncan

oh do you mean my magnolia tree yes it's it's just coming out now because Spring has arrived

mr. Duncan I am cleaning up my house at the moment at the same time as listening to you

today eliana I hope you are enjoying your housework I don't really enjoy doing it to

be honest frank says mr. Duncan I should recognize that time does not go over you you look as

if you were you look the same as you did in your first ever English video really do you

mean my appearance I suppose I do take good care of myself I am quite health conscious

even though now and again I do eat some very disgusting things including cream crackers

and salad cream can you see that that looks absolutely disgusting but sometimes there

isn't enough time to make yourself a proper meal so sometimes I have something that's

very convenient and quick mr. Duncan today we are celebrating Good Friday here in Nepal

by singing and dancing well soon we will be celebrating Easter here in the UK on the sixteenth

of April will be Easter Sunday so we are currently leading up to Easter and the kids are off

at the moment the children are off right now for two weeks so at the moment the schools

have all closed for two weeks and the children are off leading up to the Easter holidays

and Easter Sunday this year is on April the 16th next week i will be talking a little

bit about the easter celebrations. Mr. Duncan one more time can I please have a shout-out

or I will go off what do you mean go off do you mean leave please don't leave me please

ok then I will say Jack and the guinea pigs hello to Jack and the 56 eee eee eee eee eee

eee guinea pigs that's the sound that guinea pigs make eee eee eee eee eee eee is that

a good impression of a guinea pig eee eee eee I think so i think it's very good marcella

is here hello mr. Duncan my English is much better now thanks to you thank you Marcella

and thank you for following me Mehmet Oh mehmet you are very clever I see I like it mehmet

has got one of the picture idioms right very very good I like it let's have another look

shall we another look at the idioms so to picture idioms and mehmet has guessed one

of them correctly well done I like it mr. Duncan I saw the magnolia tree that looks

similar to the tree in your photo but it had white leaves ok yes I think there are different

types of magnolia tree mr. Duncan the worst chore for me is to remove dust I agree I hate

dusting especially if you have lots of things in your in your room you have to keep moving

them and dusting and then moving them in dusting and then moving them and dusting so I hate

cleaning the furniture because you have to move so many things I agree I hate it son

vonca Brienne is back how are you lovely teacher hello son I haven't seen you for a very long

time where have you been and where what have you been up to Maria Giovanna is here as well

hello long time no see because i have been in hospital I'm sorry to hear that Maria I

hope everything is okay now Bruce calm says mr. Duncan it is the first time being here

oh okay then thank you Bruce calm for that frank says mr. Duncan I have a question what

is the difference between IE and eggs each II they both pretty much mean the same thing

so you are showing an example of something an example you are stating something or showing

something that refers to the thing you are talking about it is an example an example

mr. Duncan why don't you iron your clothes I've already told you I don't like hiding

anything I hate it so much didn't you see the clip earlier I I really hate ironing my

clothes so much such Indra says mr. Duncan can you speak Hindi no I can't unfortunately

yes Amri amra wardi has guests now Amory you are correct but also you are wrong if that's

possible is it possible to be correct and wrong at the same time so there is another

expression that goes with one of these idioms I will show you a game and the second one

so this particular one you are looking at now this one can have two different answers

so there are two answers to go with this one and the first one so these are too well-known

expressions in English but what are they we are just 11 minutes away from three o'clock

you know what happens at three at three o'clock we all take a break for a drink which is quite

nice really Ali haseeb e says hello mr. Duncan could you show us how to save more words without

forgetting I did talk about this last week many students hate repeating things they hate

repetition they hate hate having to do the same things over and over again but can I

just say the best way to learn new words is to repeat them to learn maybe five or ten

new words every day so maybe you can write some words down on a piece of paper you can

read them to yourself and then put them away and then later you can go back and see how

many of those words you could remember so it's a bit like a little game really so that's

what you can do a great way to improve your memory is to repeat things until it stays

in your head so I hope that helps Sam Oh Sam well done well done on one of the expressions

yes well done mr. Duncan I am sorry for being so cheeky says Jack and eee eee eee the guinea

pigs what do you think of my impersonation does it sound like a guinea pig that is the

sound of the guinea pig makes it is me mr. Duncan if you want I can teach you hindi that's

very kind of you Tosh al says hi mr. Duncan what a lovely day and the lovely voice lovely

teacher everything is lovely thank you too shall for that a little bit later on we will

take a look at some flash words i will be going outside I know that it's very bright

and sunny outside at the moment let's just have a look outside it's very sunny there

it is a live view and in a few moments I will be out there again but first of all I will

be going into the kitchen to make a drink because I'm feeling a little bit thirsty I

have my water here which is ok but now I want a hot drink so in around about nine minutes

we will be going into the kitchen to make a lovely drink but what will today's drink

be find out in a few minutes on Tuesday I was talking about technology and I was talking

about the way in which technology is used in our lives I in fact showed you a clip from

one of my very early english lessons today we are going to have a look at another clip

from one of my full English lessons and this is all about technology and if you are like

me if you enjoy using your technology quite often you are required to upgrade it or update

it every time a newer version of the product comes out so I am just in two minds at the

moment if you are in two minds it means you can't decide so at the moment I'm in two minds

as to whether or not to exchange this phone for a new version so what do you do do you

upgrade your technology every time a new device comes out or do you wait for a couple of years

so at the moment I have this one so this is three years old this phone now a lot of people

say mr. Duncan you should buy a new phone this phone is very old but I think it works

perfectly ok so I'm not sure what to do mr. Duncan please check your email mr. Duncan

I have sent you some pictures oh thank you ohn njoe of course you can send pictures or

emails to me to the email address just under there can you see it there it is at the bottom

Dib Dib so there is the email address yes there where my finger is pointing it let's

have a look at owns email shall we it might take me a few seconds to do this because my

connection is very slow ohn Ngo says hello mr. Duncan here are some holidays from my

holiday yesterday so some pictures from your holiday I went to hwang pagoda and i took

some photographs let's have a little look at the pictures shall we you'll just look

at one of them for now ah i see so there we go thank you very much for sending your photograph

so there is one of my viewers look at that oh and the Joe standing at an ancient monument

I think it must be yes I think you said it's a pagoda beautiful structures and that looks

like cherry blossom behind you you can see the red cherry blossom leaves that looks very

nice thank you very much for that if you like to send something to me today if i have time

i will try to show it today if not I could always show it on Tuesday because don't forget

I am here twice a week on tuesday and friday we are just five minutes away from three at

three o'clock i am going into the kitchen to make a drink and if you want to make one

as well you are more than welcome thank you oh and for that muhammad jamil says hello

mr. Duncan I am watching you from Turkey lots of things going on at the moment in Turkey

a very big referendum taking place there which will decide the future of the country hello

mr. Duncan from rattu hello ra2 thank you for joining me apparently my impression or

impersonation of the guinea pig is very realistic thank you very much for that so apparently

it does sound like a guinea pig ooh the scenery there is so great mr. Duncan do you mean in

in Vietnam well it does look very nice hi mr. Duncan ah mr. Duncan we coders really

want to donate some money but it's impossible to do so in Vietnam thank you can cun Troy

and a big hello to all of the Vietnamese coders busily typing encoding typing away don't forget

the cosines I have no idea what that means mr. Duncan I believe that the idiom is oh

no no it isn't no Amory no amber wardi no that is not the answer i have some idioms

here in picture form but what are they and there's the other one I will give the answers

a little bit later on so two well-known expressions in English there is the first one and there

is the second one but what are they one or two of you have got them right so weldon for

that mr. Duncan hello from Vietnam Brooke and Tran hello to you I know I have lots of

viewers all around the world many many countries in fact so many places around the world watching

me you can see some of them there on that list and some more if your country is not

on the list please let me know two minutes to go and then I am going into the kitchen

to make a drink so do you update your technology every time something new comes out do you

update your devices or your computer your laptop for example or maybe your smartphone

so every time something is updated do you buy a new one that is a question I'm asking

today and a little bit later on we will be looking at one of my full English lessons

where I talk all about technology kate is here Kate no Sal you see ya hello mr. Duncan

hello to you as well Kate thanks for joining me on this beautiful wonderful friday afternoon

it's so nice today and apparently the weather this weekend is going to be amazing Wow which

is very unusual because normally during the holidays in the UK so whenever we have public

holidays normally the weather is atrocious it's terrible normally so normally when we

have public holidays normally it rains a lot so this weekend it's going to be a gorgeous

weekend mr. Duncan do you like living in the big city like London or do you prefer the

countryside thank you Alex I much prefer living in the countryside in fact I do live in the

countryside just to prove it Fernando is here hello Fernando I have a rather old mobile

phone but I don't mind doing it oh sorry but I don't mind so you don't mind that it's old

changing it would be unnecessary and a waste of money i am not a fan of technology so Fernando

uses technology but you are not a fan of it okay I understand I love technology I'm very

different to you because I love technology very much so I'm a little bit different from

you in that respect here we go then three o'clock has arrived what are you having for

your drink so without any more messing about or hanging around let's go into the kitchen

and make a drink let's go yes such a beautiful day today it's such a beautiful day the birds

are singing in the sky that's right so here we go it's now three o'clock on a friday every

single Friday I like to come into my kitchen to make a drink last Friday I made what did

I make last Friday I made a cup of soup last Friday today I am going for boring old tea

I'm afraid it's just tea today nothing fancy so we need to put the kettle on first as usual

as you can see I have completely forgotten to fill the kettle so I have to do that now

of course I don't need much water because it's just one cup for me okay I've put the

kettle on so we have to wait for that to boil here is my lovely cup in which i will make

the tea as something I've noticed during the past couple of days there are lots of flies

now coming into the house of course during this time of the year many of the Flies it

hibernated from last year they went to sleep have started to wake up so there are lots

of very annoying flies buzzing around at the moment

regular viewers will know that I do tend to use tea bags there we go there is one of mr.

Duncan tea bags I missed try again oh and of course even though every single week I

get complaints from people saying mr. Duncan you shouldn't have so much sugar in your tea

here is mr. Duncan's poison otherwise known as sugar

okay just to show you how good I can be sometimes I'm only going to put two sugars in my tea

today only two sugars and now the kettle is about to boil this shouldn't take very long

today I have been asked to repeat one of the flash phrases that I gave you I think it was

last week or the week before a taste of their own medicine so this is a phrase that means

to punish or get Eva will get back at someone by doing the same cruel thing they did to

others for example if a person treats others unfairly or is mean to you then you retaliate

by giving them a taste of their own medicine you might play a prank or a trick on someone

who enjoys doing the same to others you get back at them by giving them a taste of their

own medicine right the kettle boils I will pour the hot water onto the tea and wait for

a few moments so the tea will brew in the cup I've also been asked to explain once again

the differences between these two words now I think it was on Tuesday someone asked what

censure meant so here you go here is the difference or the differences between these two words

sensor and censure so as you can see they look very similar but there are many differences

sensor means to gag or to prevent something or to remove something from view something

that has been written or to suppress free speech is to censor you gag you disallow people

to say or write certain things or you remove things from circulation you censor and then

there's the word censure censure means to express disapprove about something that has

been written or said so there are some slight differences between those two words sensor

and censure okay i think the tea has brewed so i'll use my little teaspoon there it is

to take the tea bag out of the cup i always like to give my tea bag a little bit of a

squeeze when i take it out squeeze yeah and finally I need some milk

my supermarket once again didn't send me organic milk they've sent me the non-organic milk

I like my organic milk you see I love it there yeah just a little milk in the tea and then

I will stir it and then we will return to the studio by the way are you having something

to drink with me are you making a drink at the moment what are you having so now I will

stir the tea [Music] and we will go back into the studio of course I will take my little

long-tailed tit with me I agree let's go

it did it did it did it did it very quickly well even oh ok I'm back well have you got

your tea I've got mine here now here we go Oh last week I nearly fell over coming back

into the studio because I was running and I've done the same thing today I nearly went

flying over my cables what you don't realize is when you look around the studio there are

cables and wires all over the place all over the place it's quite chaotic to say the least

ok so I have my tea what are you having to drink are you having something delicious I'm

having a hot drink even though the weather today is very hot outside so hmm I'm not sure

if I prefer it with two sugars I think I I would much rather have three sugars in my

tea I know it's terrible mr. Duncan you are a bad person because you have so much sugar

in your tea I know I'm terrible so what are you drinking at the moment hello mr. Duncan

from sunny Tangier in Morocco thank you believe Austin thank you very much for saying hello

sir re Ally says hi mr. Duncan nice to meet you happy time are you having a good time

today I hope so don't forget twice a week in April you can have me twice on your computer

screen during april i am live on tuesday and friday tuesday for p.m. UK time and on friday

2 p.m. UK time so there is just another 50 minutes to go of today's live in the stream

i hope you are having a great time because I'm very excited today because this weekend

the weather is going to be superb so I am going to take a little trip this weekend somewhere

special somewhere that I featured in one or two of my English lessons talking of English

lessons we did talk about technology a few moments ago so let's have a look at some technology

now this is an excerpt from one of my full English lessons there are lots of full English

lessons on my youtube channel just to mention it again full English lessons 1 to 25 on my

youtube channel so let's have a look at an excerpt from one of my fault english lessons

and this one is talking all about technology [Music] bye [Music] here's a word that might

be familiar to you the word technology generally relates to any complicated tool that has been

created to carry out a task of some sort this task can be a simple one such as adding up

numbers right up to the really complex and difficult ones such as steering a jumbo jet

or sending someone to the moon there are some other words that relate to technology such

as device which is something that uses technology to function such as a smartphone or tablet

they are types of devices the device forms the hardware of the technology while the programs

and applications running inside are the software they are both forms of technology it is hard

to imagine what life was like before modern technology came along technology is used almost

everywhere now in factories and offices in our leisure pursuits in our cars and homes

and perhaps in the not-too-distant future as a part of the human body it would be fair

to say that virtually all of the great technological leaps forward have occurred during the past

hundred years since the discovery of electricity our world has been magically transformed into

an amazing Wonderland where our thirst for information can be easily quenched and the

human imagination is encouraged to run free do you like technology would you miss it if

it wasn't around what piece of technology do you use the most a computer game a mobile

device a super-duper talking watch which piece of technology are you looking forward to using

in the future a flying bicycle a driverless car an artificial brain a holographic TV perhaps

will they ever be reality only time will tell

so there it is an excerpt from one of my full English lessons if you've just joined me it's

mr. Duncan live on the world wide web through youtube for a friday afternoon there it is

can you see the view today it's looking very nice here I hope the weather where you are

is also nice if not today maybe tomorrow or the weekend are you doing anything special

this weekend anything special planned I am going away tomorrow to visit one of my all-time

favourite places can you guess what it is if you are a regular viewer maybe you will

you will know exactly where I'm going tomorrow mr. Duncan says Frank Frank I think devices

are built to become out of date after three years so people should renew it so you think

maybe perhaps I should renew my mobile phone I have had this now for three years so I suppose

in technology years it is a long time mr. Duncan let's just have a little down the list

lots of people now joining me on the live chat this afternoon wow so many people coming

through today thank you for joining me by the way thank you for giving me your time

so i can give you a little bit of mine where Julie or word you'll says hello mr. Duncan

my country isn't included on the list i am from bangladesh ok i will try to put that

right for you julieg mr. Duncan you sing so well I'm not sure if I sing well I'm not sure

about that mr. Duncan this man is so hungry says tech professional well I'm a hungry boy

I I'm always growing that's the reason why today I have one of my favourite snacks it

is a cream cracker with some salad cream on top can you see it there it is although when

I ate some earlier I had a little bit of it earlier and I almost choked on the food because

it's very spicy very tangy it's also gone soft okay I will wash that

down with some tea hmm oh that definitely needs more sugar hi mr. Duncan how many years

will it take before i can speak English like you well my advice would be not to try to

copy me or anyone so quite often when you learn a new language you will express it in

your own where you will learn your own way of using the language so you don't have to

sound exactly like me but you can use my way of speaking as a guide Thank You soudani for

that message thank you very much quite a few people answering the question what are these

two idioms here they are in picture form so there is a DM number one quite a few people

I've got this right well done and there is idiom number to another expression there are

probably two maybe three expressions that can go with this picture but I have chosen

just one but which one is it and there is the other picture so these are well-known

expressions but what are they II what do they relate to hello from Russia says Ivan hello

to Ivan a big privet to you mr. Duncan he is making a cup of tea right at three at six

minutes past three yes well we always have a cup of tea at three o'clock its traditional

here in the UK everyone in the UK stops what they're doing everything stops at three o'clock

every day so people in the UK can have a cup of tea especially in England and don't forget

when you drink your tea you have to lift your pinky finger up like this can you see this

so you raise your pinky there it is there is your pinky finger hello and when you drink

your tea you raise your finger in a very sophisticated way Oh delicious but it could do with a little

bit more sugar hello mr. Duncan what are you making today well I made myself a cup of tea

I hope you made something as well for yourself mr. Duncan I don't like to change my cell

phone are instead I like to buy clothes Thank You Lucy for that mr. Duncan I'll have a cappuccino

please on Tuesday I was talking all about the price of tea and coffee if you go into

a restaurant or cafe and I was saying on tuesday that it can be quite expensive even for us

so if you go into one of these very big chains of coffee houses you know who I mean there

are lots of them around now and sometimes the coffee can cost maybe four or five pounds

just for just for a cup of coffee oh my goodness so even I can't afford that I couldn't afford

to go out every day and spend five pounds on a cup of coffee far too expensive mr. Duncan

we are having lovely weather here at the moment just outside the Ukraine what is the weather

in the UK the weather here today is SuperDuper in fact shall we go out right now and have

a look okay then let's go outside right now as we have another flash word we will now

go outside to see what is going on around the side of my house don't forget this is

all live so please wait a moment you just did

so here we are outside again the light isn't very good today because I am in the shadow

of the house so you can see that I am actually it looks like I'm behind bars help help me

out it's just the shadow from the house so don't worry so here we go another flash word

this is another English word just for you and the English word is gingerly gingerly

gingerly is an English adjective and adverb the word gingerly is an English word that

can be used as an adjective and as an adverb as an adverb the word gingerly means to do

something in a cautious or gentle way he sat down gingerly on the broken chair as an adjective

the word gingerly means to show great care or caution a gingerly pace something done

carefully or with caution is being done gingerly the word gingerly is not a reference to the

color ginger or the spice but is in fact derived from the old French word for delicate so there

it is another flash word today can you see it? 'gingerly' to do something carefully in

a very delicate way hopefully if we have time we will have another flash word or maybe a

flash phrase who knows I'm back baby back in the house it seems such a shame to come

out to come back in rather it seems such a shame to come back in from being outside but

indoors we must stay Ivan asks are there any Russians here I think there are many people

watching in Russia at the moment I have a very large audience of Russians so big hello

to you ed Wynn is having some beer oh very nice getting ready for the weekend i think

mr. Duncan sod says what is non organic milk by the way I don't like the taste of milk

and tea at all ok sod well you can get organic milk which means that it's come from livestock

that have had nothing bad fed to them so that's the reason why we call it organic non-organic

could come from anywhere so that's the difference so I was a little bit annoyed earlier because

my supermarket keeps sending me non organic milk when I I asked them to send me organic

milk it's a little bit awkward mr. Duncan please enjoy your tea Thank You Lucy the tea

has brewed it has yes if something bruise it means the flavour has soaked in to the

water the water now has a strong flavour it has rude it is ready to be drunk mr. Duncan

are you eating any cake not at the moment Amory but later on I've got some hot crossed

buns yes on Tuesday or when or friday next week i will show you some hot cross buns but

not today not today next week mr. Duncan hello from Russia Thank You Ivan and also a big

hello from President Putin as well oh hello there hello President Putin I didn't know

you were watching is well a big hello to you Saad says I am very tech savvy ooh tech savvy

if you are savvy it means you are very familiar or knowledgeable tech savvy that comes from

Saad and he says I do upgrades on my phone and my gadgets from time to time I also upgrade

and update my computer programs as well victor says why did you mention him to Ivan who do

you mean I think he means I think he means the President of Russia I think so loooser

or lhasa says mr. Duncan we may say that a Rueter is software well if the Rueter is the

equipment it's normally hardware so if the equipment is something that's solid or real

then we say that it's hardware if it is a computer program running in the computer to

operate something or run something then it is software lee gel says all a gel says mr.

Duncan I try to stay updated with the latest technology but we can't live without them

or is it just stereotypical I think nowadays lots of people are very conscious of how new

their technology is including me as well because I am surrounded by technology it might not

look like it here but I've got all sorts of equipment around me that helps me to to do

this and talk to you ciao mr. Duncan and all the friends on chat does the tree have gray

bark I think we've already covered the tree we caught we talked about that earlier we

have decided that this tree is Magnolia it's a magnolia tree

so the mystery of the tree has been sold mr. Duncan when we found you live on mr. Duncan

when we found you on YouTube live I don't know what that means thank you wed Jill for

joining me anyway mr. Duncan is it the right time on your clock yes it is it is now coming

up to three thirty three thirty half-past three on just to prove it there is my watch

as well so now it is coming up to half past three on a Friday afternoon and this is live

live English mr. Duncan can you please take my name in the program oh I see you want me

to say your name can you please say my name or mention my name card Mohamed hello to you

as well watching a friday afternoon at least it's friday afternoon here I don't know what

time it is where you are maybe it's morning maybe it's evening maybe it's tomorrow already

Eugene says mr. Duncan I do not upgrade my devices very often it is better to use them

until they work as long as they work properly and this is better for the environment I think

so well I've had this for three years now this phone so I've had this phone for a very

long time so some people say mr. Duncan you must upgrade your phone it's so old so there

it is I've had a lovely email come through just from Alexandra Alexandra and there is

a lovely email can you see it so you can send me your emails if you want hello mr. duncan

and I'm writing to you from my home in Chile thank you very much Alexandra Alexandra Cortez

so thank you very much for sending me an email today if you'd like to send an email to me

you are more than welcome maybe a nice picture or some information or maybe an update of

how well your English progress is going along how sir isn't your tea getting cold well I

think now it's just the right temperature it's not too hot and it's not too cold I feel

like Goldilocks mmm very nice

mr. Duncan can you please sing your song about sugar I didn't realise I had a song about

sugar I didn't know that mr. Duncan I'm sorry for making this question so mr. Duncan's live

sessions are tuesday and friday at what time i will tell you now Frank you can catch me

on Tuesday for p.m. UK time every Tuesday during April and every Friday 2 p.m. UK time

so you can catch me twice a week during April Friday's 2 p.m. that's the normal day and

time and during april i am also doing an extra live stream on a Tuesday at four pm UK time

so you have a chance to see me twice in one week so I was with you on tuesday this week

in case you missed it the live stream from Tuesday is available right here on my youtube

channel just in case you don't know what it is there is my youtube address a lot of people

ask mr. Duncan why do you call yourself Duncan in China because when i created this youtube

channel i was still living in china that's the reason why hello mr. Denko and entered

on is here hello answered on I missed you today I didn't see you on the live chat but

now you are here so thanks for joining me hello mr. Duncan greetings from Serbia hello

and welcome to Serbia thank you for joining me today Zuri Jana is here hellos Ariana thanks

for joining me as well with a big hi a question that I was going to pose to you today us what

kind of person are you when it comes to your self-image now earlier someone mentioned mr.

Duncan they said mr. Duncan you look you still look as young as when you started teaching

10 years ago on youtube so apparently over 10 years I haven't changed much which is very

very flattering thank you very much for that but what about you are you image conscious

do you think about the way you look are you very aware of your image if you are then here

is a clip from one of my English lessons where I talk all about image so this is a YouTube

video lesson it is available on my youtube channel it's all about the subject of image

in our day-to-day lives image plays an important role when we are out shopping for fresh food

we are constantly judging the image of what we are looking at a red apple might look better

than a green one a tomato with its stalk and that leaves attached may look fresher the

image of even the most simple thing can alter the way we see it of course what is pleasing

to one person may not be so to another this is why offering more choice to shoppers is

a common one you can buy some fresh tomatoes or pick up some that have been put in a cam

more choice means more customers we often see image as being a real thing the

thing we look at has an image it leaves an impression honest but image can also exist

in the mind we can imagine anything your imagination allows her to wear briefs albeit in a dreamlike

way creativity tends to come from this imaginary process so the power of imagery is a forceful

one be it right in front of your eyes or up here in your mind there are many moments in

your life where the way you look and how you show yourself to others is important for example

when you are attending job interviews while looking for work you need to make sure that

the image you are projecting is a positive one there is a strong belief that first impressions

are the most important ones so it is crucial to make sure that the first impression you

make on the person who could end up being your employer is a good one a smart and tidy

appearance can go a long way [Music] there is a saying in English beauty is only skin

deep this means that the outward appearance of a person does not give a complete picture

of what they are like it is what lies deep down in a person's character that is important

also it is worth remembering that beauty is in the eye of the beholder what might seem

attractive to one person may be completely repugnant or repulsive to someone else do

do so there we go did you enjoy that I was just drinking the last drop of my tea so excuse

me while I just finish my tea there's just a little bit left mmmhmmm very nice so there

it was a short clip from one of my English lessons all about the subjective image the

way you look would you describe yourself as an image conscious person a person who is

always worried about the image i must admit i go through phases where i worry about my

image and then I stop thinking about it for a period of time and then I start worrying

about it again I think as you get older it becomes much more difficult to keep on top

of your image because of course age changes you over time so it is a very difficult thing

to control as you get older of course when you're young there are different types of

pressure to to fit in into too cool to mix with your your peers so I think as you get

older that there are different types of pressure to keep yourself looking trendy and young

so would you describe yourself as a person who is image conscious or maybe even pain

that's a great word vain if you are vain it means you constantly worried about the way

you look by the way that lesson excerpt is taken from my lesson all about image the lesson

itself is very long so that was just a short clip from it hello mr. Duncan I am sorry I

am late maurella you are late why please can I have a an excuse and it has to be a good

excuse or a good reason Jerry mouse is here hello Jerry mouse haven't seen you for a long

time welcome back mr. Duncan I did not change you I did not change you for another teacher

because you are the best teacher in the world Thank You Lucy for that I'm very very humble

to hear your lovely statement there thank you very much Chris Chris callup hello Chris

thank you sir I am really enjoying your live video but I missed some live episodes but

I won't miss from now on thank you Chris you are very welcome where are you watching though

can you tell me where you are or is it a secret Zuri honor is here hellos Ariana thanks for

joining me on a Friday afternoon i am here for another 17 18 minutes although i always

go slightly over at the top of the hour so even though i'm supposed to leave at four

o'clock i will probably stay for a couple of minutes extra mr. Duncan frank frank says

that is true what what is true I don't know mr. Duncan your cracker looks very appetizing

yes it does and can you believe i've actually i've eaten it it's gone I've actually eaten

the cracker it's gone so there is a piece of paper where the cracker and the salad cream

was I've eaten all it's all gone so yes it was very very delicious. good evening from

Rome mr. Duncan a big hello to Rome and everyone watching over there Luigi thank you very much

for saying hello mr. Duncan can you please share your secret of how you look as young

as you do thank you Frank well as I mentioned earlier I do have quite a good health regime

I don't eat too much now and again I do have the occasional treat something nice to eat

and of course I do a lot of exercise I think the most important part of staying healthy

has to be taking regular exercise it has to be so if you control your diet if you don't

eat too much fatty food and you exercise regularly you can stay as young as you want to be Sonia

our teacher was born in nineteen sixty 60 around about the same time as I was I see

mr. Duncan it's such a shame that people only care about the way we look on the outside

there are people who will only socialise or they will only want to know other people who

are very good looking we can describe this type of person as shallow so if a person is

very shallow it means they only view a person by the exterior the way they look so we can

say that something is or a person is shallow mr. Duncan I can't believe it he looks so

young do you mean me thank you very much yes a lot of people are very fascinated by my

my background a lot of people ask about my my living situation they ask mr. Duncan where

do you live who do you live with how many bedrooms do you have I don't know why and

also my age as well Thank You mr. Duncan from Egypt ray ham saber says that mr. Duncan you

have the face of a 20 year old thank you very much for that you're very kind i think also

the other thing besides diet and exercise it is also your attitude as well so your attitude

towards other people and your attitude towards life in general so I think maybe that's also

part of my secret because I'm quite an optimistic person I like to look on the bright side of

everything I know that it's very easy to to concentrate on the negative and to be very

upset or down or miserable so I think also being positive in your life can also help

you to stay young you are as old as you feel 15 minutes to go before we finish today mr.

Duncan i am working and babysitting my nephew is it a baby was it is it an infant is it

an infant or a baby I think babies are very easy to look after but but infants and toddlers

they are very demanding they want attention all the time thank you mirela for that yes

mr. Duncan that is the secret just eat a few things and drink tea and teach English I think

so so it seems to work for me anyway live north says goodbye I love north hopefully

see you again I hope you I hope you're not leaving me forever satarine Oh has written

with some news about something that is ongoing at the moment in Stockholm apparently that

is news that is just breaking at the moment I have no details about that so I'm not sure

I can't comment at the moment but apparently there is something happening at the moment

in Stockholm according to satarine Oh Olga says hello mr. Duncan the chat is so crowded

that it's difficult to get messages to be read so bye-bye in advance well Olga I'm saying

hello to you now Olga please don't be disheartened I try to read everyone's messages everyone

I try to read them all but the message is move very quickly on the screen but at least

I got to see it at least I saw your message so don't leave me just yet don't leave me

oh girl sonia is here of course mr. Duncan is a good teacher one person who can do one

thing for more than 10 years yes it's true I've been teaching English on YouTube for

over 10 years since 2006 is when I started whilst still living in China some of our tuxes

salva tux Graca says mr. Duncan what in what situation can i use the expression 'more tea

vicar?' we don't normally use it as an expression it's normally used as as a fun way of asking

something or asking for something or posing a question but we don't normally use it as

an actual expression so it isn't an idiom or an expression but yes I know what you mean

maybe it concerns maybe old ladies meeting together it's someone's house and then the

vicar comes to visit them and they all share a cake and the cup of tea each and maybe the

old ladies will say 'more tea vicar?' would you like some more tea vicar but it's not

an expression and it isn't an idiom it's not an idiom definitely not talking of which what

are these idioms what are they so there are two idioms in picture form there is the first

one and there is the second one lots of people have got these right today well done and congratulations

I will give you the answers in around about five minutes time so those are two well-known

expressions there is the first one and there is the second one but what are they what are

they a toddler yes mr. Duncan you are absolutely right if you have to babysit a toddler if

you have to look after a toddler a toddler is a very small child that has started to

to walk around so if if a child is about maybe two or three they they've just started to

explore things they are very demanding and you have to watch them all the time Kim on

or kim @ yes c'mon I got it right the first time c'mon it says sorry mr. Duncan I am late

today don't worry you still have another 10 minutes to go still 10 minutes to go today

and then I'm going but don't forget I am back on tuesday tomorrow I am going somewhere special

but where is it because apparently the weather is going to be lovely this weekend so I'm

going tomorrow to a very special place for a day out mr. Duncan Ivan Ling hello Ivan

Ivan lives in China hello to China and a big knew how to you it's probably very late now

in China it must be about 11 or 12 o'clock at night mr. Duncan hello from Saudi Arabia

Theresa May was in Saudi Arabia this week Olga says ol mr. Duncan thank you so much

I laughed loudly Thank You Olga you are welcome and yes I did see your message hello says

zineb hello to you as well to neb nice to see you Ivan lives in Guangzhou oh yes very

nice place guangzhou very beautiful mr. Duncan I'm sorry that I had dinner already have you

answered my question fam qui tam I think you asked me this question on Tuesday about how

to read scientific books what I would suggest is because it's a specialist field you will

probably need some sort of reference book to refer to like a dictionary of scientific

words and phrases so there are specialists dictionaries and specialists reference books

that you can buy so that's that's the best I can come up with at the moment for your

for your answer saffer boca hello Saffer who is watching in Libya thank you for joining

me today hello mr. Duncan I have a guess for your idiom oh yes satarine Oh satarine Oh

has guessed right well done fahren for Anna 4am says mr. Duncan I've been sending messages

for the whole stream but no one's no one's been reading it for an I don't know I didn't

see your messages but I've seen that 1i saw that one just so no don't worry I don't ignore

anyone I'm often accused of ignoring people people say ear ear mr. dan code I keep sending

you messages but you just ignore me why what's wrong with you have you got a problem with

me no I haven't don't worry everybody just calmed Moroccan people love you mr. Duncan

jamali Jamel nique thank you Jamal is that your thumbnail is that your picture it looks

like you're in a swimming pool having a swim I wish I could swim it's not fair oh and a

joe says mr. Duncan I think you are going to town tomorrow no I'm not going to town

I'm going much further away tomorrow for a lovely day trip because the weather this weekend

is going to be nice hello I am dan and I live in Russia your video tutorials helped me to

learn English I'm very happy to hear that thank you very much and welcome to my live

stream for friday don't forget i am with you on tuesday next tuesday i am with you from

4 p.m. UK time i will just remind you there it is tuesday for p.m. UK time next week and

of course i will also be back on friday and you can watch all of my livestreams on my

youtube channel after they have finished just in case you missed any parts and two done

oh I think anted on knows me very well you seem very familiar with my habits yes anted

on you are right you are right yes I am going to that particular place tomorrow for a day

trip shall we have one more flash word we finish because i am going in a few moments

it's a shame I have to leave you but I have other things to do I have to go into the kitchen

and prepare my curry because tonight I'm having a lovely I think I'm having tikka masala tonight

with a little bit of mackerel I don't know why I like putting mackerel I like but I like

putting fish in my curry I don't know why how's the weather in your city mr. Duncan

says ahmed well i'm going to show you right now the weather because we are going outside

for one last flash word it's very beautiful outside today you can see the Sun is out and

the sky is looking rather blue now. Yeah okay here we are we are outside again and we have

our final flash word before we finish I will be going in a roundabout full or maybe five

minutes time maybe I will give you an extra couple of minutes because i'm feeling very

generous and of course look at the weather today it's it's absolutely gorgeous so here

it is today's final flash word domino effect there it is domino effect domino effect is

an english noun domino effect is an english noun that means the consequences of one thing

occurring the effect that one thing can have on other things is the domino effect before

we do anything we should consider the domino effect this action might have often in politics

the domino effect will be taken into account before doing something the phrase domino effect

comes from the domino theory of political calls and effect the phrase itself derives

from a line of appended dominoes falling against each other after the first one has been toppled

so there it is the final flash word for today domino effect what fool I tell you something

doing this really does keep you healthy running backwards and forwards in and out of the house

really does keep you fit and healthy so I will be back with you on tuesday next tuesday

four o'clock UK time for p.m. UK time it's very important that you know that it's afternoon

here for p.m. UK time hi mr. Duncan have a nice day Attila says mr. Duncan we have very

bad weather I envy you the weather here today is gorgeous and the weekend is well it looks

like we're going to have a fantastic weekend and I and going somewhere very special ok

I'm going to tell you where I'm going this weekend I'm off to one of my favourite places

in the whole country I'm going to Lake Vyrnwy in Wales anted on was right yes i am going

to Wales this weekend it's one of my most favourite places and there it is it looks

very beautiful very serene it is Lake Vyrnwy in Wales from where I live it takes about

maybe about 45 maybe 50 minutes to get there from where I live because I live very close

to the Welsh border very near so there it is that's where I'm going this weekend I'm

off to a place called Lake Vyrnwy in Wales and there is a lesson on my youtube channel

all about this particular place so if you want to find out more about Lake Vyrnwy you

can by watching the video so that's where I'm going this weekend a very lovely place

and there you can see there is the the big dam there is a damn going across the lake

so that's where I'm going this weekend I'm going to lake Vyrnwy for a day trip dare far

han says mr. Duncan can you say hello to my sweetheart loka writer girl our loka writer

girl and can you please say happy birthday happy 23rd birthday so for loka or loka loka

writer girl from your sweetheart for hana happy birthday and congratulations for your

23rd birthday have a nice time in Wales says Meeker thank you very much mr. Duncan it is

now eleven o'clock in Beijing and very late at night I will have a nice dream I hope so

enjoy your suijaola suijaola is Chinese for sleep Wou Yao Suijao satarine oh thanks mr.

Duncan you are the best hang out in the world ciao to all my friends catch you next time

before i go i'm going to give you the answer what are these idioms so there is the first

one what is this idiom it's a very common one so the answer is keen to make a mountain

out of a molehill so there it is there is an expression used in English to make a mountain

out of a molehill this means that you make more of something than is necessary so you

exaggerate something maybe you exaggerate a problem or a difficulty you make it seem

worse than it really is you make a mountain out of a molehill so there is the answer to

the first one a very common expression in fact and the second one now it would appear

that there are lots of answers for this one now someone said or one of two of you said

mr. Duncan is it a piece of cake well yes that's a good one if something is a piece

of cake it means it is very easy to do something very simple something very easy to do something

that can be accomplished easily is a piece of cake so well done but the answer I was

looking for but because I'm very awkward this is the answer the icing on the cake so there

it is that is the expression the best part of something so if you have the icing on the

cake it means you have something very sweet very delicious something that is the best

part of what you are experiencing so if you have something special and you have something

extra special to go with it you can say that the extra special thing was the icing on the

cake it was great so two expressions for you there the icing on the cake and to make a

mountain out of a molehill to exaggerate something so there it is anted on thank you have a fantastic

weekend I have never been to lake Vyrnwy it looks gorgeous it is gorgeous and there is

a lovely hotel at Lake Vyrnwy you can stay right next to the lake and and your room will

will look over the lake it's a beautiful beautiful place although i think this weekend it's going

to be very busy because at the moment it's the the half-term holiday so all the kids

are off at the moment so i think it's going to be very busy there tomorrow but the weekend

is going to be great nice high temperature tomorrow and Sunday as well thank you very

much enjoy your day trip mr. Duncan I will lad yell thank you eliana thanks a lot for

your lovely lovely messages today music essay what a beautiful little damn it is it's a

beautiful place and if you want to find out more about it you can find the video on my

youtube channel mr. Duncan hello from Germany and goodbye goodbye to Germany because I'm

going in about a minute mr. Duncan do you also use the cherry on the cake yes you can

use that as well if something is the cherry on the cake you can say that that's the best

part of something something is the cherry on the cake mr. Duncan what a beautiful room

you mean this this is my little studio on the side of wenlock edge I designed this myself

so everything you see here is all my own work please don't go mr. Duncan says Jack and the

guinea pigs I'm sure there must be people tuning in at the moment wondering what on

earth is going on hello bro i am from india as sheesh ashish malik says hello hello ashish

and welcome i am going in a moment unfortunately julieg says bye-bye mr. Duncan [Music] thank

you for your lovely messages so many people want to say goodbye thank you Chris goodbye

and i will see you hopefully on tuesday i will be back on tuesday next tuesday for p.m.

UK time thanks for the lovely live stream today see you on tuesday on youtube you are

the icing on the cake thank you very much for that time i'm very honoured calyx hi mr.

Duncan yan Oh says mr. Duncan is is my first time to watch you I think I'm going to watch

all of them my youtube channel address is just behind me and of course i will share

it on the screen at the end of today's stream so there is no excuse for not knowing and

don't forget to subscribe as well if you want to subscribe to my youtube channel please

feel free and then you will never miss any of my live streams ever Ruby says goodbye

Victoria is it true that men knit knit so to knit things you make things normally from

wool yes it is true some men do knit I don't personally even though a lot of people think

i do but i don't i don't ever knit anything my mother used to knit all the time she used

to knit things for me to wear like jumpers and cardigans for school sometimes there were

a little bit too big for me have a good week Mr Dan Cohen thank you very much jamika thank

you ashish and jack and the guinea pigs have a nice weekend mr. Duncan I am going now you

know what I always say parting is such sweet sorrow mr. Duncan why is it Duncan in China

the reason why it is that is because I created my youtube channel many many years ago 10

years ago whilst i was living in china so i used to live in china and i used to teach

in china and I did it for many years parting is such sweet sorrow it is it really is have

a good weekend have a super weekend wherever you are whatever you are doing this weekend

have it good one and please stay safe as usual I have given you an extra 10 minutes today

mr. Duncan you look very smart do you mean smart as in my clothes or smart as in intelligent

I don't know I'm going now definitely daniela on Tuesday we will all be here waiting for

you well that's good because I will be here next Tuesday 4 p.m UK time thanks a lot for

watching me thanks for all of your messages so many people were here today it's great

to see you and I do love it when you get in touch you can write to me to my email address

or of course if you want you can follow me on Facebook yeah I have an official Facebook

page see you later this is mr. Duncan saying have a good weekend have a super time see

you on Tuesday I'm going to Wales tomorrow to have a look around at all of the beautiful

scenery this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of the English language saying thanks for

watching me teaching you LIVE and of course until next time... ta ta for now. 8-)

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