Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kindi Kids Help Maya Meet a Substitute Teacher

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(light pop music) - [Child] Tic Tac Toy!

(spring bounces)

- [Lulu] Thanks to Moose Toys for sponsoring this video.

(crayon scribbling)

(phone rings)

- Hello?

- Hey, Maya, it's Stephanie.

Are you ready for another fabulous day

of kindergarten tomorrow?

- Sure am.

Marsha Mello and Donatina are helping me

color a picture for Ms. Padoodle right now.

- That's sweet, but remember,

Ms. Padoodle won't be there tomorrow.

- What do you mean, Ms. Padoodle won't be there tomorrow?

- Remember, she's going to some teacher conference thing.

We're gonna have a substitute teacher.

- A substitute teacher?

- Yeah, another teacher will be filling in for the day

while Ms. Padoodle's away.

It could be fun to have a different teacher for a day.

- Uh, yeah, I gotta go, Stephanie.

- Okay, but don't forget to bring your Kindi Kids tomorrow.

Jessicake and Peppa-Mint are coming with me.

- Yeah, they'll be with me for sure.

(phone beeps)

Oh, Marsha Mello, Ms. Padoodle won't be

at Rainbow Kindergarten tomorrow.

What if the substitute doesn't do anything right?

Things could go terribly wrong.

- Wow, looks like we're gonna have a fun day

here in the Rainbow Kindergarten class.

Ms. Padoodle has a lot of great lessons planned.

Let me just see what I have to work with here.

Hmm, okay, I think if I just move these desks back,

that'll work better for carpet time.

All right, this is Sharon's desk.

Now, where did I see those rainbow rugs?

Ah, here they are.




There, this should work well.

- You've barely touched your food this morning, Maya.

Is something on your mind?

- Yeah, Ms. Padoodle won't be here today.

We're having a substitute.

- Oh, well, that could be kinda fun.

- Fun?

What if the sub doesn't do exactly what Ms. Padoodle does?

- Well, would that be so bad?

- Yes, Ms. Padoodle does everything perfectly.

- Well, you'll have Marsha Mello with you today.

She's always bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Maybe some of that excitement will wear off on you.

- Maybe.

- And Donatina will be right by your side too.

She's always worry-free, so I'm guessing

she's not worried at all about a different teacher today.

- Maybe not.

- Well, if you're not gonna eat your food,

we better make sure Marsha Mello and Donatina

don't go to school on an empty stomach.

- You're right.

You girls better eat up.

We got a big day of kindergarten ahead of us.

Donatina loves her cereal.

Eat up, girlie.

And Marsha Mello, you get a cake pop for breakfast.

Yum, yum.

- And don't forget her baby Chino.

- Of course not.

Drink up, Marsha Mello, mm-mm.

- Okay, Peppa-Mint, I know you love

ice cream in your lunchbox,

but what about ice cream for your breakfast?

Let's do it!

Let's see what flavor you get.

Yummy, strawberry!

Mm, mm, mm.

Now, I know you're a little shy,

but there's no need to be nervous

about the substitute teacher today.

It will be a fun adventure, mm, mm.

And I haven't forgot about you, Jessicake.

Let's add some sprinkles to your cupcake.

You're such a fast learner that I'm sure you'll do great

no matter who's teaching you.

Eat up.

Okay, girls, it's time for kindergarten.

Here we go.

(moves to upbeat music)

- Miss Razzles.

Okay, the kids should be here any minute.

Well, good morning, girls.

I'm Miss Razzles.

Please put your backpacks in the cubbies

and join me at the carpets.

- Okay.

- Backpacks in the cubbies?

We always keep them at our desks.

- I'm sure they'll be just fine over here.

- And join her at the carpet?

We always go to our desk first.

And why have our desks been moved?

- Oh, Maya, I'm sure it'll be fine.

- Okay, class, we're about to get started.

Come and join us on the carpet.

(Maya sighs)

Donatina, I know that you will always say

that worry-free is the way to be.

Can you help me be worry-free now?

Well, here goes nothing, Marsha Mello.

- My name is Miss Razzles,

and thank you for letting me spend the day with you today.

I think we're gonna have a great time

while Ms. Padoodle's out.

- Me too.

- Now while I'll make sure to get to all of

the fun activities that Ms. Padoodle had planned for you,

I want to make sure you understand that I might not

do everything exactly the way

Ms. Padoodle does it, and that's okay.

- Oh, Donatina, I don't like the sound of that.

- Now, before we get started, I want to

learn a little bit about each of you.

Can you tell me what your name is

and what your favorite ice cream flavor is?

- Sure, my name is Stephanie, and my favorite

ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.

- Mm, sounds delicious.

Nice to meet you, Stephanie.

Now it's your turn.

- Okay.

My name is Maya.

- And what is your favorite flavor of ice cream, Maya?

- Unicorn swirl.

- Mm, I've never had that kind, but it sounds magical.

- It is!

- And I see that we have Donatina, Marsha Mello,

Jessicake, and Peppa-Mint with us today.

- You know them?

- Absolutely.

They're some of my best kindergartners,

and I know they love ice cream too.

- Especially Peppa-Mint.

She loves peppermint ice cream with chocolate flecks inside.

- You're right.

And all this talk of ice cream and food

has given me the most wonderful idea.

Let's bring out the Berry Chill

and the Colorful Kitty Supermarket

for some fun imaginative play.

- Yay!

- And we can't forget the Bunny Carts.

- You're gonna like this, Marsha Mello.

- And while you girls play for a bit,

I'm gonna go make a quick phone call.

- Yeah!

- I have the most brilliant idea

for a way to make this day extra special for the girls.

- Oh, my water cup is all empty.

I'll fill it up in the Berry Chill.

Mm, that's better.

- Hm, I'm gonna get some bananas from the fridge.

Hm, are there any bananas in here?

Hm, I see juice inside there.

- Yeah, and there's a yummy green apple.

I think I'll eat it.

- Oh no, it looks like one of our eggs cracked.

- Oh, you're right, Marsha Mello.

- I'm gonna go to the Colorful Kitty Market

so I could get more eggs and more bananas.

- Good idea.

I bet Jessicake will want to go too.

(phone rings)

(bubble pops)

- Oh.

Toy Cafe, where all your toy food dreams come true.

This is Lulu speaking.

How may I help you?

- Hi Lulu, this is Miss Razzles.

I'm filling in for Ms. Padoodle

at the Rainbow Kindergarten today.

- Oh, hello, Miss Razzles.

How are Stephanie and Maya doing for you?

They're frequent visitors to the Toy Cafe, you know.

- Well, Stephanie seems to be doing great,

but I can tell that Maya's a little bit uncomfortable

without having Ms. Padoodle here today.

That's actually why I'm calling.

I'm hoping you can help me with a little surprise

that just might help her relax a bit.

- Oh, I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

What did you have in mind?

(moves to light pop music)

- Okay, Jessicake, what's first on our list?

- [Stephanie] We're supposed to get bananas, Marsha Mello.

- [Maya] Bananas, check.

Hi there, we have a special on jam today.

Oh, perfect.

I love jam.

- Oh, it looks like it's right over here, Marsha Mello.

- [Maya] I'll put it in my bag.

Ooh, I also need some lettuce for salad.

Don't forget to weigh the lettuce on the scale.

Looks good to me.

When you guys are ready, I can check you out.

I'll scan your items here.

- [Stephanie] Okay, we're ready.

- [Maya] Beep beep.

That'll be eight dollars.

- [Stephanie] Okay.

- [Maya] Thanks for shopping

at the Colorful Kitty Supermarket.

- Oh, I'm sure we'll be back again.

- Okay, students, it's time to start cleaning up.

Why don't you girls put the Berry Chill,

the Colorful Kitty Supermarket,

and the Bunny Cart in the crate,

and take your Kindi Kids dolls with you.

- But that's not where they go.

Ms. Padoodle always keeps them at the back table.

- Remember, Maya, things won't always be the same

with Miss Razzles here.

It'll be okay.

- Okay, I guess you're right, Stephanie.

- Thanks for cleaning up, girls.

You two can grab your Kindi Kids

and line up at the door for recess.

(moves to jazz music)

- One bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

and one bowl of unicorn swirl.

I still feel like they're missing something.

Ah, a chocolate syrup.

And now for the unicorn swirl.

That's better, but still missing something.

How about some sprinkles?

Mm, maybe some chocolate chips.


Ah, we're getting closer.

A cherry shall do the trick.

Ah, perfection.

(moves to upbeat music) - Okay, students, here we are.

You'll have a few minutes to play outside.

- But Miss Razzles, this isn't the playground

that Ms. Padoodle takes us to.

We go to that one!

- Yes, well, that one looks especially crowded,

so I thought we'd have more fun at this one today.

- Come on, Maya, this park looks super cool!

Peppa-Mint and Jessicake are dying to try out that slide.

- Okay, I guess it could be fun.

Want to go play, Donatina and Marsha Mello?



- Yay!

(moves to light pop music) (humming)

- Ooh!

Chocolate chip cookie dough for Stephanie.

And unicorn swirl for Maya.

I sure hope they get back from recess before they melt.

- Maya, Stephanie, recess is over.

- Oh, that's Miss Razzles.

- Okay, students, we need to hurry back to the classroom

because I have a surprise waiting for you.

Follow me.

So what did you three think of the new playground?

- It was actually a ton of fun.

I'm glad we tried it.

- [Stephanie And Maya] Ice cream!

- I thought you girls would be excited.

I wanted to make your day a little extra special

since I knew you miss Ms. Padoodle.

- This is special.

- Maya, you've got unicorn swirl ice cream,

and Stephanie, you've got your chocolate chip cookie dough.

- My favorite!

- Wow, delicious!

We never normally get ice cream at kindergarten.

- See, it's okay for things to be

a little different today, Maya.

- I guess so.

Thanks for the ice cream, Miss Razzles.

- (laughs) No problem.

I had a little help from your friends at the Toy Cafe too.

- Mm, mm, I'm so glad you made

a couple extra bowls of ice cream, Chef.

- Well, I hate to let good ice cream go to waste.

- That would be a shame.

- Well, I sure had a fun day with you today, girls.

And I hope that even though things were

a little bit different, you guys did too.

- Oh, I had a great day for sure.

- Yeah, and I learned it's okay if things are different.

- Well, that's good to hear because I have a special way

that I like to end my school days.

And even though it might be different

from the way Ms. Padoodle ends her days,

I think you'll like it.

- I'm excited to try out whatever it is.

- Well, get your Kindi Kids and stand up

because we're ending with the Bobble Song.

- No way!

That's how Ms. Padoodle ends our days too!

- Well, what do you know?

And Maya, I'm gonna have you do the honors.

Press play, Maya.

(upbeat rock music)

Yay, let's play! ♪

Do you know how to bobble? ♪

Yeah, we know how to bobble

Do you know how to bobble? ♪

Yeah, we know how to bobble

Can you bobble your arms? ♪

We can bobble our arms

Can you bobble your legs? ♪

We can bobble our legs

Can you bobble your belly? ♪

We can bobble our belly

We can bobble, bobble, bobble

Just like we're jelly

Yay, let's play

Do you know how to bobble? ♪

Yeah, we know how to bobble

Do you know how to bobble? ♪

Yeah, we know how to bobble

Can you bobble your head? ♪

We can bobble our head

Can you bobble your nose? ♪

We can bobble our nose

Can you bobble your tushy? ♪

We can bobble our tushy

We can bobble, bobble, bobble

Down to our tootsies

Yay, let's play

Do you know how to bobble? ♪

Yeah, we know how to bobble

Do you know how to bobble? ♪

Yeah, we know how to bobble

Yeah, we know how to bobble

Bobble believe it

Yeah, we know how to bobble

Bobble bye


(water bubbling)

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