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Hi! it's Dawson church here from EFT universe. I'd like to show you today about a question,

I often get asked when I'm a professional workshops and seminars and people ask me,

how do

medical professionals and

mental health professionals, doctors,


psychiatrists, psychotherapists

licensed mental health professionals, how do they view the field of energy

psychology? And it's very interesting to answer that question because 10 years ago, 20 years ago,

the answer would have been either with ignorance or with suspicion. They thought this was weird

stuff.It was part of complementary and alternative medicine way off there in left field. Now

though, i find that doctors, nurses,

psychiatrists, psychotherapists have a lot of respect for people in these professions and they treat people these professions as equals.

So it's just like the way

chiropractic was regarded as something totally crazy a half a century ago by doctors. Now

main doctor is referred clients, refer their patients to chiropractors. Same thing has happened now with energy psychology,

It used to be this really weird thing all those people tapping and doing EFT over in the corner.

Now it's increased the mainstream

you see for

example; I visited the MD Anderson cancer clinic a big medical clinic and met with the director of the energy medicine program doing energy medicine

right there in MD Anderson. So increasingly find in

primary care that there is acceptance and that there's use of energy therapies.

This culminated after ten years of work and

EFT being approved as a generally safe therapy by the US Veterans Administration.

That took a long time to happen. I did my first presentations to the VA in

2004, it wasn't until

2017 that EFT was finally approved by the VA. It took more than ten years of focused work.

Just knocking politely on the door, actually pounding well out of the door

sometimes. But it took a lot of focus, a lot of work, a lot of people, a lot of effort,

but eventually we got that crucial approval. So

just so you know that there are still old-school positions and psychologists who think of these therapies is weird and

I talked about nurses. You said she said I'm no tree hugger just dismissing the whole field of alternative medicine those

kinds of people are rare and more and more they realize the value of this. Because they know their patients are stressed.

They know that stress is the cause of about two-thirds of visits to the doctors in the hospital,

Plays a part in the role of huge numbers of diseases.

And what they don't know is how to get their patients unstressed, and that's what we as energy healing professionals do know.

So we're a vital part of that whole

field of healing and we can offer their clients something that complements regular allopathic medicine.

So to say you know,

when you are trained as an energy psychology professional as energy healing practitioner,

that you do command that respect we train you in all

of the ways are relating to other professionals in the healing field doctors to nurses,

psychologists. So you can interface with them all with a goal are taking care of your clients giving them the best

possible quality of life.

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