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With the promise of the multiverse on the horizon in the MCU, Marvel fans are excited

about what other versions of their favourite super heroes and villains could be lurking

in the fictional universe.

The multiverse is a concept that has long been explored in Marvels comics, and while

most alternates are entertaining, compelling and often an intriguing critique on their

616 counterparts, some are just flat out terrifying.

So today, were taking a look at some of those unsettling dopplegangers with our list

of the top 10 scary Avengers alternate versions.

Lets jump in.

10 Ultimates Hank Pym Hank Pym of Earth 616 has had his fair share

of scary moments.

But nothing compares to his Earth 1610 Ultimates counterpart whos straight up villainous.

While Pyms history of bad mental health related experiences are arguably no faults

of his own in the main Marvel continuity, the actions of Ultimate Pym are rooted in

jealously and some serious anger issues.

Pym was a mentally fragile scientist who was utterly brilliant, and gained his abilities

after he experimented on the blood of his wife Janet, who was a mutant.

The couple, already struggling in their marriage, join the Ultimates, and Janet befriends Captain

America, who Hank gets irrationally jealous of.

The two have a major physical fight, with Hank pushing

Janet around, and then she shrinks down to her wasp size.

Hank then gets bug spray and uses it on her, leading to Janet being hospitalized.

Cap would beat the crap out of Hank, kicking him off the team.

Later, during the Ultimatium story, Hank teams up with Hawkeye to find his estranged wife

after Magneto flooded the eastern seaboard and Janet went missing.

When they do find her, Blob is eating her corpse.

Hank loses it, grows in size, and rips the Blobs head off with his teeth.

9 What if: World War Hulk The Hulk, thanks to his gamma radiation and

his ability to grow in power the angrier he gets, is an Avengers member who often finds

himself in darker alternate stories than his teammates.

What If World War Hulkis the first of a handful of these on our list.

Back in 2010, a What If story took the World War Hulk storyline from 2007 and adapted it

into a hypothetical scenario.

For context, World War Hulk was the story event that followed Planet Hulk, which followed

the Hulks narrative after he was banished from Earth by the Illuminati, spending time

on Sakaar.

World War Hulk follows him returning to Earth with the intent of getting revenge.

This What If comic leads to a much darker ending than its namesake event, with Iron

Man attempting to take Hulk out with a satellite weapon, except this time it ends up killing

Sentry, Mr Fantastic and Iron Man himself.

When Secret Invasion rolls around, without those three heroes still alive, Earth ends

up pretty screwed, with 80% of the population getting killed off.

Hulk attempts to lead the Avengers, but a Skrull pretending to be the Wasp sets off

a genetic time bomb during an Avengers meeting.

It kills them all, except the Hulk.

Hulk goes to extreme measures, asking Galactus to put a stop to the madness altogether by

consuming the Earth and all the Skrulls within it.

Hulk ends up becoming his new herald, known as the World Breaker.

8 Hulk: The End Speaking of the Hulk, lets take a look

at another alternate version of the big green monsterone thats just as depressing.

The End was a series of comics from Marvel that explored a possible future timeline for

several of their characters, including the Hulk.

Not all of them are depressing as this one, to give them credit.

Anywho, this one shot comic features Bruce Banner and the Hulk as the only survivors

of a nuclear holocaust.

Banner, unable to die, walks the Earth alone in sorrow, whereas the Hulk is angry that

hes forced to be alive with only Banner left on the planet with him.

Banners psyche slowly fades away as the Hulk wanders around, gets attacked by mutant

cockroaches, slowly regenerates, and so on and so forth.

A camera from an alien species, known only as Recorder in the comic, watches him from

afar, confirming that human kind has been eliminated.

Banner watches some of the horrific things that the camera has caught the Hulk enduring

and regenerating from.

Banner eventually dies, and the Hulk finally gets to be alone at last, only to realize

that he is in fact alone forever.

7 Marvel Zombies Were talking about ALL of the Avengers

in at this number.

Marvel Zombies came out in 2005, and depicted pretty much the entirety of the Marvel universe

on Earth being either brutally murdered, consumed or transforming into a zombie.

It was intense, and of course, one half of the creative team behind it was Robert Kirkman.

Anywho, after the zombified heroes (and villains) managed to eat their way through the rest

of the living on Earth, some of them manage to gain cosmic powers thanks to the individuals

theyve consumed, and begin looking for more meals off planet.

6 Iron Maniac Iron Maniac is an evil version of Iron Man

who hails from Earth 5012, first appearing in issue 2 vol 3 of Marvel Team-Up.

Whats his deal?

On his Earth, the Avengers were mostly wiped out by an alien the name of Titannus.

Reed Richards loses his crap, and thanks to an attack from the Human Torch, Iron Man is

majorly scarred, causing him to adopt a suit of armour similar to Doctor Dooms.

Iron Man decides to make it his mission to stop Reed Richards, who then banishes him

to Earth 616.

While there, Iron Maniac takes on the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom, who all think hes

a Doom imposter.

When the war against Titannus doesnt break out and ruin 616 like it did his world, Iron

Maniac still goes after this Earths heroes, deeming himself still as the sole survivor

of a sane world living in a backwards insane world.

5 Ruins Hulk Ruins is by far one of the most depressing

and dark alternate reality stories in the Marvel multiverse.

Written in 1995 by Warren Ellis, its set in a dystopian version of the Marvel Universe,

and is a parody of the Marvels series except notably more twisted.

A reporter named Phil Sheldon explores the universe, and sees how all of these super

powered individuals now suffer from a myriad of deformities and painful deaths.

We learn that Captain America was into cannibalism, that the destruction of the last Avengers

Quinjet is what killed Cap, Iron Man, Giant Man and Wasp, and that the Hulk, thanks to

his exposure to gamma radiation, has turned into a giant monstrous green mass of pulsating


It aint pretty.

This happened when Banner saved his pal Rick Jones from getting hit with the experimental

gamma bomb.

4 Fascist Vision In 1990s What if the Vision of the Avengers

conquered the world, issue 19 of the What If series, we see what the android would become

if he were, well, a fascist.

The story begins with Vision deciding that in order to achieve global order and any semblance

of peace, he needs to implant himself within every single computer across the globe.

As you can imagine, this doesnt go over to well with humans.

In the aftermath, New York City is nuked, and Vision ends up becoming a supreme ruler

of sorts over the planet, continuously being corrupted by all of this newfound power.

He ends up taking his ambitions off planet too, seeking to control the Kree Empire, the

Skrulls, and even the Badoon empire.

3 HYDRA Cap One of the more recent comic book controversies

was found in the pages of Marvels Captain America Steve Rogers comic, leading into the

Secret Empire storyline of 2017.

Long story short, it was revealed that Captain America had all along been a sleeper HYDRA

agent, helping lay the foundation for a global HYDRA take over.

Cap literally said the words Hail Hydra, and comic book fans everywhere, along with like,

a huge chunk of the internet, freaked out.

Cap being a secret nazi went against everything that he stood for, everything the characters

historical context blossomed from.

Thats when Marvel pulled a death-of-superman-esque stunt and was like hey guys, guess what!

It isnt really the real Cap who is a Nazi, its one from an alternate reality!

Here we have Steven Rogers of Earth 61311, the Captain America who was developed as a

child to be a supporter of HYDRA thanks to the living embodiment of the Cosmic Cube and

Red Skulls influence.

2 Hulk: Future Imperfect This version of the Hulk, also known as Maestro,

comes from Earth 9200, and first appeated back in 1992.

This earth takes place around 100 years into the future where a nuclear war has taken out

most of the super powered individuals, and the human race faces extinction.

Maestro, affected by the radiation, mixed with holding a grudge against humanity for

how he has been treated, ends up taking over the planet as its ruler His strength has

multiplied thanks to the new radiation hes absorbed, and he still maintains Banners


The present day Hulk from Earth 616 believes that Maestros insanity has also contributed

to his increase in power.

616 Hulk has fought against Maestro before, and has been privy to manyfuturevisions

of himself, even realizing when aspects of the Maestro become apparent in his life, like

when he enjoyed taking out his rivals, and when he contemplated growing a beard (yes,


1 Old Man LoganHulk There are a lot of devastating interpretations

of characters on Old Man Logans earth, Earth 807128.

After the super villains took over, Hulk, whom some believed had slowly started to go

insane thanks to absorbing additional radiation from an atomic bomb that was dropped on California,

joined in on the evil shenanigans.

He took over California, renamed it Hulkland, and then shagged up with his first cousin

She-Hulk in order to create a whole inbred family of little hulks, which was then known

as the Hulk Gang.

Wolverine owed Hulk a debt and came up short in his rent, so Banner sent his children to

press Logan, who struck up a deal with them to be a body guard for Clint Barton.

While Logan was away, Banner ordered that his family be killed regardless.

Logan then sought out revenge, killing Banners family one by one, and eventually went after

Banner himself.

Banner tells Logan that he was hoping hed go wild, wanting a good fight like the old

days, and wantedhis wolverineback.

The two fight, with Bruce transforming into Hulk and eating Logan whole, who then claws

his way out of the Hulks stomach, killing him.

There we have it friends!

What other scary alternates of Avengers members can you think of?

Which ones should have made our list?

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