Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NYU Journalism Career Fair 2018

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it's really exciting to see all these people who want to get into journalism

it's such a dynamic field right now and so it's wonderful to see all the energy

and interest in fashion and these young students

my impressionist event is just that it's amazing I love to meet different people

from different organizations and companies I love hearing about their

admissions and what they're all about the lineup was really good I mean my

mother's one ever everywhere I wanted to work you name it they were here coming

to NYU and finding students that have such a vested interest in CBS this

morning CBS News and all of our different broadcast is very special it's

coming to one place and everyone knows who we are and why they want to intern

or be employed by our organization the great experience and I always find

people here that we hire

it's been great we met a lot of students tons of people have been coming by

everybody has really great experience and they're super interested in the

company which is always nice I love the student you know at our first

affair we have enough hiring full-time one of the bill we met and since I'm

we've hired a ton of other students that we bought as interns or as writers so we

know that it's very interesting to have a so many

different companies come to us they here right here willing talked if you teach

you and work for you so you have the best athletes possible

this is my first career fair at NYU I'm really very impressed with all of the

students I feel like the way in which the students were engaged was really

refreshing the people here have been very open and helpful and direct and I

feel like I've been prepared to pursue a lot of opportunities for summer

internships as a result I've gotten a lot of emails people told me to follow

ups and then my reel so they could give me critiques and I applied for jobs so I

feel really confident and I'm looking at these resumes there

they're definitely like ready definitely makes me hopeful the fact that the

availability of so many people that work at these outlets that we are trying to

kind of head toward exciting and also very reaffirming

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