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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Rank The Juiciest Family Secrets

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- Good ole infidelity.

- Because, like, holy bananas.

- Definitely have some like, whoa,

to that but not like whoa!

Today, we are ranking the juiciest family secrets

from y'all, the BuzzFeed Community.

- We're ranking them from lamest to most extreme.

- I want it to be very juicy family secrets,

- Oh, yes.

- 'Cause I feel like I have a lot

within my own family, - Oh, yeah.

- And I'm hoping that everybody's

kind of on like my same page.

- I know, me and my friends, we used to always

call each other chismosa because we just loved it,

yeah, it means gossip girl in Spanish.

- Woo! - And it's like, oh,

a little chismosa, let's spill that tea, so.

- I like it. - I'm excited.

(Rachel laughing)

- Do you have any family secrets?

- No, my family is boring.

- Oh okay.

- Juicy secret number one, My mother's paternal family

was full of actual satanists.

- They were even investigated a few years ago

by the state of Kansas because some evidence,

possibly linking them to human sacrifices,

was unearthed on the old farm where they used to live.

- But nothing conclusive was found apparently.

- A few of them are now dead,

and those that aren't are lying low.

- Wait a minute, so they might've killed people,

we don't know for sure,

sounds like they definitely murdered people.

- Well, I read that satanists aren't actually

that bad of people. - No, yeah,

the Church of Satan itself is, like, you know, it's--

- Yeah, I heard they're chill.

- Ready? - Ready, go, ah!

- I am gonna give it a solid six.

- I'm also gonna give it a solid six,

and together we almost make the number 666.

(demonic laughing)

- What?

People died.

- Maybe.

- It also said that there's no conclusive evidence,

so who's to say it actually happened.

I can say that right now, maybe I sacrificed somebody,

how are you guys gonna know?

Don't look me up on Google.

- And so you just said you sacrifice people,

so that's-- - Don't look me up.

- Okay, I thought my stepfather

had been awarded custody of me and my half brother in 1990.

I found out in 2015, he actually kidnapped us.

- He died in 2005 when I was 24, so he was never punished

and we never understood what truly happened to us.

- My biological mom had been trying to find us

for the first five to six years.

We finally got in contact with her.

- What, come on! - Five and a half?

- I feel like someone kidnapping you

and you not knowing that you're kid--

you've been thinking - I think--

- Your dad is your parent

and he actually kidnapped you is wild.

- Oh, I'm calling this an eight.

- I'm calling this a four.

- I think that I have heard of stories like this,

about custody problems becoming a kidnapping issue,

because legally it wasn't a custody thing.

I probably sound really bad right now,

don't kidnap, that's bad!

- Okay, number three, My great, great grandmother

was widowed eight times, whoa.

She managed to amass a considerable amount

of wealth from her misfortunes.

- Bitch! - Really?!

Alright, that's pretty juicy.

- Hey! - Hey!

- Two! - Two!

- Yeah, I mean eight times is a lot,

but being widowed is like...

- It happens. - It happens a lot.

Like every day. - Sometimes people just

mysteriously disappear eight times in a row.

You know it's... - Exactly.

- Maybe after the third time she was like

I have so much money now, maybe I can keep doing this.

- This is a talent

- Yes, a gift.

- I know, I just think it's goals.

That's where I want to end up.

- Number four, my grandmother married my moms ex-boyfriend.

My mom broke up with a guy because

she thought there was something going on

with him and my grandmother and now he is her stepfather.

- I'm gonna give it a five.

- A five, I gave it a seven cause that's wack.

- Six for me

- Just because I'm thinking about the mom living

with this and like a man she used

to be intimate with is now her step father.

- One - Wow I gave that a three.

- Really, I mean like you see that

on Jerry Springer all the time.

- If your mom and your grandmother are closer in age

also how old is the ex-boyfriend, he could be in the middle,

I'm like this could be a very normal thing.

- Five, my great great, I have no idea how many greats,

grandfather is rumored to have had a homosexual

relationship with Abraham Lincoln.

(bell dinging)

- Ha.

Alright. - That's some juice

- Gay relationship with Abe

- I give it a four.

- I give it a five.

- Yeah, I think it's cool

I don't, It's not - For sure

- It's not, I don't think it's juicy.

- Sorry it's a little two for me.

- I thinks it's eight, I think Abraham Lincoln--

- it's so far

in the past.

- Six.

- Ten.

- Ten?

- Ten, I think in a historical context,

I mean, as far as the masses go,

it's gonna shake up a lot of feathers.

- Shake up some history.

- Shake up some historical fellows.

- American history as we know it.

- Says my dads real father left when he was young

and until a year ago we didn't even know his name.

When we finally found out we looked him up online

and saw he's one of the heads of the polish mafia

and wanted for seventy plus murders.

Okay, this is pretty cool,

that's a cool secret to like find out

your related to him. - Yeah that's cool.

- I'm gonna call I a six.

- Seven

- I was like debating seven.

- Yeah - What are you thinking?

- I'm just thinking that like finding out

that any ones a part of like the Polish mafia

or Russian mafia like that just got stuff

you read about and hear about in movies,

but then to actually have that happen to your like oh, whoa.

- I'm a two, your a four. - Four, eh.

- It's close.

- Yeah, I think that was a good example you had like

how uncomfortable would I feel saying it

or like if I would tell everybody.

- Right same. - Which wouldn't be

good for me. - I'd brag about it.

- Wait, a five?

I'm neutral.

- Yeah, I gave it a seven just cause

I think it's a cool secret.

I mean, it's not cool that he murdered,

I just think like if I were to find out my grandfather

was a mafia boss I'd be like dope.

- My great grandmother raised my grandfather as her own.

A generous deed after having

(car screeching)

pushed his actual mother out a window, killing her.

Okay I wasn't ready.

This was a short one I thought--

- No, yeah.

- I wasn't sure were it was gonna go.

- I gonna give it an eight.

- Oh I gave it a solid nine, oops my hair.

- Six. - What, that's a ten.

- Literally out the window.

- Because like I don't know if I have the whole story.

- I'm kind of both ends, yeah.

- Six, seven, yeah, - Seven.

- it's up there.

- Yeah, it's, again, horrifying.

I wouldn't hesitate to tell people,

but I'd tell people and be like they were not sure

if it was true but if it is true holy shit.

- A few years ago we found out

my father has a mistress and a love child.

Recently, he confessed that the child isn't the only one

he's had outside of his marriage to my mother.

Although, he has five other children and two of them

are close family friends.

I went from two siblings to seven in a week!

- Good old infidelity, - Yeah.

that's the classic family secret.

- Classic infidelity.

- It is, I'm gonna give it a seven

'cause it's a go to family secret.

- Go to family secret.

- If he has one children, always more children.

- Rachel, don't judge with your feelings,

just judge it on the juice.

- Five.

- Seven.

- Oh.

- I have like goosebumps from that one.

- Oh man,


- Yeah, that's crazy.

- I gave it a five.

I feel like, you know,

infidelity is every where.

That's wild, lots of kids.

That's a lot of college tuitions.

- Oh I'm sure he's not paying.

- Alright you ready for this one.

My dads parents are cousins.

- I'm gonna call that a six.

- Six, too. - Yeah.

- Seven.

- I'm giving that a ten again.

- Ten? - Yes.

- I gave it a four.

- I gave it a six,

it's weird. - Yeah.

- It's not like your great great great grandparents,

it's like your-- - Your grandparents.

Like I know people who's grandparents

are alive, like that's very close.

- That's too recent for it be--

- That is very recent.


- Is everyone shunned?

Are they shunned from the family?

- I don't know, it's literally just like

my dads parents are cousins mike drop.

- So my great grandfather was a stolen baby.

- My great great grandmother, lets call her Gigi,

was on her death bed when the doctor asked my grandma

how many children Gigi had given birth to.

- That's when my grandmothers aunt pulled her out

of the room and explained the truth.

Gigi apparently gave birth to a baby who didn't survive

but wasn't going to leave the hospital with out a baby.

- So she decided the best course of action

was to steal a baby.

Nobody knows how she gotta away with it

or how she got her fingers on a legal birth certificate.

- Oh my god, I'm so glad this is last.

- Wow that's a ten.

Ah, what?

- Yeah I might give it a seven

'cause that I'm like it's original.

- Yeah it is original.

- Don't think I heard people stealing a baby before.

- I give it an eight.

- Six. - Oh,

I was gonna give it a seven,

but it's still like a pretty juicy story.

- Totally.

- All the secrets, wow.

I feel like we learned a lot.

I don't know if we learned a lot, we saw a lot.

- I feel very educated and just--

- Yeah, it makes me feel like all families

are crazy and that is the fun part.

- Probably.

- Well these are like pretty good juicy secrets.

- Very good.

- And I love them all and they weren't

as scary as I thought.

I felt like I was gonna get I was gonna get really upset.

- Yeah.

- And like really freaked out,

but these are like very normal

and like I feel every family has something.

- Yeah.

- Question everything.

Question your parents, question your grandparents,

don't trust anybody.

- Nothings true, nothing matters.

- Yes.

That's what we take away from this.

- Yeah like really deep.

Families are like a societal

made up construct that doesn't really exist.

- Yeah, right.

(gentle music)

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