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welcome friends welcome back to the


today we're going to make a version of

mexican fresh chorizo and i say a

version of because there is no

one standard recipe last winter when

julie and i went to

mexico a couple of times during the

winter to learn about making al pastor

when we were in those kitchens we asked

everybody how do you make your chorizo

and we got we got a lot of different


so i've sort of cobbled together a

recipe that i think is

um going to be fairly close to what we

tasted there

as best i can do here in toronto and i'm

going to start out with

some peppers so what i have here are

some dried chilies i have some

guajillo and some ancho chilies and i've

got a pot of hot water here that has

just come to a boil i've turned the heat

off so the water is hot

and i'm just going to put the chilies in

and allow them to steep in the hot


for i don't know 25 or 30 minutes just

so they soften up

really nicely while the chilies are

still softening up i'm going to grind

together the rest of

the spice mix and that's all spice




bay leaves cloves

cracked black pepper

cumin and mexican


and so what i already have here is some

ground paprika

i didn't need to regrind that and

our freshly ground spices and we'll just

give that a mix

and now we'll blend up the chilies so

i've got a blender jug here and i'm

going to take

the chilies that have soaked they're

really soft now and put them into the

blender jug

and if they bring a little bit of water

with them that's fine you don't really

need the water

but don't go out of your way to drain


you know and be squeezing them tight to

get rid of all the water

okay in they go

next i've got some white vinegar just

regular distilled white vinegar

some cloves of garlic and a

thumb size of achiote paste

and we'll blend this up

we'll set this aside while we deal with

the pork

so what i have here is some roughly

chopped pork shoulder

and fat and i've cut it up into pieces

just big enough to fit through the chute

i've had it in the freezer for almost

two hours now so that it's fairly firm

it's almost frozen all the way through

you want your meat to be super cold

i've got an eight millimeter die in here

or eight millimeter cutter head

it's fairly coarse cut but that's what

we want for the first

run through

so in here i have the first coarse grind

of the pork to that i'm going to add the

dry spice mixture

and the wet spice mixture

and then i'm just going to get in with

my hands and mix it all together

now spread it out and i'm going to put

this back in the freezer for about

another 45 minutes before we grind it


while that's chilling i'm going to

switch out the coarse disc

for a much finer one this one is four

and a half millimeters so

pretty easy job

out comes one disc and

in goes the other

now we're going to run the meat mixture

through the finer disc and running it

through a coarse disc

first and then the finer disc and adding

the spices in the middle

helps to promote mixing it really nicely

and also you get a better grind

by not trying to grind it on the

smallest disc

first so the second time through is a

little bit more difficult

but it's really not that hard


okay i'm gonna put a lid on this i'm

gonna stick it in the fridge and i'm

gonna let it

sit overnight just to let all of the

flavors come together and tomorrow

we'll portion it out and do some


now one of the great things about fresh

mexican style chorizo is that you don't

have to make it

into sausages most recipes that you see

call for it to be

released from the casing before you fry

it so

just put it into containers if you don't

want to make sausages

just put the meat into a container and

you can stick these in the freezer and

then you pull them out whenever you need


i am going to turn a little bit of this

meat into

actual sausages because i want to smoke

them outside for supper tonight

so we'll fill up the sausage stuffer or

fill it up as much as i need

now if you're looking for a full sausage

tutorial i have one coming up

in the pipeline

so we make sausage quite a bit and this

is the one part of the process

that i have never quite got the hang of

i do my best i see how it goes i am not

someone who makes

a lot of links i will usually make a


longer piece and turn it into a coil

and then vacuum seal those coils sort of

uh enough for

dinner for julie and i so like i said

i'm not someone who makes a lot of links

but i'll give it a try

and then i'll finish up the rest of

these and take them out

to the yoder smoker and we will cook

them off

for supper now if you're not going to

cook these

today i would actually leave them out on

a tray

in your fridge for 24 hours

before you vacuum seal them and put them


that gives time for the skin to dry out

and you'll get a much

better sausage when you go to cook it

down the line

so there you go

the grill is set up at 225 degrees


and i like to cook my sausage or start

my sausage at a much

lower temperature it just

means that the sausage aren't going to

burst through their casings

as easily so i'm going to put these on

and you want to cook them to an internal

temperature of 160 degrees fahrenheit

not that many people probably come out

here with a thermometer and

test them

hey jules hey glenn how's the sausage


uh you know i think we did okay if i


100 pounds of sausage every day day in

day out at a restaurant or a

or a butcher shop it might be better it

might be better i think we say that

every year when we make sausage

it's it's you do it every once in a

while and you sort of make it

work tastes good but it's a little

awkward yeah all right

in this case i used the wrong horn to

film the i used the wrong sized horn

to fill the sausage but whatever

that's that's pretty accurate in texture

for a chorizo like it's a dried

flavorful kind of thing going on there

full flavor great texture

that is really good but it really is the

kind of sausage that you

that you take out of the casing and you

cook in other things

so i'm still going to have a second one

though i think that's great

i've got a pile of it now so we'll be

making a whole bunch of other recipes

that use it and don't be afraid of

making fresh sausage

it's not that hard to get something

that's really good

yeah thanks for stopping by see you

again soon


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