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Hi, I'm Amanda with This video is about the AR111.

The AR111 is very popular when it comes to architectural and display lighting.

It produces a really nice beautiful crisp light and its reflector is actually made entirely out of aluminum.

Hence AR which stands for Aluminum Reflector.

It's available in different wattages and beam angles, which we'll cover all of the wattages and beam angles available later on in the video.

Also, we want to touch on a couple of points, some confusion that was happening with different manufacturers'.

Now the manufacturer's that mainly produce this bulb are Osram Sylvania and Platinum.

GE also produces this bulb, however, they are phasing it out of their line. They are actually buying their bulbs from Osram Sylvania.

So, its kind of a rare bulb to find nowadays because not a lot of manufacturers are producing the AR111.

It is still a very beautiful and popular bulb and you'll always be able to find the AR111 with Osram Sylvania and Platinum.

Now the wattages and the beam angles. The 6 volt 35 watt and the 12 volt 35 watt, they are available in the Super Spot 4.

The 6 volt 35 watt is only available in the Super Spot 4 and the 12 volt 35 watt is available in the Super Spot 4, Spot 8 and Flood 25.

Also the 12 volt 50 watt is available in the Super Spot 4, Spot 8 and Flood 25.

The 12 volt 75 watt and 12 volt 100 watt are both available in Spot 8 and Flood 25.

So, those are the different wattages and different beam angles.

Now I want to tell you guys about a couple of beam angles that have been discontinued.

So, the 12 volt 75 watt used to carry Wide Flood 40 and Wide Flood 45 beam angle, however, those have been discontinued.

You also used to see 12 volt 100 watt in the Wide Flood 45, but now that's going to be a little harder to find since those beam angles have been discontinued.

So, another thing I wanted to mention is a Spot 6. Spot 8 is what we use here in the United States.

However, Osram which also produces bulbs in Europe, they used Spot 6 as their measurement.

In Europe while they used Spot 6, and some of their bulbs are manufactured also here in the United States,

Some of the packaging here in the United States was labeled as Spot 6, so really there was a printing mistake that happened and caused a little bit of confusion

with consumers in the past who ordered a Spot 8 when they received it their package said Spot 6.

So, I hope that clears up any confusion. If you see Spot 6, in actuality it is a Spot 8, its just a printing mistake.

These bulbs are available in the LED version.

The LED version is really nice. It's a retrofit and this again, is very light weight and looks nice and clean on the back.

You don't need any extra connectors, you don't have to do anything extra with your transformer.

You can just plug this right in, that's whats so great about the retrofits.

These are available in different color temperatures and beam angles. You can check all of those out on

If you need any further information, you can visit or you can call us at 1-888-505-2111.

Thanks for watching!

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