Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Taking shape | Shell's Prelude

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In a global engineering project of extraordinary scale,

destined for gas fields

previously thought too challenging,

Shell is building a floating facility that will liquefy natural gas... sea.

Piece by piece,

14 gas plant modules have been built on a quayside,

then carefully lifted on to a giant hull.

Now the last module is ready for installation

and Prelude... taking shape.

Getting the last module - that's a real accomplishment by everybody.

And from now on progress won't be that visible,

but on the other hand, of course there's a lot of work to do still.

There are 3,000 piping connections to make,

450km of cabling to pull...

So now the forest of yellow steel is going to get connected together

so it's one piece.

This cargo tank, which is for LNG, is 39,000 cubic metres.

It's difficult to imagine.

We're in the liquefaction module, at the heart of the process,

with this refrigerant loop being assembled now.

For the topsides only, we've got 60,000 pairs of flanges to make.

Every one has to be done right.

We're at the front of Dry Dock 1,

where our seven marine loading arms have been for the last few months.

You can see they are all assembled, ready to be lifted, ready for FLNG.

Hopefully, we'll see that in the next few days.

When we see the last module coming in on the deck,

then the real work will start.

If we were climbing Mount Everest,

I think we would be well past base camp,

but there's still quite a long way to go,

and of course as you go, it gets narrower and narrower.

I'll tell you what, I'm going to give another analogy.

I'm going to talk about Wales winning the Rugby World Cup.

We're just getting ready for the semifinal.

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