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UNCG is preparing me for my career because they offer a very hands-on


for instance, this summer I'm taking part in a fifteen student study, where fifteen

of us go with a professor to Washington, D.C. and we study congress

for three weeks and we meet with different legislators and lobbyists,

different government officials, so I get to see, not only the classroom aspect of what

Political Science offers, but the hands-on aspect as well, to really prepare

me for what I want to do after college.

Well, I intend to pursue a Ph.D. in English Literature

and so what I needed for that career was a lot of independent research, a lot

of experience studying abroad, so that I could

deal with intellectuals and academics from other countries,

and that's exactly what I've gotten here.

I think in many respects, I've gained so much experiential knowledge from UNCG.

Right now I'm in the Lloyd International Honors College and I'm pursuing

disciplinary honors

that's helping me to really hone in and focus on

the specialty of the material I'd like to pursue further on for my doctoral degree.

UNCG has helped me prepare for my career in that

the people

that I've been trained by in the Psychology Department have been

honest with me from the beginning, they've encouraged me to think outside

the box, they provided me with a different research experience that I can

use in later universities for whenever I go to graduate school,

and they've provided me with constructive criticism, and also

very nice compliments that will help me, encouraging me to go further with what

I'm trying to do.

Well, UNCG is preparing me for my career

because in my major there's a lot of hands-on courses, like actually going to

work on archaeological digs. That experience is definitely going to help me afterwards,

when I graduate and I'm looking for a career,

because when I fill out my resume and I fill out the application for a position,

it's not just going to say I have a degree in this, it's going to say I have a degree in this,

and I already have experience in the field

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